5 Items That Go Perfectly With A LED Neon Sign And How To Design Them

Having an indoor party? You must already know that using LED neon signs to create a beautiful backdrop is one of the best things you can do. Actually, you can have LED signboards all over the place and increase the oomph factor multifold!

But that is still going to look like an everyday high-end party. How do you really stand out?

One of the best ways to do this is by adding natural elements that go perfectly with the rest of your design. If you are using LED neon signs to demarcate the major areas in your party, the following tips will help you make them even more beautiful.

But that’s not all. We are also going to talk about how else you can use LED neon signboards to set a vibe to the party. Arches and backdrops will not be the sole content that you will read about.

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So, let’s get started on making your party design the best ever!

1. Balloons for the backdrop

Source: AliExpress

The main backdrop to the event should definitely have balloons on it. Imagine an arch of colorful balloons and a grand cursive LED neon sign that reads ‘happy birthday’ or ‘happy anniversary.’ Anybody walking into the party at any point will immediately know that this is the central point of the event.

The great thing about balloon arches is that you can have them be as big as you want. And the choice of colors will always be endless. You can even add a few balloon animals if it’s a kiddie birthday party!

Of course, you are going to need a team of good LED neon signboard designers if you want to make it as grand and beautiful as possible. You can also play around with the colors and fonts, so the entire design will be as personalised as you want.

2. Sign on a tree

Source: The Neonist

When we say LED neon signs can be fitted on anything, we really mean it! One of the best modern trends is to have a LED signboard fitted on a Christmas tree. You can apply this design anywhere. Be it the cocktail bar or the food section; you can have a decorative tree and the signboard describing the area perched on top of it.

Alternatively, you can have one hanging from mid-sized trees. This will depend on how tall the room is or if the party is being done in an outdoor setting. Either way, plants, and LED signboards are a great combo!

Apart from the visual factor, this also ensures that anybody can notice a specific area even from a distance. For larger parties, you can have two trees with LED neon signboards, and it will be twice as beautiful!

3. Creating an entrance

Source: Pinterest

Is the entrance to your party just a doorway with an arrow? Let’s change that up and create something more gallant with the help of LED neon signs. You can easily have the entire doorway covered in monochromatic sheets and light up the path using quirky LED signboards. This way, as the people walk towards the heart of the party, their spirit will already be in the mood to join in immediately!

Or you can have an arch structure at the gate as well. And this will once again be adorned with beautiful LED signs crafted exactly to your requirements. While this is more traditional, you can have a small design crafted with LED instead of only words to add a sense of modernity. The entrance to your party is an important part of setting the mood; use it well.

4. The 3D effect

Source: SafeSpecial.com

If you thought LED neon signs should only belong on the walls, then you are wrong! You can have them be made thick in size and thereby stand them up anywhere in the room. This design works best when it’s placed a few inches in front of the wall, with something behind it as well. This setup will depend on how well-spaced your party is because if there isn’t enough space around the signboard, then it may not be entirely visible.

You can choose to have plants in the background or even some regular items such as a guitar or a bicycle. This adds an idea of depth to the signboard, and it will immediately become the designated selfie spot for the evening!

Having a 3D corner with the help of LED neon signs is extremely cost-effective, but it provides a sense of grandeur to the event like no other!

5. A casual vibe

Source: AliExpress

But what if it’s not a hardcore party? What about formal get-togethers? You can have a LED neon sign that fits such a mood as well! We suggest that you choose the color of your LED signboard to be white and then have it placed on an off-white wall. This will pop the sign just enough and add the much-needed sense of casualness to an otherwise uptight gathering.

It’s important to set the mood of your party or gathering not only because of an aesthetic but also to add the much-needed life to it.

This sort of setup can be had at home as well. If it’s a special family dinner, you can have a light popping LED neon sign behind the dining table. It will shine a light on your creative side as a host.

These are the five different ways in which you can add everyday items to a LED neon sign and ensure that it stands out from the regular ones you see outside shops. Sure, a LED signboard by itself can also add vibe to your party, but if it can be jazzed up even more with only minor effort, then why not!

So, make sure your next party is unlike anything you have ever done before, and amp-up the design factor with these quick LED neon signboard designing tips!