How Does Luxury Natural Stone Compare Against Natural Wood Finishes? 

Wood and natural stone are building materials that have stood the test of time. Homeowners often find themselves stuck on, which is the best option between the two. Comparing wood and natural stone brings to light their strengths and weaknesses, which we will explore in this article.


Wood is more likely to stain and damage because of its structure. The same weakness can turn to be an advantage; a blemish, for example, could give wood a new look. Stone has several advantages when it comes to low maintenance and high tolerance damage. It is relatively unscathed, as the maintenance requirements are low. Saturnia Travertini is an e-commerce shop that stocks stones like quartz that do not stain or require screening.

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Natural stones handle burns from hot surfaces and impacts like an accidental drop of the knife better. Stone is a compact material that produces sound termed as noise when it comes to contact with other kitchen elements. Wood, on the other hand, absorbs and dampens sounds. Well-crafted work surfaces of stone and wood can last longer. If you want the materials to last even longer, you will have to invest more in the wooden work surface. A wooden surface change with age and, over time, becomes even more beautiful, forming a distinctive patina.

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Wood is a porous material with a high-water uptake. This character makes wood a bad material for wet areas like bathrooms. Though most natural stones are brittle, except granite, water absorption is less compared to wooden surfaces.

Wood gets scratched easily and forms cracks because its resistance is low. Natural stones have hard surfaces that prevent scratches from forming to a certain degree. After some time, the wood starts forming patches, and even tiny oil spill can lead to stains. Natural stones require screening before using as a flooring material.

Wood can burn quickly, whereas stone is resistant to fire. The stone is suitable for any part of the house as it can withstand fire incidents. Natural stone flooring creates a less slippery surface, but wood can cause slip and injury. Wood planks undergo contraction in the winter and expand in the summer, hence higher wear and tear. There is no effect on natural stone floors from climate changes.

Since wood is natural, it gives a relatively natural appearance. It looks classy in homes of all sorts and has been deployed since ancient times. Natural stone patterns offer a contemporary look for any space.

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When it comes to natural stone flooring, you need a high level of expertise and equipment to install them. The stones are heavy, and the cutting method takes more time, making the installation process difficult.

The hardwood floor construction is a project which is as ambitious and can be attempted by experienced, skilled contractors or trained DIYers. The process is simple and takes a short time. The floor on which the new floor will be mounted determines which hardwood floor system you use.

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The use of both natural stones and wood in spaces can be similar and sometimes differ. Natural stones have several advantages in their space, including;

  • Wall Cladding: various natural stone styles are used in the cladding of residential and commercial exterior and interior walls. These stones can embellish and bring glamour to any surface of the wall. You can use different tiles like granite, sandstone, or slate for wall cladding. The tiles for wall cladding are durable, lightweight, anti-corrosive and cracking, peeling resistant. They serve as an ideal decorative choice and offer everywhere excellent function and esthetics.
  • Poolside: The pool serves as a retreat spot to relax. Building the pool and the surrounding deck area with natural stones offers incredible benefits. Stones are stunning, with a luxury range of appearance which provides a personalized theme option.

  • Flooring and walkways: Natural stones bring out the best surfaces and are a perfect choice for walkways and flooring.  Achieving a natural feel is only possible with natural stones when used outside.
  • Window sills: Natural stones look fantastic and give your home decoration an artistic appeal. Window sills with stones have some advantage over other building materials, and one is that the natural stone retains interior moisture.
  • Wood, on the other hand, is a good construction material. It has been used in constructing houses and other structures for many years. Uses of wood at home extend beyond what we can think of and include;
  • Wood flooring: Wooden interior means flooring with parquet. In your home, a parquet floor offers a touch of comfort and additional warmth. Oak planks used for creating parquets are treated with varnish or oil. The boards are available in different thicknesses, lengths, and widths. Special types, including a herringbone or mosaic.

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  • Paneling: Paneling sounds a little old-fashioned for many people. But a wooden wall cover remains an excellent choice today, especially in the interior of the countryside homes; this design is breathtaking.
  • Wall: For building walls, wood is ideal. Vertical boards can separate a living room from a dining room a few centimeters from one another. This enables you to build your own unique space while retaining contact between the two areas.
  • Ceiling: Heavy wooden beams in the past supported the first floor of older buildings. These beams are often repaired and illuminated on the inside. But you might assume classic interiors only befit wooden ceiling. Not at all. Classic styling lovers can also find this solution.
  • Doors and stairways: Normally, the doors are made of wood, unless you are using glass. Some builders prefer to paint the doors, causing the wooden structure to shine. The same goes for stairs as well—a beautiful, low sustaining wooden stairway.

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Depending on your budget, you may check the cost of using wood for your project. Credible companies sell legit natural stone products at a reasonable price.


Wood and natural stones are different in nature and material structure. Talk to your developer to help you choose the best alternative for your space. Many people, however, prefer natural stone due to its versatility and durability.