How to Use CBD Vape Cartridge: a Complete Guide

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CBD or cannabidiol is quite a trending topic nowadays. As a matter of fact, this herb is now said to solve quite many health issues- be it physically or psychologically. The product is basically obtained from the cannabis plant- a derivative of the coffee family. With many benefits, one can use the cannabidiol in multiple forms- starting from vapors to liquid oil.

However, the most common use of the plant part is in the form of the CBD vape cartridge. You can call it a substitute for cigars, providing almost the same feel minus the negative health effects of nicotine. Perhaps this is why the vape cartridges are becoming so popular all across the world.

So, if the CBD vapes are getting popular, don’t you think you should try it for once?

If you are planning to buy one or you have already bought one, you will be needing a detailed guide for using the vape. So with the helo from the experts at Vapesourcing let’s have a look at the details of a cannabidiol cartridge.

What is a CBD vape and why it is used?

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First of all, you need to understand what a vape is and what the general constituent of the material is. It is usually a long pipe-like device, which might or might not have an electric battery. There is a small cartridge inside the tube which is the holding chamber for the cannabidiol oil.

When you will switch on the tube, the battery will heat a coil inside it. The coil remains in contact with the oil and as a result, it will get heated up. Once the liquid crosses it’s vaporization point, strong white smoky flumes will escape the mouth of the tube. You can either use it in the form of a cigar or you can inhale the vapors directly.

Now, let’s come to the topic of why CBD is so useful for vaping.

  • The plant part is said to produce a psychological high, almost like opium.
  • It helps in alleviating headaches and migraine pains.
  • Helps a lot in reducing the symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks.
  • This is good for people who are suffering from insomnia and sleep problems.
  • It facilitates in reducing normal muscle inflammations and pains.
  • CBD vape is a great mood uplifter, providing a sense of relaxation and comfort.

What are the different types of CBD vapes?

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Your next concern should be regarding the types of vaping devices available in the market with CBD oil cartridge. So, let’s study these basic classifications of the device before you walk into a store and buy something which isn’t suitable for you.

  • CBD oil cartridges: just from the name you can guess that the product has a small oil tank in the shape of a cartridge. It is this container where the cannabidiol is kept. Usually, the volume of the tank ranges between 0.5 mL to 1 mL, which is enough to last for at least a couple of weeks. For using it, you will have to use a battery for creating the spark.
  • Vaping pods: just like the above-mentioned equipment, a pod contains an oil container. However, for sparking the liquid, you will need a JUUL battery, which is quite a versatile battery. If you have any nicotine pens in your home, you can use the JUUL battery from the pen in the pod.
  • Refillable pens for vape: in case you are trying to budget your purchase, we thing that the refillable pens will be best. Here, the liquid container can be refilled once it runs out of CBD. Even though the price of the equipment is high, it is a long term investment.
  • Disposable CBD pens: the last category of the vaping apparatus which you need to know is the disposable pens. Once the battery runs out of the charge or the tank is emptied, you will have to dispose of the pen. This is quite suitable for short term use.

What is the general recommended dosage for the vape oil?

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Now, when you are buying a CBD device for vaping, you are certainly going to need guidance on the dosage. Truth be told, no manual can ever tell you how much of the oil you should inhale at once or in a day.

The entire dosage plan depends on several factors, which unfortunately are different for different people. For example, as the dosage depends on body weight, the recommended amount will vary from a slender person to an obese one. But to get a clearer idea, you can ask the shop about the doses.

Online shops like Industrialhempfarms have introduced a surveyed chart which provides a vivid idea about the recommended safe amount of CBD. The data that has been gathered is an average one. So, you will have to start with a slow dose and then you can increase it over time.

How to vape the cannabidiol oil from the cartridge?

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Our final discussion will be about the using mechanism of the oil cartridge. Once you will connect the oil tube to the battery, you will have to push the power button to switch it one. As the battery will be on, it will start heating the oil, thereby transforming the liquid into thick vapors. The density of the vapors varies with the charge of the battery as well as the quality of the cannabidiol oil.

Once the vapors will escape from the mouth of the tube, you have to inhale it in the form of puffs. Start with small puffs. This will allow your body and your nose to get accustomed to the air. Once the irritation goes away, you will be able to take longer puffs. However, make sure you are at least keeping a time gap of five to eight minutes between two consecutive puffs.


CBD has proven to be a savior in many people’s life. Vaping the oil has reduced many health and mental problems, be it a mere headache or a serious depression. So, once you will buy the device, make sure to read the manual properly, understand the working, and then start taking in the puffs.