12 Things To Do If You Have Trouble Losing Fat Or Building Muscle

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Our bodies tend to change quite often & a lot over time and especially during the winter season, which is why visiting the gym or getting a proper diet may be a good idea. So, are you struggling to build muscle or lose fat? Either way it may be we can help you out. Keep on reading and understand what to do if you have trouble with your body.

6 things to do if you have trouble losing fat

1. Never skip breakfast and understand that protein is your friend

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Eating a balanced breakfast that is filled with protein, fat & carbs is what every nutritionist will recommend, even if you’re trying to lose weight. Never skip your breakfast since this means that you’re getting started with your day on a dead & drained battery. Eat eggs, plant-based protein powders, as well as avocados & peanut butter!

2. Small meals or intermediate fasting

Three meals and two snacks per day is a magical formula that gets it done! With this dieting approach, you will keep your metabolism even as well as your blood sugar levels stable. With a proper balance, you will easily boost your body function and you will also get used to a healthy routine. On the other hand, those who choose to go for intermittent fasting can enjoy the perks of a faster process, with decreased risk of disease, and even lower mortality – according to some researchers.

3. You have to add weights

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An intense workout regimen is great, but the one that’s done with weights is often better. Most experts recommend that you walk for 30 minutes each day and go for 10k steps. Moderate exercise is especially important if you have problems with blood sugar. Consider adding some light weights to train with them 2-3 times a week. Also, remember that it’s better to set small goals and surpass them than it is to feel frustrated.

4. Know when to stop eating

You should eat until you’re no longer hungry, not until you’re full. Feeling full means that you have over-ate and that you’ve fed up your body with unnecessary calories. You should only reach for your food & snacks when you’re feeling hangry (angry + hungry) and stick to small portions as the day goes on. See how your body feels & when it needs the needed fuel.

5. Do not go through the stages of emotional eating

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A lot of us tend to eat food for comfort and when we’re under a lot of stress. Some people even get frustrated when they can’t meet their goals within their preferred timespan.

However, oftentimes no hypnosis, holistic therapies, or gym coach can help you since you’re probably eating the wrong foods at the wrong times. Try to deal with your problems by approaching them emotionally and maturely.

6. You are not drinking water

Make sure that you drink your 2-3 liters per day (at least). Some studies show that drinking half a liter 30 minutes before eating can result in you losing 44% more weight than those who did not drink water. Water is also good for your metabolism, overall system, skin, hair nails – you name it!

6 things to do if you have trouble building muscle

1. Know your volume & intensity rations

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Guys or girls who work out and want to build more muscle need to approach their fitness journey with a proper approach & knowledge level. Volume is the number of sets that you do while intensity is your chosen weight. According to jaquishbiomedical.com, if you want your muscles to show most gym experts recommend that you perform 10 to 15 repetitions with less than a minute break between sets.

2. Stay frequent & persistent

Train at least three times each week, optimally five. Everyone’s body is different, which is why you need to nourish it & approach it the right way. However, three sessions per week are your body’s optimal level and needed level to create muscle. Do not skip on exercising your least-favorite body parts either, and stay committed.

3. You have to eat more

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Make sure that you eat (a lot) for your muscles to grow. Aim for protein-based plates and a lot of carbs while eating healthy fats. A lot of experts also recommend that you write down & weigh your food. This way, you will be aware of what you’re putting into your body + you will understand (as time goes on) what you need to increase and what your body lacks off.

4. Measure your body fat

Measure your body fat and make sure that you’re aware of your proportions. Don’t be discouraged if your weight does not change much when you train with weights and overnight. For some people, the measurements may stay the same since they are losing fat and increasing muscle.

5. More protein is the way to do it

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Did you know that protein helps with your muscle growth? However, no person should overdo it. There is the maximum amount that you can intake, and it is just less than 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight per day. Write down your macros and make sure that you drink one protein shake right after your workout. You can also consider BCAA drinks.

6. Rest & sleep well

Lastly, but definitely as importantly – rest! Your body, muscles & your mind need adequate rest after a hard training session. Make sure that you aim for those eight hours per night and to get your energy back up the next morning. Failure to do so may lead to you losing mass and not seeing the progress you deserve.

Where to get help for your fitness journey process?

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