16 Essential Kitchen Tools Every Home Cook Should Own  

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Even people who are not really into cooking, won’t be able to resist having all sorts of utensils and tool in their kitchens. There are ones that are specially designed to cut bananas or garlic, to steam veggies, or to make smoothies. They are all great, but the chances are that if you are buying such gadgets, you will eventually end up with a cluttered kitchen, no matter how big it was to start with.

The list of kitchen tools and utensils is endless, but we have tried to narrow it down to the most practical ones. We realize it is not all-inclusive, but eventually, everybody equips it according to their needs – and the food they cook and eat the most. Every chef has their own style, so this is just our selection and we hope you will find it useful and inspiring. If you are a passionate cook, there are great chances that you will already own and regularly use most of these tools.

After you have gone through the list, if there is something you are missing and want an honest review about which one you should get, this consumer guide should be of help.

Chef’s knife

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Using a high-quality knife will really up your cooking game. This one is perfect for a great range of tasks; from chopping onion to slicing meat. It is typically bigger and heavier than most. Make sure it is sharp, and be careful how you hold it – never close to the blade, so that you don’t cut something you are not supposed to – like your finger.

Vegetable peeler

A smooth blade peeler is one of the best things that can happen to your kitchen as it will save you a ton of time and will give you perfectly smooth peeled produce. It’s quick, precise, and you can peel almost anything. Even though most come with a plastic handle, try finding a metal one as it will last longer and will be safer to use for those items that are a big harder to peel. That way, the risk of it breaking and you ending up injured is minimal.

Cutting board(s)

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We recommend getting two: one for chopping fruits, vegetables and bread, and one for raw meat (or raw fish, for that matter). They should be different colors, or the first one can be made out of wood. We don’t advise using a wooden cutting board for cutting meat as it is harder to clean since it is porous and might trap the bacteria from the meat. Also, wooden boards should not be put into the dishwasher. When it comes to the plastic ones, make sure you buy ones that are dishwasher safe, as it will do an excellent job cleaning them.


Buying the right blender can be an investment of a lifetime. Sure, there are many cheap ones, but our advice is to get one that will be value-for-money, equipped with safety features and will suit your needs.

Iron cast skillet

Whether you only want to cook eggs sunny side up or make a frittata, this skillet is the way to go.

As there are some health concerns around the coating of the commonly used pots and pans, especially after they get scratched, so an iron cast can be a better alternative that will last for many years.


As most of us don’t buy bread every single day, it is practical to have a way to quickly warm it up and make it crunchy and delicious. Toasters don’t take up much space, and you might end up using it more frequently than you would like to admit.

Baking pan

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Even if you are not very interested in baking, there will come a time when you will need to heat up something in the oven. To prevent a mess by using makeshift pans out of aluminum foil, or sticking items in the oven that you are not sure whether they can withstand the heat, it is best to get a lightweight aluminum pan. We recommend getting a deeper one, as a shallow pan will limit the options for its use.

Can opener

As any other way to forcefully open a can would prove to be rather messy, you will definitely need one for all those cans that don’t have an easy-open pull tab.

Wine opener

Don’t try to open a wine bottle in any other way than with an opener. You risk ruining the wine and hurting yourself. It can be as simple as a single spiral, or a very fancy one where you would squeeze together the two handles and the cork pops up – it is up to you which one you’ll get, but please do get one.


Have you ever tried draining the pasta when suddenly all of your perfect al dente pasta ends up in the sink? Well, that can be prevented by using a simple colander. It is a handy tool that can also be used to wash fruits and vegetables.


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This tool is great for both making a perfect breakfast omelet or for whisking together the ingredients for your favorite chocolate chips cookies. It should be non-sticky, with an ergonomic design to prevent any discomfort in the hand as whisking can be an intense task.

Salad spinner

For me, personally, there is nothing worse than a soggy salad. Once you start using one, you will never want to go back. You can even use the lower bowl-shaped part to soak the wilted salad so that it can become nice and crunchy again.

Food storage containers

Having at least a few of these will be great for food leftovers. Make sure that they are both dishwasher and microwave safe, and that you can also put them in the freezer with the food that you cannot eat right now. They should be airtight and have proper lids in order to prevent any spills.

Measuring cups and spoons

Even if you aren’t into baking or making other desserts, the measuring cups might come in handy when making the ratio for cocktails, as well as for tasks like measuring how much rice you need to cook per person.


No kitchen can do without one. It can be used to grate cheese or ginger – and anything in between. Get a stainless steel grater that is dishwasher safe since cleaning it can sometimes prove to be a challenge and always rinse it immediately after use. The ones that have different shaped holes and blades are the best option for any kitchen.


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Rubber, heat resistant spatulas are what every cook needs. They come in different shapes and sizes and will help you save so much food from going to waste.