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How Much Are Krept and Konan Worth?

Krept and Konan Net Worth: The British rap duo, Krept and Konan released their first major mixtape with Virgin EMI called ‘Young Kingz,’ and debut album ‘The Long Way Home‘ which trended the UK charts in 2015.

Today, Krept and Konan’s net worth is estimated to be close to $2 million dollars, and the duo has been earning an annual salary of $100,000.

Krept and Konan Net Worth
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Krept and Konan Net Worth:

$2 Million

Krept and Konan’s real names are Casyo Johnson and Karl Wilson. Krept was born on 4th Feb 1990 and Konan was born on 3rd Sep 1989.

Krept is 29-years-old and Konan is 30-years-old, both Britishers are rappers and record producers.

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In 2005, Krept and Konan became friends through a close companion and began producing music seriously since 2009.

Shortly after the duo released their first mixtape under the same aliases, called Redrum, they highlighted collaborating rappers like Killa Ki, Snap and others from London.

Their second mixtape titled Tsunami was released in 2010.

In 2011, the duo acquired fame by releasing a cover of “Otis“, a popular song by American rappers Jay-Z’s and Kanye West.

With much acclaim, the video of the song received over five million views in its initial five days on Youtube. Nonetheless, it was taken down later by Jay-Z’s legal team.

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Their fame brought them more opportunities like joining the British rapper Skepta on his UK tour as well as launching their own ‘Play Dirty’ clothing line in 2011. They also sang a cover of Drake and Lil Wayne’s “The Motto“.

In 2013 they released their third major mixtape Young Kingz and promoted the single “Don’t Waste My Time” from the album which became a noteworthy song starting 2014.

The mixtape Young Kingz was also recognized for its prominent featuring artists who contributed towards the album’s success.

The due had their huge taste of success when they were presented the Best UK Newcomer at the 2013 MOBO Awards.

On 29 June 2014, the duo was honored with BET Award for the ‘Best International Act: UK’ leaving behind big names like Rita Ora and Tinie Tempah from the pop industry.

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They were also the 39th most influential individuals according to Croydon Advertiser in 2015.

Their first promotional video of the single “Certified” ft Rick Ross’ was released in early 2015 which made it to BBC Radio 1Xtra’s playlists.

Their single “Freak of the Week” from the album entered and topped at number nine on the UK Chart.

The Long Way Home album highlights various prominent artists like Ed Sheeran and Wiz Khalifa, which got released through Virgin EMI and Def Jam records.

To conclude, Krept and Konan’s net worth is estimated at $2 million dollars.


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6th Oct 2019: Rapper “Krept” from the duo Konan faced a vicious attack backstage by a knifeman at the Radio 1Xtra music event in Birmingham. The event was forced to shut down as police inspected the place. Krept was treated by the medical facility provided by the arena. He took to twitter to say — “My people thanks for the messages I’m good, I’ll be back in no time. God was with me trust me. Can’t keep a good man down.

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