iPhone SE 2024 Sales in Q2: Exceed Expectations

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The update of the iPhone SE in 2024 has undoubtedly been a very controversial move by Apple, but the results have been tremendously positive. As the CIRP data points out, the sales of this equipment have worked very well, even though many users criticized its performance and the little sense it had in the market. Surely they were wrong.

The iPhone SE 2024, a good strategy from Apple

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Apple has always been related to high-end devices and therefore their products have a high price. But the reality is that the niche of users who are going to access one of these devices is quite small, so they chose to open the fan with the iPhone SE 2024 update. This device was released in 2016 but was recently renewed. The launch was loaded with controversy since it was thought that the sales were going to be bad. The market is currently loaded with equipment that barely has frames on its front or a much larger memory capacity. This is not the case for the iPhone SE 2024 which maintains a very conservative design and it was thought that this could backfire on consumers.

According to the study carried out by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) in the second quarter of 2024, the iPhone SE acquired 19% of total sales. But no part of the land has been eaten up by the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, or 11 Pro Max, which continue to reap 66% of sales. This means that the equipment has absorbed the majority of the sales of the old terminals that are still being marketed. These older iPhones include the iPhone XR, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus.

iPhone SE 2024 motivates to update

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According to the study, this iPhone has been a good claim for users who did not want to update their old iPhone to one of the high-end models. With a fairly cheap price compared to other models, many people with a mobile phone of more than three years have updated. According to the majority of respondents, this is the optimal time to perform an equipment update. These users have a 73% probability of specifically updating to an iPhone SE. This is what Apple wants, to renew the devices that users have so that they are with the latest equipment possible so that they continue to receive software updates and continue to increase the list of market share.

The price has been a great catalyst to get these good sales. This will not affect the strategy that is followed by high-end equipment. Many people believe that Apple may lose attention to its high ranges by focusing on the iPhone SE and lower-end equipment. But this does not have to have any type of relationship since many companies develop many devices at the same time. The result that they claim to have from Apple is to reap the greatest possible number of market share, covering all possible niches. They want to respond to the needs of those people who do not want to spend more than a thousand euros on an iPhone and also to those professionals who require a higher specification.

The popular “counter-approach” marketing tactic

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For a long time now people have been complaining about the fact that Apple is probably the single most expensive smartphone manufacturer in the world. There has been a “sense” developed amongst the community that only those with the status of being “rich” are using iPhones, and that the company doesn’t care for the rest of the people who cannot afford such high-priced products. This shouldn’t affect such a prestigious and successful company such as Apple, but when people keep sharing the same opinion for many years now, it kind of matters if you take their reputation in question. According to some, Apple did release the SE model to show that they can compete with the other mid-range-priced phones on the market, such as the ones that Huawei and Samsung constantly put out.

We all know that it’s tough to compete in many different playing fields, which is why Apple as a company chose to dominate the top-tier category instead of focusing on all three at once. However, with the latest release, they’ve proven that they can indeed compete in the midrange field as well. It’s only up for a time to tell if they’ll release a budget version of an iPhone and go face to face with some of the other companies who currently dominate the less-expensive price ranges.

Needless to say, this move from Apple probably had a lot of positive impact over the opinion of others, and it was a great way to prove that they care about those who are unable to pay such a high price for a phone but still want to use the service of Apple.

Aesthetics of the iPhone SE and the opinion of the community

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If you’re here reading this article then you’ve probably already seen how the iPhone SE model looks like. If you’re even slightly familiar with Apple’s products, you’re also probably aware that the design is quite different from everything else that they’ve put out on the market. Now some people think that Apple could’ve done better for the design of this one, but they had a different plan about the entire approach in their mind. It might sound like something that’s over the top, but according to many, Apple didn’t make the design of the SE their best work because they wanted to let customers know what it feels like to use an apple product software-wise but tempt them to pay more for the sophisticated design and the few extra features that their “flagships” currently have. We’re not sure how true this theory is, but it’s still something to think about. At the end of the day, maybe it’s impossible to pull off the high-end design of the current iPhones without making them cost at least a thousand dollars. Either way, it’s pretty safe to say that this was a successful product from Apple, and a great marketing approach as well. Nothing less expected from such an experienced company.

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