How to List at MLS In Tennessee 

Tennessee is the big state, and listing in a big state as a flat fee MLS owner is the most complex process. It is a beautiful place to live, and many people buy and sell their houses in Tennessee.

If you are the one who wants to sell your house in Tennessee and don’t know the process, then you are at the right place. Today in this post, we will discuss the full listing options you can Accept to list your property on platform.

There are different ways to sell your property; you can sell your property through traditional methods or sell your property through online MLS portals. It depends on you which process you want to choose.

Currently, the most appropriate method adapted by many people is the digital method. The MLS portal is used to sell and buy your property in any state or region, whether you have a house in any form of Tennessee.

If you are not aware of the MLS platform and services, let’s have a short go through on its MLS portal. The MLS portal is the big platform that is owned by a team of affiliated real estate agents. Every state has its own MLS portal where they buy and sell its properties.

Only affiliated and licensed real estate agents to have access to the MLS portals. If an agent lists any property, another agent can see the listing details and send a buyer proposal to them. It is similar to the traditional listing, but the standard listing is a bit lazier and older when you can sell your property within days or months.

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Methods of listing a house in Tennessee

You can list your property by hiring any real estate agent or any realtor. In this case, you have to pay 6% commission fees to the real estate agent set by the government in some cases. It exceeds when you are hiring additional services.

The second method you can accept is flat fee MLS services here, you have to hire an agent for trim work, and you are also paying the agent in limited fees that you will decide with the agent before starting the listing process. It depends on you and, according to the workload, how much you will pay to the agent. Most of the time, flat fee MLS agents hire 3% of the commission rate.

If you sell your house or property by flat fee MLS, you can save up to 3% of the commission rate. Elsewhere it is an easier way to list your property.

The third way is to list your property for sale by the owner (FSBOs) here. You have all control of your listing, and you are responsible for all the listing process. The real estate agent has no interference in your listing. If you have access to the MLS portal, then listing as for sale by owner is the best choice, but if you don’t have any access, then better to list your property with the help of a real estate agent because a professional can manage the listing hustle.

Managing all listing processes is hard for the beginner. Many websites are also providing listing services in Tennessee. They cover whole areas such as TN MLS that includes Memphis MLS called (MAARMLS), Greater Chattanooga AOR MLS, Chattanooga MLS, Upper Cumberland AOR MLS, Northeast TN Association of Realtors MLS, and River Counties AOR MLS.

Differences of listing with all three different methods are following

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Hiring a real estate agent

  • if you hire a real estate agent, then you have to list your property through any licensed real estate agent
  • your real estate agent has the all over rights and control on your listing
  • you have to pay 6% of commission fees to the real estate agent
  • your agent will list your property at the MLS portals and provide visibility on the other MLS website dashboard.
  • the agent will list your home for six months on any database
  • the agent is responsible for setting the prices of the house
  • Your agent will add all details to your listing
  • your agent will negotiate on rates with the buyer agent.
  • The agent will help you to close the deal and complete all necessary paper works.
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Flat Fee MLS Services

  • Flat fee MLS agent or provider will list your property for a maximum of six months on any MLS database of your state.
  • The flat fee MLS agent will list your property at different national MLS portals and other significant national website databases such as Zillow and Trulia.
  • The Flat fee MLS realtor will give your listing maximum exposure through sharing it on different sites
  • The main advantage of hiring a flat fee MLS agent is that you can save half of the money compared to hiring a complete services real estate agent.
  • You can have control over your listing and make changes to your own opinions and suggestions.
  • Flat fee MLS agents will not suggest you the rates to set the price.
  • The flat fee MLS agent will not negotiate with buyers on the rates.

Listing through FSBO

  • Here your house is initially not displayed on any of the MLS databases.
  • You are the one who has to promote their listing with your methods.
  • The websites will promote your home or property on the Internet to the buyers.
  • The website will direct market your home to real estate agents, but you have to pay some commission here.
  • You have the all-listing control.
  • You will do a market analysis and set the price according to your thinking and assumption.
  • You will have to negotiate on rates with the buyer’s agent. Here you have to play the role of professional agent on your own.


The last decision is yours here. You need to work smartly and decide on the preference of your budget and capabilities. Listing is a big responsibility due to one wrong decision: your hard work will go in vain along with your hefty amount of money.