How To Stop Gambling And Save Money

Gambling is a form of entertainment. The risk it brings raises the level of adrenaline and creates a specific excitement in us. Gambling for fun and play is not the same as gambling that grows into addiction. Then, gambling becomes a big problem for both the addict and the people around him. First of all, it is a compulsive waste of money that can lead to financial problems and debts. So let’s see if it’s possible to stop gambling and save money.

What Is Pathological Gambling?

Pathological gambling is a need for a persistent continuation of gambling – regardless of loss, impoverishment, and serious social and legal problems. It is also followed by a disturbed family and personal life. Pathological gambling is considered to be an impulse control disorder. This means that a person behaves according to a certain impulse – which he or she cannot resist.

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What Causes Pathological Gambling?

Several factors are related to the development of pathological gambling. We can’t say that these are the causes – but if they exist, pathological gambling is more likely to occur. One of such factors is a person’s propensity for different types of risky behavior – especially financial risks. Financial risks include compulsive spending of money on gambling, lending, or alienation of money – but also committing crimes and frauds in connection with the money. All for spending on vice such as gambling. These individuals are often depressed – and may have a high incidence of suicide attempts. Furthermore, pathological gambling is closely related to the abuse of alcohol and other psychoactive substances. Also, insufficient parental discipline, rudeness, and negation of the value of work – are often mentioned as factors.

How To Suffocate The Need For Gambling And Save Money?

An addict needs to stop gambling immediately – before any major loss or damage is done. This addiction will give you no chance. It can catch you up, tempting you with the possibility of making quick and easy money – but it can also make you poor from rich in a split of a second. Spending large sums of money on gambling, lying – but also problems such as lending and even financial fraud are things that addicted gamblers often do. The gambler completely forgets about any kind of responsibility – that he should have towards himself, family, children, partner, etc. Everything he earns – he leaves in the casino. Therefore, it is very important to try to bring yourself to a normal state, if you have such a problem. How to do it? There are several ways you can try to stop gambling and save money.

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● Take a break from the casino

Try to take a break and give up this activity completely. In other words – try to take a break from going to the casino. What is the easiest way to do it? With the good organization of daily obligations. Try to make a certain schedule of daily activities that will not include going to the casino. Make a to-do list every day and stick strictly to what is written. Avoid acquaintances from the casino – and do not go to places where you know there are. Try to stay focused on your goal and don’t give up. Give yourself a promise that you will keep. You will see how much more beautiful it is – and how much better you will feel.

● Give All Your Earnings To A Trustworthy Person

This is actually the best thing you can do for yourself, your family, and your home budget – in a situation where you have a gambling problem. It is advisable to hand over the earned money to someone you trust. You should do so until you are in a position to control your instincts and impulses that pull you towards gambling. It is also good to start saving the money you earn – so that you can spend it wisely at some point. Keep multiple goals in mind – such as your partner, children, family, and friends. Also, take a look at what experts like Smarter Finances have to say about ways to save money well. Some of this could give you an idea to start a future business. All in all, turn to positive things that will occupy your attention and direct it towards saving, not wasting money.

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● Design Alternative Activities for Yourself

This belongs to a kind of therapy of the organization of your daily routine. We know you’re used to visiting a casino – but try to replace that activity with something else. Maybe you have a hobby, so now you could dedicate yourself more to it. On the other hand, there are always activities related to your home, family, and children. In the end – you can always start playing a sport. Make sure it is something that will capture your attention – and help you pass the time faster and easier.

● Keep In Mind How Bad It Feels To Lose

When you feel the urge to go to the casino, try to keep it under control – by regaining that feeling of loss in your mind each time. Remember how you felt the last time you left a large sum of money in the casino – and returned home empty-handed. Recall in your memory how you felt after facing the consequences or facing family members. How was it for you when you had to make money again – to lose everything again. This is one of the methods that try to awaken the addict’s conscience and sense of responsibility. It is certainly not out of place to try.


● Learn More About This Type Of Addiction

Gambling, like all other addictions, interferes with the life of an individual and certainly affects the whole family. These activities take a lot of energy and time – and the addict is less and less in contact with other people. As with the use of psychoactive substances, this type of addiction is fatal for the individual – they also have financial and marital problems, reduced closeness, and trust in the family. They are often neglecting professional and other obligations – and engaging in illegal activities. Therefore, get informed in time about this type of addiction. Try to prevent the problem – and if you are already addicted, find out more about treatment.

Consequences Of Compulsive Gambling

Although it all starts as fun, gambling is essentially a big problem – both for the gambler and for the whole family. Although it seems harmless, gambling is highly addictive. This addiction can almost be compared to an addiction to alcohol or psychoactive substances because it is very strong – and can put you and your family in a very awkward situation, where everyone will suffer great harm. Although it is every gambler’s dream to make easy money – in real life, it is not like that. Even if you win something, you will very quickly lose twice as much as you gained. The consequences can be uncountable – from a difficult financial situation to getting into debt, losing a job, friends – and even committing suicide. This can be a very serious problem, so approach this topic in that way.