5 Innovations and Trends in Online Gambling Industry

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Online gambling is arguably one of the most favorite pastime activities for many users of modern technology, especially the internet. Common gambling traditions and games like roulette and poker are just two of the seemingly countless examples of the online gambling industry, which has been in constant expansion ever since the dawn of the internet.
Digital tech dramatically changed and upgraded most of the industries, and popular casinos and sports betting places are no exception. If they wish to stay relevant, they need an online platform and a wider reach to attract more customers. Around a decade ago, it was impossible to think people would ever gamble on a daily basis using their smartphones. The number of gamblers has been steadily increasing every year, as have the new and modernized trends and innovations brought into the gambling world.
If the investors and owners are not regularly adapting the services to meet the demands and wishes of their players, they will simply go elsewhere. Those unwilling to change will simply die out and lose all of their customers. Playing slot machines and betting exclusively on the spot are gone, and they are never coming back, and in this article, the best innovations and trends in the online gambling industry will be in focus. To learn more about them, and to try your luck with some captivating casino-style games, visit Jackpot City Casino.

1. Live Dealers

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People have long believed that traditional casinos have one benefit the online community will never be able to replicate. These are of course the dealers you encounter at the tables in any given casino. It is an important element of the game since you need a professional to cover the easy-to-manipulate parts of the game, like dealing and mixing cards, calling out bets, and collecting chips. Online environments started off like any other game, with simple AI mechanics and predetermined animations. They tried to cause that adrenaline to flow and make the whole experience more pleasurable than the real thing. To give the customers exactly what they want, one crucial part was missing, the live dealer. However, live streaming services changed all of that, and most online casinos have the long-desired human element. In the modern day and age, you can join live games that have live dealers, just like you would join a Skype or Zoom meeting. Without ever leaving the comfort of your home, you can have a real casino experience with people. This feature has forever changed online gambling.

2. Games with Themes

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Gambling machine businesses have always tried to appeal to a wide variety of customers and players by partnering with companies from the entertainment industry. You probably remember seeing slot machines, darts, and pinballs with the popular characters from your favorite movies. As a child, it was appealing to you, and it was hardly important what the actual machine did, as long as you can mess around with those iconic heroes and villains. The same goes for online casinos and games. However, thanks to the virtual world and great designers, it is easier to make a themed game in this day and age than ever before. Superheroes, Disney characters, action stars, and even athletes have all seen their likeness associated with online casino games. Most of the larger gambling services collaborate with entertainment industry conglomerates of all kinds, movies, series, cartoons, video games, music, and sports. It is nothing new, but the way it is being done is. The special effects are amazing, and most of the good ones are licensed products with actors doing the iconic voices. What a time to be alive.

3. Mobile Gaming and Gambling

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The mobile gaming industry is one of the fastest-growing branches of entertainment today. While it could be argued that it is not real gaming, especially compared to PC and console gaming, everyone has a smartphone meaning everyone is a potential customer. Modern mobile phones offer users access to a whole virtual world, with a few simple clicks. At their fingertips, they have a powerful little computer that can also be used for online gambling. As we mentioned earlier, all respectable casino services have developed online platforms, but the best of the best also have mobile apps. Mobile gambling is an even newer step than regular online gambling, and a potential next step towards mainstream betting and casino games.

4. Cryptocurrencies

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Slowly but steadily, the most dominant cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Etherum, and Litecoin are becoming legitimate payment methods far and wide. As such, they allow the users to make anonymous, no-risk, and low-commission transactions on numerous online services, from shopping and business to gambling of course. Since they work through decentralized systems, all of your personal data is secured and nobody can use it for fraud or manipulation. People are increasingly wary when it comes to surveillance, so transparency and fairness in all things are key to customer trust. Unlike the bank-controlled classic currencies, digital currencies offer just that, and you can now play and gamble with your favorite one. Once you are ready to withdraw your winnings, your request is instantly processed, which is another benefit when compared to fiat currencies.

5. Virtual Reality

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This technology is still in development and it needs more time to become mainstream. In addition, it is quite expensive and it looks like things will stay that way for the near future. Still, some brave casinos and betting businesses have adopted this modern craze and use VR with their services. There are practically no boundaries with what you can create in a VR world. For now, those who offer it have live 3D casinos where the payers can socialize with each other, as well as with the staff who is also “playing.” This is a much more futuristic take on the live dealer situation from the first entry on this list. Once you are in a VR casino environment, you can choose from the various card, roulette, and slot games, just like in a regular casino. It feels immensely lifelike, and it could be overwhelming for some players.