Insulated Glass: A Great Option for Healthy and Eco-Friendly Interior

Is your electricity bill skyrocketing even after investing in an expensive air conditioning system? Have you ever noticed snow frost on your window panes on a freezing winter morning? Have you ever been annoyed by rattling window panes due to loud music playing next door or an airplane passing by in the middle of the night? If you are looking for a panacea solution to all these problems around your house, then invest in good insulated glass panels.

Insulated glass consists of layers of glass panes having air pockets sealed between them. Scientifically, air is amongst the best insulators with the added benefit of being transparent. So, insulated glasses allow sunlight to pass through while keeping out the cold and heat at the same time. This maintains the inside environment cozy, comfortable and healthy especially during extreme temperatures such as chilling winters and steaming summers.

Also, it protects from sudden temperature changes which can cause flu, mild fever, sinus problems, and various allergic reactions. All in all, it will save you both energy and money. Here are benefits of Insulated Glass which you need to know before buy: 

Lower your carbon footprint by saving energy:

Thermal insulation provided by insulated glass technology also decreases the power consumed to regulate the inside of your building at optimal temperature. This reduces the energy required for the heating and cooling of a room. Initially, insulated glass will cost you a lot more than other types. But seeing the amount of money that will be trimmed off your electricity bill over the longer run, this initial investment will certainly be worth it. In this way you are not only saving money while also reducing your carbon footprint and thus helping out the environment in the process.

Noise Insulation:

Apart from being good heat insulators, an insulated glass acts as fantastic noise insulter. Talking scientifically, sound travels through the air in the form of longitudinal waves that produce vibrations. When the sound waves hit a normal glass, they vibrate straight through it and enter inside the home. However, when using an insulated glass panel, the air pockets absorb most of these vibrations and keep your home noise-free. Adding other insulators like krypton or argon gas between the panes will reduce noise even more. So, no more waking up in the middle of the night to the music playing next door or the airplane passing over your home.

Limited condensation:

Moisture, if accumulated on warm surface produces water droplets on it, which further freeze into frost in extreme winters. This makes your home feel all the colder, forcing you to adjust the air conditioning inside. The air pockets between the layers of glass of an insulated glass pane, plus the airtight seal, prevents condensation of water droplets by blocking moisture in cold weather.

Greater Safety and Security:

You may have over the top locks and security systems installed in your home. But if a burglar tries to break in through the window you can’t do much to stop him from getting in. Here you require a little extra home security by investing in some good insulated window panes. Due to multiple layers of glass which are tightly sealed together, insulated glass windows are tougher to break. Also, they do a great job of filtering UV rays which can be harmful to your skin and to your home interiors. Unfiltered sunlight can damage or fade your furniture wall paints, paintings, carpet, and other objects in your home. It can also cause various types of skin cancers.

Versatility and range of choices:

The customizations that you can have with insulated glass panes are incredible. Usually, insulated glass panes come as double-paned. But you can customize them to have three, four, or even more glass panels for extra insulation. You can also choose from various low-emittance coatings for your glass panes which offer additional insulation against the extreme temperatures outside. Apart from that, various gasses may be used to fill air pockets between the layers of glasses. You can choose krypton or argon as they are denser and are less likely to allow heat conduction. They can also be paired with different materials such as wood, vinyl, and fiberglass.

Increased ROI on property and easy maintenance:

Insulated glass panes are expensive. However, do not think of it as mere household expenditures. These are investments that add some value to property. As already mentioned, they protect the interior of your home from scorching sunlight, moisture, frost, and temperature changes. This increases the value of your property and gives a good return on investment. Talking about the maintenance, superior-quality of insulated glasses don’t require their seals replaced except only when it is damaged completely; in which cases your insurance may cover the repair charges. Cleaning insulated glass is as easy as cleaning normal household windows – just wipe them with a soft cloth and use regular glass cleaning spray whenever required.

At this point, you may also want to know how to choose a good insulated glass online from a top energy-efficient window manufacturer.

Below are some characteristics of state of the art glass panes that the experts at suggested:

  • Visible transmittance or ‘V,
  • The solar heat gain coefficient or ‘SHGC’,
  • Air leakage resistant,
  • Thermal transmittance or ‘U-factor’,
  • ‘AL’ and condensation resistance or ‘CR’
  • Additional considerations included product performance over time, return on investment and our demonstrated commitment to new product innovations.