10 Ways to Keep Your Office Germ-Free

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We all have heard it from our childhood that “Health is Wealth”. Cleanliness and hygiene play a vital role in keeping one healthy. And as a fact goes a person spends around 7-8 hours in his/her office. So, it’s the duty and responsibility of the management to provide a germ-free environment for the employees. It is all the more crucial in the present scenario and would further help in checking infections and illnesses.

1. Use of Sanitizers

Sanitizers should be made available at entrances, presentation rooms, and other communal rooms in the office. Employees should sanitize their hands before shaking with others or touching their faces.

It would reduce the risk of spreading germs and ultimately, infections.

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2. Washing Hands Properly

Good habits bring in good results. Nowadays, it’s a must for everyone to wash their hands before eating anything or after using the washroom.

Washing hands is not enough but washing them properly is also important. One should wash both the hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds.

3. Cleaning of Tables, Chairs and other Office Equipments

Germs stay on surfaces for a longer time. Be it a wooden table, chair, or any other office equipment such as telephones and pen stands, all should be cleaned well every day.

The companies can hire professional cleaning teams for obtaining such services. Overall, the cleaning cost would be comparatively less then.

Eventually, it results in better work productivity.

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4. Disinfecting the Computers

In most of the companies, the staff works on the computer regularly. Various studies have shown how many bacteria are there on phones, keyboards, and mouse.

Hence, there is a need for proper disinfection of computers. It is better to carry this cleaning process through a proper team of professionals.

5. Prohibiting Eating on the Work Desks

No employee should be allowed to eat on desks. The spilled food may give birth to bacteria and lead to cold, food poisoning, and other diseases.

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6. Extra Precautions for the Sick Employee

A sick employee is often recommended to work from home especially if that person has a cold, cough, or flu.

The person must use a tissue while coughing or sneezing and wear a mask too, if necessary.

7. Leverage Air Purifiers

Installation of air purifiers can also minimize germs at the offices. They attract the harmful particles, bacteria, and other germs, therefore, leave only pure air for everyone to breathe.

Thus air purifiers reduce germs by improving the quality of air circulating all around in the office.

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8. Think Before Touching

When we go out, we touch several things without even realizing, say for example door handles, door frames, walls, printers, desks, and many more. But since germs are spreading fast so it’s better to be extra cautious and think before touching anything.

The office staff should pay close attention to the shared surfaces in the meeting/conference rooms. Everyone should cleanse their hands with the help of a sanitizer or wash hands directly after touching a dirty surface.

Doctors are also asking people to not touch their face every now-and-then.

9. Ultra-Clean Washrooms

It has been seen time and again how many bacterial infections spread due to using dirty washrooms.

Public washrooms should be ultra-clean every day. It would prevent the risk of germs to a great extent.

Proper soap and other necessary things should be in place.

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10. Use of Masks

In case, the office happens to be a crowded place and involves direct public dealings, then employees should wear a mask constantly to avoid catching a viral infection. One can choose a suitable mask accordingly. The mask has to be cleaned and changed from time to time. Apart from the mask, the employees can wear gloves for complete protection.

In a hygienic environment, employees fall less sick. It boosts their productivity as well as morale. The probability of infections and diseases reduces. The pleasant feeling and healthy working conditions act as a motivating factor for the staff.

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Key Takeawas

Nowadays, companies are giving huge importance to the hygiene of employees and cleaning of offices. However, it’s better to hire a known company to avail of the cleaning and maintenance services of the same. It would ensure that work runs smoothly without hindrances. The focus of the employees would remain intact.

The Luce Maintenance Group is one of the premier companies for facilities management singapore. Some of the office cleaning services here consists of pantry maintenance, vacuuming, mopping, dusting, and wiping of desks, tables, telephones, and other office equipment.

As it’s rightly said that precaution is better than cure, so adopting these simple measures can prevent the risk of diseases in the long-run. A clean environment is always appealing to the third party. More people would like to get attached and work with the company that follows basic health and hygiene.