Jacqueline Ray Net Worth 2024

Jacqueline Ray used to be a very well-known name back in her glorious days. The spotlight on her died down for a while, and it seemed as if she’d never make the covers again. However, she had us all shocked in 2014. The spotlight was once again on her; she is now paying for the terrible thing she had committed, which was the reason behind the media attention.

Read further to find out what got the former actress and model behind bars, along with information on her life, career, and income.

Early Life

Jacqueline Mary Ray was born on July 17, 1952, in Burbank, California. She had never shared any information on her family and her education, but the public is aware of the fact that she’s of Native American ethnicity.

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Before her acting career, she pursued modeling. However, her roles are what got her so famous, in the first place.

“In Like Flint” was the film where we first heard of her acting talent. Right away, she went on to join the casts of “Outpost Zeta” in 1980 and “Beyond the Universe” the following year.

As “Beyond the Universe” was a great success, it opened the door of Hollywood to the actress. Following that movie, she appeared in “Magnum”, “P.I”, and “Unfabulous”.

In 2007, she returned to her role for a spin-off “Unfabulous: The Best Trip Ever”.

Personal Life

The model wore the wedding dress a total of three times. She gave birth to her first child in 1966, with her first husband Shephard. Except for his name, we have no other information on him, as the woman rarely spoke about him.

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After that marital unity fell apart, Ray married American actor Tom Selleck in 1971. Selleck adopted her son, Kevin. That relationship did not work out either; by 1982, the couple had divorced.

Probably thinking that third time’s the charm, Jacqueline got married again. This time, to Clarence Barry Witmer in 1992. The two have a daughter, Umeko.


Leon Bucham’s body was found in July 2012 with duck tape around his ankles and wrists. The police were sure that it could not have been anything but a homicide.

Leon had been the husband of Umeko since 2008, hence, Jaqueline’s son-in-law. But, just like her mother’s marriages, Umeko’s didn’t work out either. She admitted that her husband was abusive and controlling; when her mother first found out it had gotten physical, she incouraged Umeko to leave him. So, she did.

It was later discovered that Ray had lured Leon to her home and then had Luis Barker kill him. She admitted that she only committed this crime in order to protect her daughter, as she was also a victim of abuse earlier in her life. She knew the trauma that it brings very well.

The former actress had been sentenced to 18 years, and the hitman to 34 years in prison.

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Jacqueline Ray Net Worth 2024

Our sources estimate that Jacqueline has her net worth in 2024 around $5 million.