6 Useful Keto Diet Tips and Secrets for New Beginners

Social media today is all about the trends, and when it comes to diet tips and secrets, the keto diet has been on the top. But not all the information said is true and might not suit up to the beginner’s lifestyle, as everyone has a different way of trying and implementing the recommendations.

Remember, the Keto diet isn’t a diet, but a way of eating as seen on drjohn.org. It works towards weight loss by putting the body in a state of metabolism called Nutritional ketosis. It is a phase where the body turns fat (already existent fat, ready to burn and to produce energy levels and have weight loss) as a source of fuel and not carbs. Eating a Keto diet will ensure the body gets fat to burn as a fuel with limited carbs to ensure it does not get turned to glucose and finally stored fat. So, it will be better if the start is made with a complete overview of the Keto Diet, with the tips and secrets, that are well-suited for the beginners.

Six useful Keto Diet tips and secrets

1. Say Goodbye to Temptations

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Yes, it is easiest, and the hardest tip as getting rid of foods to avoid is not easy. But it will be easy to stick to goals if the fighting back temptations are continuous. Start today and get rid of the following from your fridge and the pantry:

Sugar (Candies, pastries, ice cream, honey, etc.), Legumes (Lentils, Beans, Chickpeas, etc.), High-sugar fruits and starchy vegetables (Apples, bananas, sweet potatoes & potatoes, oranges, etc.), Grains (Wheat, pasta, corn, cereal, etc.), Low-fat dairy and Milk (Cow’s milk except for the heavy cream, low-fat cheese, etc.), Seed & Vegetable oils (Canola, soybean, grapeseed oil, etc.), Processed low carb food (check the label for ingredients like sugar, starch, and artificial ingredients).

Getting rid of all can’t be possible with the family around. However, one can try and make sure to avoid the certain above-mentioned or at least store it at a place which is out of one’s reach.

2. Every Portion counts

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Even the primary focus is not the calories and the portions, but to maintain a better Keto Diet, it is important. Losing or gaining weight still won’t be possible with Keto Diet if the consumption is high. Remember, fat is a lever. However, it is fortunate that with time, hunger and cravings get reduced with this regime, making one tend to eat less. Eating foods with low carb helps one to control the weight naturally, but if one doesn’t find it working, there is a need to pay attention to it.

3. Eat but only when hungry

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Appetite-suppressant, this is what the Keto Diet acts as, and the ones following it does not feel hungry often. So, one needs not to eat when they are not hungry, and they must keep hitting upon their protein goal when the hunger strikes.

4. Protein intake to be maintained adequately

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Protein intake, adequately and not excessively, is required for a proper Keto Diet. The level should be maintained so that the muscle mass can be maintained (with weight loss, both muscle mass and fat get reduced) when there is a low intake of carb food, in specific during the weight loss. If one wants to calculate their protein need during a keto diet, multiply the ideal body weight (in pounds) with 0.55-0.77 (1.2-1.7 kg). Like for 130 pounds as ideal body weight, the intake of 71-100 grams protein will be helpful.

5. It’s not just about eating

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Managing diet and food concentrations, it is just beginning. For maximizing the Keto benefits and remaining healthy, there are many other ways too. One can start with keeping their magnesium, electrolyte, sodium levels stable, and also supplemented. Drinking water is also important. Drink half the body weight in ounces with another sufficient amount before bed; it is called the best way to drink enough water.

6. Getting support

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The implementation of new means and ways in the eating pattern is not that easy. But do not worry, you won’t need to do it all alone. Social support can be used as an advantage as there are hundreds and thousands like the Keto diet followers, who are waiting there to collaborate and help. One can easily enter such communities of people belonging from all stages of the journey and share the struggles, questions, accomplishments and alike, to make the life and diet easier and for getting the desired results. Many pages are available. Check the success stories, give them a little inspiration too, and receive and support all those journeys towards Keto Diet.

Benefits of Keto Diet success tips

  1. It helps to get sufficient weight loss.
  2. It helps to reduce the appetites or the cravings.
  3. Keto diet also helps to increase and maintain energy levels.
  4. One can have an increased level of good HDL cholesterol by following a Keto diet.
  5. Blood sugar, as well as the insulin levels, get reduced.
  6. It helps to lower the blood pressure and also works effectively against the metabolic syndrome.
  1. The Keto diet is like a therapeutic for varied brain disorders.
Source: NBC News

Even after seeing so many advantages associated with following a diet pattern, it is not necessary that one will leave the temptations to follow the tips mentioned above and secrets, but it is important to try. Remember, the above list is not specific; it can change  as per the wants. Anything which can help in maintaining the ketogenic diet is an add- on to your book. Stick to it and follow the diet.

It is understandable that with carbohydrates ruling over as a major part of our diet, it is not our fault that the carb urges will be strong enough to give in, but as long as one remembers their goal, with proper implementation of the keto tips, one will remain healthier and better focused towards the following of a diet pattern ahead.