5 Tips for Selling Your iPhone XS for the Best Rates

Getting the latest iPhone model is the first thing iPhone fanatics will do in October of every year.

If you are one among them, probably you might think to sell iPhone XS to generate extra cash out of it.

Fortunately, iPhones have great resale value in the market, unlike most Android phones, regardless of their brand. So, selling your iPhone XS for some extra cash is a great plan.

Having said that, you need to know a few things while selling your iPhone to ensure you get the best price possible for your device.

Here are some tips to guide you while selling your iPhone XS. Click here to sell your iPhone without any hassles. 

Source: CNET.com

1. Clean your iPhone DIGITALLY

This is a basic thing. Firstly, don’t sell your iPhone XS randomly. It can cause some serious problems. Think about it, what if someone misuses your data? Or what if someone uses your iPhone to engage in unethical practices? These things can lead the authorities back to you if the perpetrator is even a little bit smart.

You don’t want anyone else to access your data. Although Apple iPhone provides tight security, you must be careful in not letting your data be misused.

So, delete all the data present in your phone before you begin the process of finding a buyer for it. Before deleting, make sure to transfer the necessary files you need into a different device, preferably your personal computer or laptop. Alternatively, you can also save everything using the iCloud backup option. However, keep in mind that this may cost you a few extra bucks if you have already used up all the free space available to you on iCloud.

To backup your iPhone files on the cloud, follow this path:

Settings> iCloud>switch on> Back Up Now.

Also, remember to unpair your apple watch if you have one. Once again, forgetting this step can potentially expose your personal data to the new owners of your phone.

This ensures you don’t miss out on anything important. Once you have deleted the data, pack it in the original box that came with it.

How to completely erase all the data on your iPhone? Follow this procedure: Settings> General> Reset> Erase All Content and Settings> Backup and Erase> Erase iPhone.

Source: The Economic Times

2. Appearance isn’t deceptive

For selling your iPhone XS at the best rates, you need to spend a little. Buy a screen protector and a good case to give your iPhone a new look.

This way, your iPhone XS gains additional value on the market. When you are buying a new iPhone, make sure to buy an “unlocked” phone.

This variant works best on any wireless network to not have to shift from one carrier to another. Unlocked phones maximize the resale value you can expect for your iPhone.

If your iPhone has any visible defects, you may also consider getting them fixed before listing it for sale. Keep in mind, however, not all repairs will bring a positive ROI. However, things like getting the screen repaired may add more to your resale value than the cost of the repair itself.

Source: Wccftech

3. Look for sites with a specific concern

It would be best to apply the same technique you use for shopping while selling your used iPhone. Whenever you buy a product, you have certain things in mind.

For example, some shop mobile phones for memory space, while some look for the best camera with improved clarity.

You can imply it while selling too. How? If you have a broken iPhone XS, some websites like uSell accept damaged displays and iPhones with poor battery backup.

If you need good cash, then sell your used iPhones on various websites that are available.

If you don’t find yourself satisfied with the valuation of your phone on these websites, and you think you can sell your phone for a higher price if you find the right buyer, you can do that on social media marketplaces such as the Facebook marketplace.

However, keep in mind that selling on these platforms means you will be selling directly to a stranger. This might not always be safe. So take extra precautions when dealing with customers on online marketplaces.

Know your concern and do thorough research before selling your iPhone XS.

Source: The Verge

4. Trade for Credit

When you want store credit instead of cash, there are numerous retailer options for you. They grant you offers and deals for your new purchase in exchange for your used iPhone XS.

Apple and Amazon are offering such trade-for-credit programs on their websites. This choice is best for buying a new phone for an exchange with an old iPhone XS.

Some online websites like Walmart, Verizon, and GameStop offer a trade-in store credit, but it varies with the condition, age, when and where you are returning your iPhone XS.

With that said, there is a common misconception that Apple will give the highest price for their phones.

This isn’t always the case and you may miss out on a better deal if you rush this process and don’t check out all of your options.

Source: Digital Trends

5. The Alternative Options

If you don’t want to do too much research, we provide some best options to sell your iPhone XS now.

You can check websites like Decluttr, Best Buy, Flipsy, and more. These websites have great deals and offers just for the sellers, which you can see at a glance.

Most of these companies and brands inspect your iPhone under 30 criteria; if it fits, then you can get a final quote and sell your iPhone XS.

Moreover, you can also find sites that return your used iPhone XS if the final quote is less than the initial offer. In case the final value of your iPhone is more than the quote you got online, they might even send you the difference in your account.

The Bottomline

Selling your iPhone XS can take a lot of effort from your side, but it is worth the money. We hope our tips will help you in selling your iPhone XS at the best rates.