Importance Of Reading Online Selling Review


How often do you look upon reviews before buying anything? Pretty often, isn’t it? Our world of technology has changed the way we trust business and buy services. Today is the time when we rely more on online reviews rather than personal recommendations. From medical services to groceries and shopping, we have everything right at our fingertips. With advanced technology, comes varying methods to convince people into a business. Studies show that a whopping 94% of people tend to read online reviews before buying.

Additionally, 85% of people rely on online reviews for restaurants, shopping, healthcare, and multiple other services. Though good word of mouth does play a role in our purchasing choices, online reviews still have a greater chance of winning.

So let’s dive a little deeper and get to know what’s in store. Without wasting time, let’s get straight into statistics of the same.


Why Online Reviews Matter?

The world of internet has brought everything at our convenience. Just using your fingertips, you can order groceries to medicines or the next automobile purchase. Research suggests that a majority of the online shoppers make use of reviews to determine the value of the products they purchase. This is why online reviews today have huge importance and impact on our lives and the decisions we make. A study conducted in 2017 suggests that a customer reads about 7 reviews before deciding to trust a business.

At the same time, a staggering 92% of customers avoided a particular business or service due to bad reviews. People read reviews before visiting new restaurants, cafes, and even for medical services. Nowadays, customers aren’t simple satisfied with the availability of a service or product. In fact, they need knowledge from a first-hand user experience. Online reviews not only gain your business visibility but also gives you a chance to connect with your customers.

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Estimates & Figures

A study conducted in 2018 shows that 94% of shoppers read multiple online reviews before they decide to trust a business.

87% of consumers tend to trust online reviews more than personal recommendations.

31% of customers are more likely to spend on a business with great positive reviews.

73% of consumers say that they tend to trust a business more due to positive reviews.

86% of consumers will not purchase from a business that has a negative review online.

9 in 10 customers are likely to search reviews online for a service or business that they are interested in.

97% of customers say reviews have a huge role in their purchase decisions.

92% of people hesitate to buy any product or service if there are no customer reviews.

Services or produces are 270% more likely to be purchased if there are reviews on it. On the other hand, products with no reviews are less likely to be purchased.

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Impact Of Reviews Online

Online reviews are known to strengthen a company’s or business’s credibility and also have the power to influence clients decisions. Additionally, online reviews also have the strength to gain the trust of the customers. They allow giving consumers a chance to connect with the company. In a way, the customer-business interaction results in profits for the business. 68% of online shoppers in the US are interested to connect with businesses that have positive reviews. At the same time, a whopping 93% of customers depend on online reviews to determine the reputation of a business or service.

A study shows that consumers leave a review if they happen to face a bad service or product. Hence, companies need to be very sure of how they build their network and market them. Also, research suggest that a single negative review is enough to divert a customer from a product. Less than 5% of people will purchase products that have bad reviews online.


How Positive Reviews Help Your Business?

Positive online reviews not only skyrocket the sale of the business but also allows you to gain visibility over others. It is known to give your brand more exposure and multiple people connecting with your business. Furthermore, positive reviews display credibility and allow consumers to trust and purchase from your business. Studies find that people tend to distrust businesses that have negative reviews. Companies that have a better rating are more likely to be identified as well. At the same time, be it bad reviews or a good one, they tend to spread like fire.

Hence, positive reviews expand your service reach. As consumers rate your brand or business, they give you a chance to grow your network. As discussed above, online reviews play a crucial role in decision making. The world of social media gives businesses a great way to connect with their consumers. And this connection and network to boost sales and service. For a matter of fact, consumers not only leave a review but also expect a reply from the brand. This conversation is essential to gain the trust of the consumer and have a loyal client. If you are looking for honest and transparent reviews of portable products to use in daily life, then click here.

Source: U.S. Chamber of Commerce

How Does Reading Online Reviews Affect Your Purchases?

Online reviews are the modern-day method of buying or purchasing any service or business. In case you happen to encounter any bad or negative reviews of a product, the chances are that you will not go-ahead to purchase the same. It is seen that just one negative review is capable of changing a consumers mind. Nowadays, people tend to trust online reviews similar to recommended products. This is why reading online reviews are a sure shot way to gain the trust of the clients. At the same time, it is known to boost the sales of your business. A negative review will keep customers away while a good one attracts consumers. This is exactly how reading online reviews tend to manipulate the mind of customers.

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As the world races ahead in technology, people are more dependent on reading online reviews that decide their purchasing. At the same time, consumers always look for user reviews as compared to expert reviews as they wish to gain more knowledge about first-hand users. Reading online reviews gives customers a clear idea of the products which is why they are preferred over any other method.

Additionally, a product or service with a good review indicates good service, quality and reliability. As the consumer decides to spend money on any particular service, they need to be completely sure of what they are getting. While a good product will attract many buyers, a product with bad reviews will lose visibility and credibility.

Also, it is seen that customers tend to leave a review if they experience bad service. Hence, reviews play a huge role in deciding the fate of many businesses and products.