Marriott Hotels – How to Get the Best Deals

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We all lead busy lives nowadays, both at home and work, and getting away for even a short time can be a great way of refreshing. Whether you choose to stay local and take some time in a hotel, or go abroad and relax in the sun, you come back feeling ready for anything. The only problem is, wherever you go, it costs money, and with bills to pay, there’s always something that needs attending to before a holiday! So, how can you save money on holidays, and stay at hotels for less than you might expect? We’ve had a look at some great money-saving tips for vacations, so let’s get started!

Don’t Pay Full Price!

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Many people who use hotels regularly never pay full price. How do they do it? Well, there are several ways to save money when booking a hotel, some easier than you might think. Here are a few tips that you might want to consider:

  • Book directly with the hotel: this is a somewhat different piece of advice in many ways, and you will see why in a moment! However, booking directly with a hotel can often save you money over using one of the many booking agencies. Some of the booking agencies and portals charge a fee for their service, and while they make booking very simple, it can be slightly more expensive.
  • Book with a shopping portal: this is a contradiction as we mentioned, but an interesting one nevertheless! Some of the online shopping portals may offer you cash back if you book with them. While you might pay slightly more for the service, you get cash in return, and this can be quite a lucrative method of booking hotel rooms. Shop around; you never know what you might find!
  • Ask if there is a discount available: many people don’t ask, and if you don’t ask, you don’t get! When booking directly with a hotel, ask them if they can offer you a discount or special offer, and you may be surprised that many will do so. There’s no harm in asking as you have nothing to lose!

Those are a few basic ways of getting money off your hotel stay, so now let’s look at some more sensible things to do if you want to save money.

Book Early or Book Late

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There are two methods of perhaps getting cheaper hotel deals; one is to book your stay very early, and the other to do so at the last minute! Both have their merits.

If you decide you want to go to a specific place and can book weeks or even months in advance, you may find there are discounts available. It’s certainly worth shopping around for advance deals if you have the opportunity, as they can be worthwhile. On the other hand, if you decide on a whim that you want to take, for example, a few days away, there are some benefits to booking at the last minute – either use an app or call a hotel direct. Hotels don’t want rooms staying empty, so they will most probably offer you a sensible price for the last-minute occupation.

Also, check with hotels for any special offers such as a fourth night free – this is a fashionable offer with some chains – or other additional freebies that might make the price more palatable. Remember, the hotel wants your custom, so everything is worth a try!

Look for Coupon Deals

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The internet is your friend when you are booking hotel rooms, as promotion codes and coupons are available for many different hotel chains. For example, Coupon Dad offers deals with the Marriott chain of hotels, and the savings you can make are quite considerable.

This sort of deal is certainly worth chasing up, and there are many different options, plus you might find this deals on other products and services that tie in with your holiday. All you need is your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, and you can start saving money right away, so it’s one area you should look into seriously.

Also, check with your credit card providers as many of them allow you to redeem points for rewards if you book with certain hotel chains, and this again can be a very lucrative way of saving money. These are deals you may not have taken notice of before, so make sure you read all the information you can find on your card provider.

Upgrades and Freebies

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If there is no discount, ask if you can be upgraded to a better room. That is a great one for business users who may be using the same hotel regularly, as they want you to come back again. Depending on the occupancy levels at the time of your stay, you might find they are willing to keep you happy by offering you a better room or suite, so again, you can’t lose by asking!

Also, what about seeing if they can throw in a free breakfast here and there? Once more, this can work where you are a loyal and frequent customer, as it’s an excellent way of keeping custom. Asking for bonuses that are not advertised is always a sensible idea, as there are many occasions when the hotel will be only too happy to oblige.

Whether you get a discount by asking or seeing an offer advertised, you will find there are many ways to save money on hotel stays. Look for last-minute deals and special offers, too, as the hotel market is a busy one with plenty of competition, and that can only play into your hands.

You should have a good look around and use the internet as it’s a valuable resource, and start saving money on your hotel bills right now.