7 Common Misconceptions People Have About Liposuction

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You have surely heard about liposuction or you have seen videos of makeovers on the internet and you have seen people changing their whole appearance with this procedure. If you are not satisfied with your body, and you have tried everything, including dieting and working out, and you still see no progress, you should definitely consult with a surgeon to see if he can help you or not.

However, this is not that an easy job, and you can’t just schedule a procedure and expect that you will look completely different and lose much weight with it. The purpose is completely different, to touch places that can’t be solved with regular activities and having a dietary plan.

There should be no speculations that it is not good to use procedures like these because everyone deserves to be confident in their looks and this is just a tool for achieving that. In this article, we will talk about some of the misconceptions that people have about liposuction, and we will clear some things up, but before that, what actually is liposuction.

1. What is liposuction

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It is a surgical procedure where adipose tissue or fat cells are removed from the body completely using a device that sucks them out. The machine has connected a large needle to it that comes to the tissue and sucks it through it. When the procedure is done, the places where the patient wants shaping are marked with a marker on the body, so the surgeon can have guides when doing it.

To avoid too many scars, they make a few holes in places that are going to be hidden naturally, and they insert the needle from there. The fat cells can be thrown out, or they can be transplanted back into the body of the patient on the portion that they want to enlarge. The direct example of this is when patients want their fatty cells from their stomach to be transplanted into the buttock area so they improve their looks in both places.

2. It is made only on your stomach and thighs

While these are the most common targeted places, because everyone seems to be worried about their looks because of those two points, there are many places that can be targeted with this procedure. Places, where this procedure can be used are the neck and under the chin, the arms, the back, basically, the whole body can be targeted so the fat can be removed. Making your stomach slim is not the only effect and purpose of using this surgical procedure as suggested by tampaliposuction.com. There’s procedures that can work on your legs, arms, etc.

3. You can lose weight with it

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This is not the purpose of the lipo, the purpose is shaping areas that can’t be done with exercising. If you want to do this procedure, you will have to be fit enough because there is a certain amount of fat that they can extract from you in a single session. You can’t expect to go there overweight and get out looking like a mannequin.

On the other side, you have to know that with this surgical work, they can’t get out just any fat that they want, but only the superficial or the fat cells above the muscles. That is why you have to exercise first, to remove those stored adipocytes, and then use this kind of tool.

4. It is meant only for women

This is really a misconception that many people believe. This is general surgical work that can be performed both on males and females. Because of the fact that both sexes suffer from similar complexes, referring to the body image and certain areas that they want to be shaped better, it can be done on both. Many men want their abdominal muscles to be shown, to have better shaped pectoral muscles, removing superficial lipids can grant them that.

5. It is only meant for aesthetic purposes

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This procedure is used more for aesthetic purposes, but there are some conditions that can be treated as well. For example, men that suffer from enlargement of the breasts can solve their problem with this technique.

6. You can get back to your unhealthy habits after it

If you think that using this technique will give you space to get back to your unhealthy ways, you are deeply wrong. You have to understand that this is not a weight-loss method and that you can be lazy, do lipo, and you can look just like the models on the internet. It doesn’t work like that. You will have to keep living healthy after this so you can keep the results of this job. If you don’t you will just gain fat and you have done nothing.

7. It will fix your sagging skin

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Not only that will not fix it, but it can promote it even more. Consider that you have had a lot of weight that you have lost with discipline and following strict regimes to achieve that. Because of your weight before, your skin has stretched more than it should and you have that condition now. If you use lipo, and you lose more fat, your skin will sag even more. However, you don’t have to be desperate because there are other surgical works that can help you with that problem.

It will remove the cellulite

According to GreenbergCosmeticSurgery, before you make that assumption, you have to know how cellulite is made inside your body because it is not just enlarged adipocytes. Because of the force that these enlarged cells that store lipids inside have made on the body, there is a connective tissue that runs through, under, and above them, that looks like strings. That is how they are formed and why they look like that.

The procedure only removes the top layer or the fats that are above the muscles, so it happens to be connected with connective tissue, the suction will not work on them and they will be stuck on you. Instead of using this technique to remove them, there are others that actually help so you can use them and feel better about your appearance.


This is a procedure that is done so many times a day that is basically perfected. Everyone deserves to look the way they want so if working out doesn’t actually work on you, you can try this technique to solve your problem. Before you expect something, talk about that with your surgeon and they will tell you if that is possible or not. Having these things clear, will help you get a better picture of the technique and to make your expectations on a level that they should. Be happy with your appearance and keep on working on it.