Is It Worth Scrapping Your Car In 2024

The situation when the cost of repairing your car counts to be more than its actual current value is disheartening and yet will certainly come to most car owners. At this point, the owner of the car has to say a hard goodbye to its old companion. Knowing the scrap value of your car will help you decide what should be your next step.

When it comes to scrapping your car, there might be times when this may not be the best idea. Say, for example, you own a car that is rare and classic, you would probably not choose scrapping in any condition, and thinking of sending your car to the scrapyard will make you go nuts. There may be situations where your sentiments and memories are attached with your old friend who was a part of your life for so long, but ultimately you need to understand that sending it to the vehicle recycler will be best economically, and keeping it will be no good.

The procedure of sending your car for scrapping is painless for the owner as it does not require a lot of paperwork. However, any person sending his car in the scrapyard must know the laws surrounding the scrapping process of the car, and if even by mistake anything is missed out or not done properly, you may find yourself paying several fines. The process of changing your old car into cash is made easy and effortless using They will answer your queries, make an appointment according to your convenience and pay you the same day when they collect your car.


Scrapping car in 2024

What is the value of scrap cars in the midst of the global pandemic? How much did the pandemic affect the junk car industry? Is it worth scrapping your car in 2024? And, what can be done to ensure that you get the highest possible value for your old car?

Questions like these must arrive when you are thinking of sending your car to the scrapyard in 2024.

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How to calculate the minimum value of your scrap car?

There is no fixed price that you will get when you are dealing with making cash out of your old car, but no matter what different offers you get, the basic formula for calculating the value of the scrap car and the lowest amount that you can get for your car remains the same.

If you know the formula, it will help you estimate a rough figure for your car or other vehicle and will protect you from getting a low offer.

To calculate the formula of the minimum value of your junk car with the scrap car, you need to multiply the current local price for the scrap metal with the weight of your car.

Scrap metal price ( per ton) x Car weight ( in tons)

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How to know the scrap value for your car?

You might wonder what will be the best price for your scrap car and who doesn’t want the maximum amount that they can get.

If you receive multiple quotes on the salvage amount for your scrap car, you might want to know if you can get more or if you are getting the best price. Selling your car to the salvage yard does not often happen, so maximum people do not have any experience in it, and also they do not want to make a loss. Unlike selling a car, there is no published price for the junk car as per the model, make, year, or condition to rely on. This leaves you with no proper information, and you keep wondering, “How much should I actually get?”

There are few basic things that you should do to make yourself sure about whether you should go with scrapping your car in the midst of the pandemic.

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Is it worth scrapping your car in 2024

  • Keep track of the current value of the scrap and check it with the past years- If you have made up your mind to sell your car to a scrapyard and change it in cash, it would be good if you would gain basic knowledge about the current scrap prices and check if there is any adverse effect on the price due to the pandemic which has led to the reduction of price. There are various resources where you can get the information and will help you in keeping track of the price.
  • Mobile applications- There are smartphone applications about everything, which makes your life easy. If you want to check the value of the scrap material, you can go and search for it in the iScrap Application and get details about the scrap metal price in your locality.
  • Do market research in the metal market- Many websites give you accurate information about the scrap metal price online.
  • Contact a buyer in the junk car industry- Having a talk to a junk car buyer and asking him about the possible price that you can get on your junk car will help you get the exact assessment of the value that you can get from your old car.
  • The longer you wait, the less you will get- if you think the price that you are getting is good enough, don’t wait for long, as the longer you wait, the more your car’s valuable part will deteriorate and depreciate, which will leave you getting much less in the future. You should sell your junk car now.
  • Make sure you get the price you deserve- Different car conditions will have different values. Say, for example, if your car is in driving condition, you will obviously get more than a regular scrap car or the minimum scrap value as the machines are working. It is because firstly, a driving condition car would not require towing. Secondly, the car can be sold in an auction as the car runs.
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The scrap metal price did get affected in 2024 during the pandemic but it has shown a rise in price in 2024. Moreover, keeping your junk car for a longer duration will only reduce its value as the car will depreciate and deteriorate more.