Top 5 Reasons Why Makeup Professionals Should Start YouTube Channel

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Did you know that in a recent study that YouTube beauty videos generated more than 169 billion views? Most interesting is that the content viewed was not from makeup brands or industry experts but it came from beauty vloggers. The different content found on this platform includes tutorials, DIY, and haul videos as well as reviews. With the content being received positively, don’t you think it’s time makeup artists join the bandwagon?

However, if you are not yet sure about the benefits of starting a YouTube channel, then here are some points to inspire you to try out.

1. Helps You Build a Customer Base

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I know you are always looking for new ways to bring in more customers. The good news is that by consistently posting videos to the right audience, you open doors to new customers to visit your beauty shop. Start by uploading simple to do DIY videos for day to day life and then proceed to special occasion beauty tips such as weddings and anniversaries.

Remember, you first need to target the audience living in your location and always use keywords your audience will type to find makeup artists like you. Also, make sure you provide your contact details as well as physical address and leave a link where the potential clients can make a booking. Below that, you can mention the different services you are offering.

According to VlogTribe, having the right camera for beauty vloggers is a must. The reason is that you need to display all those shades and makeup and make it look good and for your customer base to see the actual differences and what you talk about.

2. To Develop a Relationship with Your Customers

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People love to connect and one way to this is by personalizing your videos. Keep in mind, often people are looking for someone who they can relate to, someone to get along with and feel comfortable around. Therefore, by showing your audience you are that person, you will start a relationship with potential clients even before they book an appointment with you.

You want to build a good relationship with them because that is the best way to get noticed and to potentially earn more money.

You will also be able to build your brand and it is said that people are more likely to get the services from someone they feel they know. For example, if you need to buy something for your home, are you more likely to choose a company you’ve never heard of, or are you more likely to go with someone you’ve seen on social media that sounds extremely capable and nice?

The same goes for your costumers, and when they can see your skills and your personality on the videos, they will be more likely to choose you when they are in need of similar services.

3. Create a Portfolio

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We all need a portfolio and what better way than to have a YouTube channel. In this channel, you get to highlight your creativity by sharing with potential customers the final makeup look. By showcasing your skills, you get to build trust since your audience gets to learn firsthand how to apply different makeups while at home.

When you create a portfolio, it is going to be easier for you to successfully cooperate and collaborate with other businesses and companies. Whoever you decide to cooperate with, they will want to see your skills and to see how good you can present yourself and the products.

With a portfolio, you won’t have to go through all the draining stages of an interview, and makeup brands will be able to notice you faster. You can even get contacted by a recruiter and give you an offer right away.

4. A Chance to Work with Makeup Brands

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Every businessperson’s goal is to grow their business to the next level and what better way than by starting a YouTube channel. By doing this, you will truly increase awareness of your skills among other experts in the beauty industry. After uploading some simple videos, you can start tagging the brands you are using or even mention the brands you love and wait to be noticed.

This move will not only increase your contacts, but it can open doors for collaboration with some makeup brands. You can gain access to free or discounted products as well as find like-minded people to share ideas with as well as work together. Interesting, right?

5. Build a Community

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Apart from gaining an audience while still reaching out to potential customers, you can also build a community with your YouTube viewers. How can you achieve this you may ask? You can build your own Facebook group or just encourage your audience to follow you on Instagram by providing a link on your YouTube videos.

On these platforms, you can post live stories and encourage your followers to share theirs too. This way you get to engage with your audience who will not only keep you and your service at the top of their minds but also share feedback. Kindly let them share with you the positive or negative points on how they feel about your videos.

Once you start building an audience and once people start getting interested in your channel, you will be able to get new viewers fast. You may need to target them and lead them to your channel from different platforms, but soon, they will come to in on their own.


There you have it, the five reasons why you should start a YouTube channel. Keep this in mind, apart from growing your business; you will get to interact with all kinds of people who really need your expertise.

You should always start and do things on your own terms. You should think about the skills you have and how that can help your viewers. One thing that most successful YouTubers suggest is that they don’t follow anyone’s lead. They do things they are good at, without following others’ style. You can start by watching other videos and see how those people are utilizing their skills to make their channels successful.

Remember that these things take time and that you might need more than a few months until you get your first client. Just be patient and listen to what your followers want to see from you.

So, are you ready to use YouTube to reach more audiences?