How Different Are Professional Hairdressing Scissors

If you’re just starting a hairdressing business and considering which hairdressing scissors to choose for your work, you might easily get confused. There are so many different scissors out there that sometimes it hard to understand which one would suit you the best. If you don’t have the right information, you can be tricked into buying something that may not work for you, especially if the marketing of hairdressing scissors is appropriately done.

So it is essential to collect some knowledge before making your purchase. That is why today we decided to talk about various types of professional hairdressing scissors and their main differences.

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1. Hairdressing scissors with a short blade

Depending on the haircut you want to achieve you can choose hairdressing scissors with long or short blades. For hairdressers with smaller hands, short-bladed hairdressing scissors can work much better. They include scissors with blades no longer than 6 inches. They are not as heavy and you can achieve much more control over them. Your hand won’t be so tired and cramped like they would be when using hairdressing scissors with long blades.

That is why you should always be careful when choosing the length of the scissors. Short-bladed scissors can work nicely when you want to work on some details on the hair or use the slicing technique. These types of scissors offer the greater accuracy needed for some more complex and demanding hairstyles that require high precision.

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2. Hairdressing scissors with a long blade

Unlike scissors with short blades, those with long blades can work best for hairdressers who have larger hands and cannot achieve the necessary control over tiny scissors.  Besides, when using certain techniques, such as scissors over comb, long-bladed scissors are a much better option. To achieve the right scissors over comb technique, scissors need to cover a larger area of the hair, so you can cut all the hair grabbed with a comb. The scissors with a blade length over 6 inches allow this, so they are the best choice. And especially if you find yourself using this technique on most of your clients, having a pair of long-bladed scissors can be very practical, increase your speed, and therefore, clients’ satisfaction with your work.

You can find the top 50 hairdressing scissors on, including the ones with short, long blades, and many other types. That way, you can get the full picture of what is available on the market and choose the professional scissors that will suit you for your everyday work.


3. Hairdressing scissors for thinning and texturizing

Another pair of scissors every professional hairdresser needs to have in their kit are the scissors for thinning and texturizing. You maybe won’t be using them every single day, but you should have them anyway. To achieve the proper hairstyle on thick hair, you’ll need the right tool. If you have many clients with long, voluminous hair it can be quite challenging to achieve the right texturizing with regular scissors, so we recommend skipping this adventure. Instead, make sure to get professional hairdressing scissors intended precisely for thinning and texturizing hair. Thinning scissors will only do the thinning part, without offering any specific hairstyle.

Unlike them, texturizing scissors allow you to do everything together and achieve a new, desired hairstyle after using them. A common feature of both types of scissors is that they usually have wider teeth on one side that allow you to cover bigger chunks of hair. This can be very practical with clients who have very thick hair that requires some extra work. With these scissors, you will much faster. So although you won’t use thinning and texturizing scissors all the time, it will pay off having them when you need to deal with some more demanding hair.

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4. Swivel hairdressing scissors

The scissors should always feel light and comfortable in your hands. If that is not the case, after some time you can start feeling pain in your hands or even develop some medical conditions, such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Some people could say that it is the price of being a hairdresser, but we wouldn’t agree. Yes, working with regular hairdressing scissors can become very hard over time and lead to hand fatigue. But luckily, with swivel hairdressing scissors you can easily overcome these problems.

They have a thumb ring that can swivel, so your fingers and hand can move naturally and avoid pain after a few hours of dedicated work. They are much more flexible, so your hand doesn’t have to stand still in just one position, which eventually can become a problem. Choosing the right tools for your everyday work can positively impact your health in the long run, so you shouldn’t overlook the importance of comfortable scissors if you’re a professional hairdresser.

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5. Straight hairdressing scissors for point cutting

Straight hairdressing scissors with rings placed one above the other are the best choice for point cutting. This kind of cutting is very common and necessary when you’re trying to blend all the layers and achieve thinning to a certain extent. To make this happen, you’d have to place your hand with regular scissors in a very uncomfortable position, and it would take you forever to finalize this step, or it would cause much pain. With scissors for point cutting, all of these side effects are eliminated, cutting goes much faster, and provides better results.

Conclusion: If you’re starting your hairdressing business and looking to find some great, professional tools for your everyday work, you should pay some extra attention to the hairdressing scissors you’ll choose. There are many different types out there, so it is essential to know what are the main differences and understand which ones would suit you the best. For example, you can find scissors with short and long blades, and both types are good, but for different techniques and hairstyles. Thinning and texturizing scissors are not used every day but play an important role when it comes to clients with thick and voluminous hair. Choosing professional hairdressing scissors that work for you can provide you much higher speed and better final results that your clients will love.