How to Start a Personal Chef Blog – 2024 Guide

Creating something new is always interesting and fun. If you are good at something, if you want to share it with everyone and if you want to make some money in the process, then starting your own blog is the right way to go. Personal blogs are the best way to promote your skills, give out some tips and tricks and share your knowledge with the audience. If you are a chef or if you know how to create some amazing and delicious food, then you should definitely think about sharing your masterpieces on the internet.

Nowadays starting a blog is something pretty much everyone does, but if you’ve noticed only the best ones succeed. So, to make sure that people will notice you and that you can even make some money out of ads, you need to create a good blog that will be engaging and that people will open it and read it daily.

To help you in your goal and to help you learn how to start your personal chef blog, we made this guide. Read it and follow it before you start the blog, but if you already created it, then use this guide to make it better. Remember that you will need time to get the wanted audience and that you need to work hard and invest in some ads if you want it to be successful.

What’s your goal and how to pick a name?

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Before starting your personal chef blog, you need to know what your goal is. Do you want to get booked and promote services? Is the point of it to share your knowledge and help young chefs become better? Or do you just want to share recipes and show everyone how they can cook a gourmet meal on their own?

Depending on this, you need to pick a name for it. Find something that’s catchy, something people will remember and an easily recognizable name. Use your imagination and spend some time talking to your friends about what the best idea is.

Pick a hosting and template

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When you have the name in mind you need to pick a hosting and a management system like Joomla or WordPress. Depending on the hostage and the package, you will need to pay about $100-$200 per year. You can find cheaper options and discounts, so make sure you do good research.

Once you’ve registered your blog, now it’s time to choose a template. There are so many templates available and experts say that you should choose something clean and something that will be easy to navigate. Websites like Templatemonster offer you lists of all the templates you can put on your website and you can browse the top-rated, cheapest, trending templates and so on.

You should also know that you can change the template and customize it depending on what you want to add or remove from the blog.

Customize it

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The customizing of the template is probably the most interesting thing of all. Here you can show off your personal style, you can even play with colors, the menus and everything else. However, make sure that you don’t change too many things and don’t make the menu too crowded.

You can also add widgets that will help your readers see how many times someone views your articles or you can add fun stuff like the weather widgets or even your Facebook or Twitter feed. Once again, don’t add too many of these things because you don’t want your blog to be too crowded and you don’t want to risk it being slow.

Start publishing

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Now when you are done with all the pretty things on your blog, you can start publishing. Create your first post and make sure that it is something that will portray you and the things you do. Think about your goal when you are creating it.

Have a few posts ready before you start sharing it so that when people first open it, they will have something to read for more than just a minute. Share all your posts on your pages and social networks so that people can follow you and get notified about your newest posts.

Ads and how to make money

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After you are done with everything else, now is the time to talk business. The end goal is to get recognized and make money, right? So, if you want people to book you as a personal chef, then you should make ads and list your services on your blog.

You always have to list your prices, no matter if you want to make money by getting ads on your blog or if you want to promote your services. To get Google ads or to get other companies to advertise on your blog, you need to have clicks. The easiest way to get those clicks is to pay for ads on social media. The good news is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to do that. Just make sure you target the right audience and people with the right interests. Play around with the ad options and when you find a formula that works, stick to it.

Is there something you’d recommend for the people who are just starting their blog? What is the best tip you’ve ever heard? Many people think that blogging is easy and that is something you can do in 30 minutes per day. In reality, to create one great blog post, you need to put a lot of thought and time into it. When creating your posts, make sure you have great pictures. Some of them you can take on your own, and for those that you use from the search engines, make sure they are free to be reused.

To get people to notice you, you will have to create content that has a catchy title, good images and that is search engine optimized. Create a good campaign on social media networks and you can even try to find a way to advertise your blog without paying for it. All great things take time, follow what your audience likes, create polls and stick to your own style. In time you will get the audience you want and people will be grateful for your posts and tips.