How to Make Delicious Super Shakes With Your Regular Protein Powder

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Having a proper meal is becoming a problem these days with our super busy life. While preparing food is time-consuming, eating a sufficient portion takes time too. Therefore, many of us skip meals, especially during the morning, which leaves us easily tired and non-productive for the rest of the day.

Having that in mind, some people try to live on store-bought or restaurant food and harm their well being even more, which they soon realize.

However, a wholesome meal doesn’t always need to be solid; a good smoothie can easily take its place, which is commonly known as a super shake. Discover more shakes that you can prepare.

Why Super Shake?

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  1. It’s very easy and quick to make and can be made with things you already have in your pantry.
  2. This can turn your boring protein shake to a tastier one while adding more nutrient value to it.
  3. This is totally wholesome.
  4. It takes less time to consume and is easy to digest.
  5. Very portable, and you can have it on the go.
  6. It makes you feel full, quenches your thirst, and provides you with the necessary energy and nutrient boosts at the same time.
  7. If you love smoothies, you should try making a delicious super shake. These shakes are made with regular protein and help people who are too busy to have a meal. Check this website to find different recipes to make a yummy super shake.

Things You Will Need to Make Super Shakes

Kitchen Tools

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All you will need to make your super tasty, super shakes is basically a blender. Any blender would do, but the higher quality it would be, the better. If you wish to have a smooth blend in fewer times, you must get a good blender for that.

There are many blenders available in the market of different brands, features, and prices. Even blenders of the same brand have different variations. Buy them from the store or online, but make sure to go through the reviews first to ensure you are getting the best deal.

Also, while watching a review, take care of the reviewer as well; go for those known for their honest judgment, like this review on the Vitamix blender, you can absolutely count on.

Other Accessories

These are some optional tools you may need while making your super shake. Like, a cutter and a peeler to peel and chop the fresh veggies or the fruits. Chopping them earlier will give you a quicker blend.

Food Ingredients

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1. A Liquid

It can be as plain as water, or you can choose to use milk if you are lactose tolerant. For people who have trouble consuming milk, they can opt for any other non-dairy options as per their preferences. These can be-
1. Soy milk (unsweetened)
2. Almond milk (unsweetened)
3. Hemp milk (unsweetened) etc.

If you want something rather than a milky taste or you are a tea lover, you can also try iced lemon tea as the liquid base of your super shake.

To make the smoothie, you need at about 4-8 oz per serving liquid. However, there is no strict measurement for this or making the shake on the whole. In fact, it is all about you and your preferences. If you like your smoothie to be thinner, add more liquid; if you want yours to be thicker, add less.

2. A Protein Powder

Aim for 20-25 grams of protein per serving; only 1-2 scoops of your protein powder should be enough to provide you that. There is no particular type of protein powder you will need; feel free to choose according to your taste.

There are different types of protein powders available based on its protein source. These are:

1. Whey Protein
2. Egg Protein
3. Casein protein
4. Pea Protein
5. Hemp Protein
6. Brown Rice Protein
7. Mixed Plant Protein

Some of these come with thickeners to thicken your smoothie, so if you like your super shake to be really thick, you may get your protein supplement accordingly.

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3. A Fruit or Fruits

Fresh fruits like bananas, apples, cherries, berries, pineapples, mangoes, and dry fruit like dates are amazing fruit options to add in your super shake. While bananas give a creamy, smooth texture, dates give the energy to go a long way. Go for apples if you want a simpler taste.

You can also opt for powdered fruit supplements.

One cupped hand size portion of any of these yummy fruits would be enough for your smoothie; you are free to make your choice.

4. A Veggie

You should aim for one fist-sized portion of veggies for your super shake. You may choose from these following options:

Spinach is usually considered as the best option for being super nutritious and virtually flavorless.

Besides spinach, kale, and swiss chard are also great options for leafy green veggies you can use in your smoothie.

While canned pumpkin and vanilla make an amazing combination, beets taste better with chocolate. You can go for both the beetroot and beet green. Beetroots are better to be roasted first after peeling.

Sweet potatoes can be a replacement for pumpkin and are equally good.

Celery and cucumber are also popular options, and if you use them in your shake, remember to add less liquid, since they already have a good amount of water in them.

Powdered supplements for green veggies are also available for use.

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5. Seeds and Nuts

Nuts like walnut, almond, cashew, and peanut and seeds like flaxseed, chia, and hemp will go great with your shake, and in a well-blended smoothie, they are known to add a nice, rich consistency. Also, if you like a little crunch in your drink, you can add it with them too.

However, the main reason why they are being used in making super shakes are adding a necessary portion of good fat in it; You will need only 1-2 thumb-sized portions per serving for that.

6. A topping

Toppings make our foods more tasty to our eyes and taste buds, but it is not to be taken lightly since it can add significant value to your super shake. For example, if you need some energy and wish to add some extra carbs, you can do it with oat topping easily.

Toppings should be chosen according to the ingredients of the main smoothie, letting the combination of the ingredients complement each other and enhance the taste. For example, cinnamon is the best topper for pumpkin and vanilla. For fresh fruits, ice toppings add more refreshments.

Besides, coconuts, dark chocolate, yogurt, and granola are all awesome toppings to add in your super shake.


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Here are super healthy, super easy, and super tasty breakfast super shake recipes for you:

Take a blender and pit ingredients 1-5 in it.

1. 4-ounce water
2. two scoops of vanilla milk protein blend
3. one cupped handful of frozen mixed berries
4. 1 handful of spinach and one scoop powdered greens supplements
5. 2 thumb-sized portions of mixed nuts

Blend them all together.

6. Top it with ½ cup plain greek yogurt.

Drink and enjoy.

Do as You Please

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There is no fixed rule for super shakes. You can happily create your own recipe and can even make it without protein powder. Here is an example for you.


Full cream milk 100 ml
Natural yogurt 2 tbsp
Banana 1
Fruits of the forest 150 g (frozen)
Blueberries 50 g
Chia seeds 1 tbsp
Cinnamon ½ tsp
Goji berries 1 tbsp
Mixed seeds 1 tbsp
Honey 1tsp


Put them together in a blender, blend well, and drink!


Now that you know how to make your super delicious super shakes with almost no effort to create your own favorite recipes, and enjoy them to the fullest. Stay happy and healthy.