Why Japanese Steel Makes Outstanding Hair Scissors

Japan has always had one of the best blacksmithing experts in the world. Even several centuries back in the past, Japan was revered for its amazing swordsmithing. This is the reason why katanas are probably the most popular swords in the entire world. However, times have changed and the need for swords has died down. But, there is still a need for high-quality steel. Believe it or not, but nowadays, Japanese steel is now frequently used for manufacturing hair scissors.

Today, a lot of professional hairdressers and experts prefer to use hair scissors that are coming out of Japan. It is already known that they are probably the best in this industry and there are no alternatives. Although some people would say that German scissors are superior, that is still up for debate.

In this article, we are not going to focus on German products or making any comparisons to see which one is better. We want to specifically talk about Japanese steel and why is it so good to create blades, or more specifically, hair shears.

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Exceptionally sharp blade

Every hairdresser will tell you that the sharpness of the blade of scissors is essential for such a job. Without the proper equipment, you basically can do anything. It is probably the same as a chef in your kitchen. With a dull pair of scissors, you probably could not cut through anything, let alone with accuracy.

Fortunately, the Japanese already have immense knowledge in creating the world’s most sharp blades. As I mentioned previously, they have centuries of experience in creating swords and other types of weapons that could slice through anything. Thanks to their history, the stainless steel blades they create for shears are also exceptionally sharp.

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The right shape

Nowadays, any company can create a blade that is sharp enough to properly cut through certain items, objects, or even hair. But, when creating hair scissors, that is simply not enough. Sure, the blade is a very important part of the product, however, there are still other parts that are essential to creating the perfect tool for cutting hair.

Of course, I am talking about the shape. To create the right movement, they need to take a certain shape. Japanese shears usually have a convex shape which is probably why they cut so smoothly. Whether the strands are rough for course, that convex shape makes the slicing much smoother and easier.

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Proper hairdressing scissors can cost anywhere between $100 and up to $1000. Of course, if you are an amateur or if you just want such a product to use at home, there really is no need to waste thousands of dollars.

However, if you are a professional hairdresser, you should consider making that kind of expensive investment for shears.

Still, is that kind of product worth the money? I guess this is a question that is difficult to answer. If you have the financial stability to invest in such products, I suggest that you go ahead and buy them. Yet, if you do not have such financial stability, it can be difficult to recommend wasting so much money on just one pair of scissors.

But, where does that kind of price come from and why do people want to justify it? Well, one of the things that you might need to consider is durability. The durability of Japanese steel is well known to be outstanding. It could last for years even after frequent daily use. With this fact in mind, I think that you can figure out why a professional hairdresser would consider spending so much cash on just one pair of shears, right?

Instead of wasting a hundred dollars every few months for a new pair of scissors, they can just invest a thousand dollars to get a pair that is going to last several years. You should also consider the fact that the blade can always be repaired or sharpened once it gets dull.

Whether you can justify such a price tag or not, it does not matter. There are much cheaper products coming out of Japan that come with a similar type of quality and durability as suggested by jpscissors.com.

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Better control

Most people have never considered that so much detail goes or should go into manufacturing such a product. For many, a pair of scissors is just a simple pair of scissors. But, for professional hairdressers, the topic is much more complicated and requires proper research.

Japanese shears are very popular for providing much better control. Many expert barbers are looking for that kind of feature. Even just one mistake can cause the shears to slip which could make some serious damage to the hair or even hurt the person on the barber’s chair. A barber must not make that kind of mistake ever. They need to be careful, precise, and accurate with every moment.

The right piece of equipment is required to follow that kind of precision and accuracy. The tool needs to have the right type of grip, shape, and a sharp or not blade. Visit sakishears.com for more ideas that are always good for your business to grow day by day.

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Low maintenance requirements

As a barber or hairdresser, it is not financially responsible to replace your scissors once they get dull. If you have that kind of habit, you will need to make your replacements every single month. That is going to be a huge cost and a real waste of money.

The right way to deal with such a problem is to maintain the scissors you already have. In other words, you need to sharpen the blade when needed.

Fortunately, the Japanese steel used for scissors stays sharp for much longer. This reduces the amount of maintenance that is required. The less time you waste on maintenance, the more time you will have for work or other important stuff.

As you can see, it is obvious why Japanese steel is an outstanding option for hair scissors. There are probably several other advantages I could mention, but I think that it is clear enough with the points I made above.