7 Ways to Make Money in the Gaming World

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We all know that gaming was nothing but a recreational activity long ago. People used to play games online for fun. But that’s not the case anymore. Gaming is more than a pastime hobby now. People are making real money from the gaming industry. In fact, they are leaving full-time jobs to make money from gaming.

Seems cool, right? But once you choose to earn your livelihood from the gaming industry, it is not the same leisure time activity anymore. You have to be more dedicated and strategic towards it. And if you are the one who is ready to put real effort into gaming and earn money from it, then this is the right place to be.

Playing video games for money is a possibility in today’s world. However, the reality is that it takes a lot of effort and struggle. This is a route that many will abandon within a few years (or months) because the work part takes away from the fun of gaming. Instead of making a career out of what they enjoy, many people dislike what they once adored. In addition, the crowded market makes it riskier. A hundred others have tried and failed for every success tale.

It’s not something we’d advocate unless you’re young, unmarried, and ready to put in several years of effort, knowing that it could all be for naught in the end. However, it is doable! The following are some ways to make money from the gaming world:

1. Game testing

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There are a number of game developers out there working on new games. They wish to launch a perfect game where the players do not encounter any errors or bugs.

We are not saying that things could not be perfect, but the chances of mistakes are always there. Hence, people are hired to test the new games developed by the developers. You have to play their game and find out the problem area so that they can fix it before the final launch and their final product in the market is errorless.

While this is not a profession to completely rely on, you can make some extra money doing your favorite activity.

2. Gaming Tournaments

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Competitive gaming is quite a craze right nowadays. Several tournaments are held around, and good prize money is offered to the winners. If you have real skills, you can participate in these gaming tournaments and make money. Make sure to flaunt the player within you as it can earn you further opportunities to play and win.

The gaming industry is growing rapidly. Popular video games like “Fortnite” and “Call of Duty” are now the subject of tournament play. From the United States to Japan, these events are held. Gaming tournament registration isn’t a full-time job, and you may not participate in all of the tournaments.

3. Play and earn

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Those who are not professionals but better than the most can try their hands on gaming sites like topcasinosearch.com that allows you to play and earn.

However, this entails putting money into the game before you actually start earning. This makes it important for you to be sure about your skills. You may learn about the game first and then try some games that do not involve money. Now, if you feel confident enough to put money and take the risk then start playing the real game.

4. Live streaming

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If you are already into gaming then you must know what is live streaming. This is one of the best ways to make money from gaming. Basically, you have to earn a good audience for live streaming. Then you can earn through ads, subscriptions, sponsors, and other such things.

You can also record your screen when playing alone or with buddies to demonstrate your gaming prowess. It’s hard to beat live streaming for bringing your content to life.

Twitch was one of the first sites to provide its users with streaming their gameplay in real-time. You can post your material and keep up with other gamers in your area by using the website.

Subscriptions and donations from viewers are two ways to make money. Eventually, huge businesses will seek you and ask for sponsorship in exchange for some screen time on your channel as your subscriber base grows.

This is not as easy and smooth as it might seem. Initially, your channel might have merely 10 to 15 viewers or even less than that. And this can continue for weeks or maybe months. The key is patience and enough effort to make your streaming much more viewable.

5. Get a job as a video game critic

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A career as a video game journalist is another excellent method to pursue your passion for the medium. Among other things, you’ll cover new video game releases, write game reviews, attend gaming tournaments, and so forth.

A video game journalist can either work as a freelancer or apply to write for a video game magazine. Based on their skill, profile, and portfolio, most video game journalists can expect to earn anywhere from $26,000 to $103,000 per year.

6. Publish video game tutorials online

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You can produce video game tutorials and upload them to sites like YouTube and Twitch to earn more money. Playing new and enhanced games and passing on your knowledge to others is a win-win situation. You can either focus on a single game and cultivate a specialized audience or write lessons for a wide variety of games to appeal to a larger group of people.

7. Become a Game Developer

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It is also possible to make money as a game developer. Ubisoft and EA game developers make an average of $83,000 per year. Working for a major video game company, on the other hand, is famously stressful and frequently necessitates long hours and frequent absences from family time.

To get money from games, you can either work for yourself as a freelance developer or sell your creations on the internet for a fee. For example, Markus Persson built Minecraft under his firm, Mojang, fully responsible for its development. Microsoft paid $2.5 billion for Mojang.


The gaming industry is full of opportunities if you have the right skills and strategies. Decide the method that suits you best and turn your favorite leisure time activity into a money-making profession.