5 Cool Ideas for Cremated Ashes

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Cremations have been an increasingly popular route taken by grieving families, but most are somehow clueless on what beautiful things they can do with cremation ashes. Someone may have passed away,  and all left is their ashes. However, it doesn’t mean that their remains should be kept inside a cold urn and darkroom as if they’re stuck there forever. In this article, we will reveal 5 cool ideas of what you can do to create meaning with the cremated remains of your loved one.

1. Turning Ashes to Jewelry

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As more individuals opt to cremate their families and loved ones, people can expect new markets to pop up offering varied cremation options and ideas. These include turning ashes into pieces of jewelry.  Turning someone’s remains into jewels is not just an excellent idea but will also give you the sense of treasuring and remembering the departed creatively and interestingly.

Moreover, memorial jewelry is a lovely way to make you feel closer to your loved ones. Turning cremation ashes into jewelry can create a stunning and memorable keepsake. Urn pieces of jewelry are hollowed-cut and small container that contains cremation ashes. These can also be a bead or probably a  charm that you can put on necklaces and bracelets. If you want a necklace made of cremation ashes, urn pendants can be a great option. This option always you to carry the remains of your loved ones with you at all times. Wearing them can provide symbolic meaning, and for some people, it helps them feel as if their loved one is always with them.

2. Burying the Ashes in the Garden

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Burying your loved one’s cremation ashes are good ways to commemorate them. But what if you do not want to plant them in the cemetery or churchyard? You can consider one excellent idea: bury the ashes in the garden. Choosing to bury your deceased love at home, particularly in your garden, can be a great and personal option. However, you should check your local laws and regulations in order to make sure that this pursuit is permitted or acceptable in your area. It’s also important to be aware that some people don’t prefer this idea. You need to be mindful about this matter, especially if you plan to sell your property.

Although, if you plan to sell your property it probably does not make much sense to bury the ashes somewhere you will not always have access to visit. However, if you are planning on keep your home, this is a great option to consider, as you will always feel close to your dearly beloved and be reminded of them whenever you look out the window. It can also feel as if they are still there and with you when you have people over for backyard barbeques.

3. Planting the Ashes as a Tree

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Having cremation ashes planted as a tree is another excellent idea to ponder. Two urns are usually made into capsules. The first one contains your preferred seed that will eventually grow into a tree, and the second holds the cremation ashes. The entire tablets or vessels will be planted, and you’ll be surprised to see how these will give way to a growing tree. Having cremation ashes will not just give life to the tree and nourish it. No one can deny that planting ashes as a tree is also a unique and gratifying gesture.

There is certainly something beautiful to the thought that the remains of your loved one are continuing to live on this world, and will be a small part of nature long after they are gone. By planting ashes as a tree, you’re also doing your part in taking care of the environment, so this can be considered to be a  green burial as well. Remember that even a single tree can create a big difference in people’s lives.

4. Getting a Tattoo with Cremation Ashes

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Getting a tattoo using your loved one’s cremation ashes is another meaningful and excellent idea. Some people usually refer to these as commemorative tattoos. The process is the same as undergoing the usual tattoo. Still, the only difference is that a small portion of the ashes will be added into the typical tattoo ink to make a particular ink solution infused with cremation ashes. With this method, it is as if your deceased love one is always with you, both figuratively and literally. It will serve as a reminder of their love and impact every time you look at the tattoo. It also provides a cool and meaningful story you can tell whenever somebody asks you about your tattoos.

If you want safe and beautiful results, hire an expert tattoo artist who knows how to get rid of the contaminants from the ashes. The artist may remove this through vaporization or extraction to atomize it without affecting the cremation ashes. After all, if you are memorializing your loved one with a tattoo,  you will certainly want the tattoo to look good!

5. Adding Cremation Ashes to Sculpture

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Adding your loved ones’ ashes to sculpture can be a fantastic way of honoring and celebrating their lives. You can contact a company or an expert specializing in this craft. They will incorporate a certain amount of cremation ashes in the sculpture to create a memorial that you can keep and cherish for long years. This can also be a good idea if you want to keep their ashes at home more distinctively and creatively, rather than simply keeping them in an urn. You can have the sculpture be of something that was meaningful to the deceased, such as something related to their favorite hobby or activity. This can help add an extra little meaning and provides your home with some cool décor.

There’s a long list of cool ideas and things to do with cremation ashes, and even more, creative ideas are popping up every year. These ideas make it possible for people to remember their loved ones despite not being physically present anymore. Just choose the cremation ideas or options that will work best and provide the most meaning for you and your family. If you are interested in cremation services, you can check out https://eternalcremations.org.