5 Reasons Why Liverpool Serviced Apartments Will Always Be Better Than Hotel Rooms

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If you’re thinking of going to Liverpool, you’ve probably started thinking about your lodging options. You have your hotels, hostels, and Airbnb. But Liverpool’s best-hidden secret is its great selection of serviced apartments. Serviced apartments are better than hotel rooms in pretty much every aspect, and if you haven’t booked one already, now is the perfect time to do so. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why serviced apartments will always be better than hotel rooms.

1. The luxury of a Hotel, Privacy of a Private Apartment

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The whole serviced apartment experience is almost identical to that of a hotel, with the difference that you’ll actually feel like you’re at home. Services like DreamApartments.co.uk, for instance, offer apartments with all the luxuries you’d expect from a high-end hotel like a concierge, housekeeping, and 24-hour service. The only difference is that you’ll be able to entertain if you want, cook your own food, or have business dinners right in your apartment. This will allow you to save money and stay in a space you’ll actually feel comfortable in if you don’t feel like going out. On the other hand, you will enjoy much more privacy and comfort in this kind of a room than in a standard hotel, and never get bothered with room service or anything else like when you take a hotel room. When it comes to the security of your stuff when you are outside of the apartment, most of these residences are equipped with the most recent security measures, and you don’t have anything to worry about.

2. More Bang for your Buck

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Another great thing about serviced apartments is that you’ll get a much better and larger space at the same price. Not only that, but you can share apartments and split the bill. This is a great option if you’re traveling as a group or need to do teamwork. This is why it is such a popular option for business travellers. Many also come with additional perks like a well-stocked gym, high-end kitchen equipment, microwaves, multiple televisions, and underground parking. Also, while most of the hotels have slow internet, services apartments are using the most recent and advanced internet connection that will be used only by one guest, and every apartment has a separate connection. What is most important, you can bring guests without anyone bothering you, since many hotel rooms have strict rules about how many people can stay in one room, and here you can be loud as you can, or even throw a private party, which could be much more expensive in a hotel room.

3. Great for Families

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Serviced apartments are also the number one option for families. Being able to save on meals is great if you’re traveling with a small army, and you’ll be able to keep an eye on your little ones while still allowing them to enjoy their privacy. You’ll also feel less claustrophobic in a large space and everyone in their own quarters. Getting to sleep will also be much easier, and you’ll be able to enjoy yourself when the kids are off to bed without disturbing them. Many of these apartments have several rooms, which means that a whole family can have a great time without annoying each other, especially when you take kids on a vacation with you. Moreover, since you have a kitchen and a dining table, you could have a great family time by preparing lunch and dinner together. You and your family can have the same atmosphere as you are at your home, which is the main reason why people with kids choose this kind of apartment instead of a hotel room.

4. Great Locations

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Another great thing about serviced apartments is that they’re usually located in the best parts of town. Most will either be close to the financial district, or hip areas with restaurants, entertainment options, and nightlife. Great if you want to go shopping or entertain clients without having to worry as much about transportation. Liverpool is an amazing city full of various activities, especially in the centre. While most of the affordable hotels are far away from the centre, you can find some pleasant apartments for rent for the same price, but far better location. Also, the owners of serviced apartments are following the customer’s needs, especially of modern working people, and many of them are providing parking spots, fitness centres, spa centres, pools, and many more.

5. Great to get Work Done

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Serviced apartments are also a good choice if you actually need to get work done. They are ideal if you want to have formal meetings, or give presentations. You’ll have access to work areas where you can really set up shop and get down to business. Inviting clients to a serviced apartment also looks much more professional than a cramped hotel room. Since there is much more room, you could hold a group meeting, and show how professional you are, instead of bringing clients to some cafe, or small room. This could leave a great impression of yourself. The process of is very simple if you want to rent a services apartment, and you just need to check online which one would be the best for your needs. There is enough space to take a whiteboard with you, which people are often using during presentations.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, serviced apartments are close to unbeatable when it comes to lodgings. So, make sure that you consider them for your next visit to Liverpool, and contact a provider today to take a look at their options. There are many benefits of using services apartments instead of standard hotel rooms, such as increased flexibility, bigger space, better location, ability to prepare food, free Wi-Fi, and many more. Also, the biggest advantage is the price, that can be much higher for similar service in an average hotel.

The advantage of serviced apartments is that you are paying in advance, and there will be no additional expenses that we could often see during a stay in some hotels. There are many online platforms where you can check out various apartments in any city, and book it within a few minutes if available.