How Do You Label Skin Care Products?


Nowadays, people are smart. They check the label before buying any product. It also helps companies to build trust between their customers and clients. It is more important for cosmetic brands to properly label their products so people can look for the essential ingredients they need for their skin care treatment.

To label your skin care products it is extremely important to decide how you want to classify and present them to your customers and clients. This article illustrates the importance of labelling skin care products, and how to label them the right way.

Why is it important to label skin care products?

Labelling your products is extremely important to build a brand image in the market. This is why companies must concentrate on designing their labels in a unique and different style. This will make customers choose your product over your competitor.

Labelling skin care products is essential to the success of your business. When you label your products, you provide a clear and concise description of what they are and what they do, which helps people understand the cosmetics they are purchasing.

Moreover, labelling skin care products is simple as long as you have a good system in place. If your product isn’t properly labelled, it’s easy for consumers to misunderstand it and potentially harm themselves or others.

There are four types of ingredients commonly used in cosmetics: emulsifiers, surfactants, preservatives, and solvents. You might want to make sure that your company provides details regarding these ingredients on the label to help customers with all the information they need.

However, labelling and packaging go side by side. Each product must have its unique packaging so it can be identified as part of a specific line within your company’s brand identity or marketing strategy.

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How to label skin care products


Product and brand name

The first thing you should do is to display your product and brand name on the label. This will allow people to easily identify your brand among other products in the market.

Moreover, the product and brand name of your cosmetics is a key part of your marketing strategy.

This information should be clearly displayed on the label of each product. Make sure to highlight it with a unique and creative style and design to attract more people to try your brand.

Ingredients used

When it comes to labelling skin care products, you might want to display the ingredients used to manufacture the product. Ensure that the information is accurate and precise, or else it can cause irritation or inflammation to people with sensitive skin.

If your product has a special key ingredient that makes it different from other products then you can highlight it on the front, and you can display details of other ingredients on the back of the label along with their quantities. Most importantly, ensure that the ingredients you use must follow the guidelines issued by the FDA.


Warning signs

It is extremely essential to provide warning signs on the label of your product. Some skincare brands have warnings on their labels to alert consumers that their products have specific chemicals or could cause allergic reactions if they are used incorrectly by someone with sensitive skin.

Hence, be sure to provide these warning signs while labelling the products. Moreover, your company or product will not be responsible if anyone uses them even after reading warning signs.

Net weight

You must provide details regarding the net weight of the product on the label. If they are available in different sizes and quantities then you must display the net weight on the label.

It helps people to know about the quality of the product so they can decide if they need it for the short term or weeks and months.


Manufacturer’s name, address and expiry date

Another important information to display on your label is the manufacturer’s name, address and expiry date of the product. The manufacturer’s name and address must be provided on the information panel of the label so people can directly reach out to the manufacturer in case of some major issue with the product. It will also help the customers to identify your company.

After some time, ingredients used in skincare and cosmetics become ineffective and can be harmful to use. This is why you must provide the date of manufacturing and expiry on the label. This will warn the customer to stop using the product once they have crossed the expiry date.

Storage instructions

Certain skin care cosmetics must fulfil certain storage instructions, so the ingredients can be preserved for a longer period. Display the storage conditions for each product so the product won’t lose its efficacy and people can use it for a longer period. Display instructions regarding the temperature and storage location to make your customers aware of how and where to store it.


Directions to use

When people are trying new cosmetics, most of them are not aware of how to use them properly. As a result, there are no effects or changes on their skin. It is essential to provide the directions to use the product so people can use them effectively and can benefit themselves by applying the product correctly.

The Bottom-line

Skin care products are a huge industry, and it’s important to ensure that people are selecting the right cosmetics for their needs. Whether the brand is recommended by doctors or it is popular on social media platforms, it is important to check the label first, and ensure that the label contains all the information that will help people to make the right purchase.

Try to be as specific as possible with the labelling of your products so people don’t consider them vague or ineffective. The more specific your label is, the better it will be for consumers who are looking for certain features in your product.