10 Helpful Tips to Keep Your Swimming Pool Maintained All Year Round

It is not enough to simply invest in a swimming pool to add glamor and appeal to your yard; you need to engage with routine swimming pool maintenance tasks as well. If you let your swimming pool cleaning and maintenance schedule slide, you could end up with an unclean and unhygienic breeding ground for germs, right on your porch. Of course, you can’t even think of entertaining guests around an ill-maintained swimming pool, that is crying out for care and attention! Don’t worry. We offer you 10 helpful tips on how you can keep your swimming pool maintained throughout the year, in this article, below.

Handy Tips to Aid Round-the-Year Pool Maintenance

1. Scrub the Swimming Pool Floor and Toss Out Debris

Floating debris that accumulates onto your pool has a habit of sinking, if not cleaned out before. If you have a person appointed to skim your pool’s water daily, you may not struggle with this problem. If not, you might want to skim your swimming pool’s surface regularly. It will aid the circulation system of your pool and also maintain chlorine efficiency.

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2. Clean the Strainer Baskets on a Weekly Basis

Cleaning out your swimming pool’s strainer basket is another effective way to stimulate your pool’s water circulation and keep its chlorine requirement in check. Locate the placement of your pool’s strainer basket – inground pools usually have these in the pool deck and aboveground pools have them on the side. Remove the basket and shake it out. You can choose to apply water from a hose onto it for added cleaning efficacy.

3. Vacuum Your Swimming Pool

Vacuuming your swimming pool weekly is another essential routine pool maintenance task you should carry out. Vacuuming your pool frequently will keep the pool water clean and lessen the amount of chemicals it needs, to keep it germ-free. Different types of pool vacuums are made available in the market. Pick one that suits your needs the best and learn how to uniquely navigate this, for maximum pool cleaning efficiency. Make sure to clean out your vacuum filter from time to time too.

4. Brush the Walls and Tiles of Your Pool

Nobody wants algae or calcium buildups in their swimming pool. Brushing your swimming pool’s walls and tiles is a good idea to prevent this from happening. Don’t let algae or calcium deposit in your pool, they could lead to bigger problems later. Use a soft brush and go over your swimming pool’s walls and tiles to keep them clean.

5. Clean your Swimming Pool’s Filter

Clean out your swimming pool’s filter periodically, without fail, if you want to maintain your swimming pool’s health and hygiene. The filter on your swimming pool is responsible for ridding it off impurities and so, cleaning it is an absolutely crucial pool maintenance task. Usually, swimming pool filters are made of sand, cartridge or diatomaceous earth. The material of your swimming pool filter influences the frequency with which it needs to be cleaned. Leave a slight bit of dirt intact in your pool even when you clean it, the dirt helps dust particles and aids in cleaning your debris pool.

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6. Test the Level of Chemicals Present in Your Swimming Pool’s Water

You ought to check the pH level of the water present in your swimming pool every week, if you wish to maintain its safety for usage. Improper chemical balance in your pool water can irritate your eyes and skin. If your pool water begins to look murky, it is time to check its pH balance with a testing kit. You can easily purchase these pH testing kits from a neighborhood store.

7. Maintain the Water Level in Your Swimming Pool

Regular swimming and splashing around in the pool will cause your swimming pool to lose water. Evaporation can also cause water loss in your pool. You can check the level of water when you are skimming debris from your pool. If the water level falls below the skimmer level, use a garden hose to replenish it sufficiently to enable safe swimming.

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8. Superchlorinate your Swimming Pool after Every Big Bash

When you organize a pool party for your friends and co-workers, your pool is subject to a lot of people entering it and leaving behind the bacteria they might have been carrying on their bodies. An effective way of getting rid of all these bacteria from your swimming pool is to super chlorinate it to raise its chlorine levels. Shocking your pool with chlorine will kill all the residual bacteria that may have gathered in your pool after your big pool party. Super chlorinating your pool at least twice every season is a good way of keeping your swimming pool germ and bacteria-free.

9. Detect Leaks in Your Pool and Have Them Repaired

Sometimes, leaks can find their way in our swimming pools and cause it to lose water. If you want to keep your swimming pool’s water level maintained, you might want to find if there are any leaks in your swimming pool and have the same repaired. Also, take a look at this article if you want to learn how to protect your swimming pool from freeze damage during winter.

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10. Clean the Deck Area

The deck of your swimming pool needs care and maintenance the same way that your swimming pool does. Sweep your swimming pool deck clean off dirt and fallen leaves. You can then proceed to washing away water stains and any rust that might have accumulated onto the deck of your swimming pool. Afterall, what good is a clean swimming pool if the deck surrounding it is dirty?

Don’t Skimp on Your Swimming Pool Maintenance Tasks

It is true that regularly cleaning and maintaining your swimming pool can seem like a chore, but swimming pool maintenance is necessary to preserve the overall quality of your swimming pool. If you don’t eke out time to maintain your swimming pool, you will only be letting it reach a state of disrepair and decay. If you’ve spent all that money in installing a swimming pool into your house, why not take care of it to maintain it for years to come?

You can follow the swimming pool maintenance tips we’ve shared above and helped yourself to a clean and hygienic swimming pool all-year-round. To get more maintenance tips for all year round, hear more from the experts over at SwimmingPoolsBrisbane to understand how to maintain your swimming pool correctly.