5 Location Sharing Tips and Tricks You Need to Try

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The ability of smartphones to share their location is another great function that can be very useful. Many people are only using Google Maps and other similar apps only to find some location they are heading, but there are many advantages of sharing your location with other people. Besides Google Maps, there are a lot of other types of apps with the same ability, like Viber, or Messenger. On the other side, you should be aware of the fact that some of them might track your location without you knowing that. Also, you can set which programs on your phone can use the GPS system.

While there are some downsides of letting any type of app to use your location to gather various data, there are also many benefits from this function, and you should know how to use it properly. In this article, we are going to introduce you to some of the most important location sharing tips and tricks you need to try.

1. Changing Your Location

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If you are using some social networks that can track your location, there is a great ability to share a different one. If you think that there is a possibility that someone might be a threat to you or misuse your location sharing, you should use fake GPS options. A lot of people are using various dating sites these days, and most of them can share your location with other people. In that matter, the ability to change it is a great option. You can check virtuallocation.com to read more about this topic.

2. Use the Check-In Feature Properly

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In case you don’t feel secure about the term that many apps can use the ability to share your place, you can always turn off that function. For instance, many people are using the Check-in feature on Facebook because it is easier to share some content with that ability. However, there are some social media platforms, like Snapchat, that are always sharing your exact place when you share something, and that is a privacy issue. Also, companies can use this option to target you with various ads according to the places you are visiting. If you don’t want anyone to track and collect any data about you, the best way would be to turn off this ability for apps that might collect various data about you.

3. Meeting with Friends Can Be Much Easier

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We all know about the struggle when you need to meet someone in some crowded place, or somewhere out of town, and successfully explain the exact location to them. Luckily, you can use the location sharing, and people you are meeting with will find you on the map. Viber, Messenger, and many other chatting apps share this ability. Another great option is live sharing of your location with Facebook Messenger, where you can allow someone to track you all the time. This function is great for people who are heading to some other town, and your friends in another vehicle could track you much easier.

4. Sharing Location with Family

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Another benefit of this ability is that you can easily share where you are with your family, without the need to explain them further, just send a few words and the exact place. Also, you can see the location of your kids at any moment if they are using smartphones, and it is much easier to pick them after school with this option. Another great example is when you are stuck in a traffic jam, and you can send your wife or friends the map, and they can see the crowded area.

5. Use It When You Are in Open Space or Large Venues

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You should know that it is much easier for GPS to track you when you are outside, but it can also work in some restaurants, bars, and more, but only in case if they are not inside some tall building, since concrete can block the signal. However, it works perfectly outside, and another great benefit of it is when you are at some festival with your friends. You know how it is easy to lose someone in crowded places, but with the ability to share your location, you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

Last Words

While there are many advantages of this ability that we all have in our smartphones, you should also be aware of the possibility of safety issues, especially for kids. For example, Snapchat is a very popular app among kids, but this app is sharing the exact spot each time someone makes a post there. You should not let your kids share their location to strangers. In that matter, you can turn off that function, and educate your kids about the threats of sharing where they are with anyone.

Furthermore, be aware that numerous apps are using this option, but many of them are not safe because they could share your data with other people. Besides giving some companies various data to collect about you and annoy you with ads, there is a risk of a third person finding out where you are. For example, some thieves might use that to try to break into your house when you are on vacation. You should know which programs are safe to access your location.

Moreover, you should not leave this option to be active all the time. Turn it on only when you are using it. Besides various threats, the battery will last much longer. Also, there is no need to leave it active when you are in some house or a building since it won’t work, but will drain your battery. Another important thing related to sharing your spot with anyone is to be aware of the fact that using this option with some public Wi-Fi can also be harmful.

However, when you are aware of all downsides and properly use this ability, it can be very beneficial. The biggest benefit is that you can easily find anyone who shares its location with you. Also, you don’t have to worry so much about your kids when you can see where they are at any moment.