How to Make Money on YouTube Without Making Videos

Some people need to be aware that they can make money on YouTube without making videos. It is possible, so even if you’re a camera-shy person, you can earn money from the YouTube platform. A lot of users are making use of YouTube for entertainment and many other purposes. This popular social media platform allows you to reach many individuals and increase your income stream.

You may prefer to be off-camera, which will surely be exciting. Also, you may need to learn how to create quality videos or even want to get filmed. There are many ways to earn money from the YouTube platform besides creating videos. YouTube users can make huge amounts of revenue through various means. You can edit content, upload content from others, sell goods, etc. Keep reading to discover how to make money on YouTube without making videos.

Ways to Make Money on YouTube Without Making Videos

Making money on YouTube through various ways apart from creating and posting videos is possible. So, if you’re finding it difficult to get on camera, edit and create videos, you can still earn money, grow your online business, and boost your income stream greatly. The various ways to start earning from YouTube without making videos are;

1. Post Content of Other Video Creators

This is the simplest and most popular means of making money on YouTube, even without creating videos. It involves publishing third-party content from others, and it’s allowed by YouTube.

Therefore, one can post video content that others have made. It will involve one curating content rather than publishing videos you own.

Aggregating and curating content will save you time and even help attract people who want to watch what you share. There are two kinds of third-party videos that one is free to post.

First, one can post original videos, which is allowed by YouTube. One can post complete, original content like pet videos from others on his channel. You must get permission from the party and give proper attribution to prevent copyright issues.

Secondly, you can post creative common videos. Many creators use a Creative Commons license to post videos because the main owner will still retain it as the owner.

Whenever a video creator uploads YouTube videos having Creative Commons licenses, they give other YouTubers the freedom to use their content in their own videos.

2. Post Alternative Content

One mustn’t post traditional videos like when you are in front of a camera. Instead, you should be posting alternative content like audio, albums, images, slides, presentations, etc.

As in a case where one is publishing a weekly audio podcast, he can start posting recordings to his YouTube channel, together with some captivating background images, then receive payment depending on how many YouTube views he gets.

Also, if you have a brand, you can post audio presentations using YouTube to supply clients with informational content. When you constantly create valuable content, you’ll attract more subscribers and earn from ads.

3. Start Advertising with YouTube Ads


If you have a brand, a lot of people must get to know about it. Using YouTube to advertise is an efficient means of reaching more people.

They have an advertising service that one can use to start setting up a campaign and measure results. You can also place advertisements with Google Ads to expand your reach to other YouTube channels.

4. YouTube Consultant

There is an opportunity now for one to begin YouTube consultancy and help others to grow their YouTube presence. If one is an expert on YouTube, he can make money when he helps others, both individuals and brands, to carry out the planning, execution, and optimization of their videos.

You can coach users through the camera and help with strategy, writing voiceovers, and even carrying out analytics and SEO.

You can start by placing advertisements on your service on sites. Also, contact brand CEOs and inform them you can manage their YouTube pages for some amount.

The amount you’ll charge will depend on your task’s extent of difficulty. In addition, you can manage multiple channels for your clients.

You can even add polls and you can earn money with YouTube polls. You can understand your subscribers preferences better and customize your content accordingly.

5. Purchase A YouTube Channel


It is optional that one must begin a YouTube channel from the beginning. In case you have extra money, you can accelerate your ambition by going ahead to buy a YouTube channel that is already existing from another YouTuber.

Following this method, you can begin utilizing the existing subscribers and content. Finding a YouTube channel to purchase is easy on some online sites.

6. Start Selling Products

One can start an eCommerce site on platforms such as Shopify, aligning his YouTube videos with products such as dresses and cups.

Producing goods is an excellent means of making extra money and attracting people to one’s YouTube channel. You can even upload a viral video of some people, and then market tops have pictures from the video to viewers.

You should include your YouTube channel’s name on them to make sure you get extra exposure.

7. Start Marketing Your YouTube Channel


Apart from posting content, you will have to do some marketing and optimization to start standing out from others because only posting won’t help you achieve a lot.

You have to start optimizing your channel to increase your YouTube earnings. YouTube provides many great features and analytical tools to optimize and enhance the YouTube channel.

One of them is live streaming. When you live stream your YouTube video content, it won’t be as uploading videos. The reason is that one would save time carrying out edits.

You just need a camera and a microphone to start live streaming on YouTube. It’s an amazing means of joining YouTube influencers and supplementing your YouTube videos.

You only have to click YouTube Studio to start enjoying these features. Also, you can utilize affiliate marketing and other social media platforms to socialize your content and bring more people to your own channel.

Making use of the services of a YouTube marketing expert is also great.

8. Become Part of The YouTube Partner Program

After growing your YouTube account to some extent, you’ll have to become part of the YouTube Partner Program. This is a great way to make money on YouTube.

It offers bigger access to YouTube resources and will enable one to earn huge revenue via his personal account. You can even watch ad-free videos.

However, to start accessing this program, one must have 1,000 subscribers or more, then 4,000 plus real watch hours in the past twelve months. The different means through which one can earn from the YouTube Partner Program include;

Ad Revenue: When one is a part of this program, he can start generating a steady income stream from overlays, displays, and video sponsorships. These are all possible with Google AdSense. AdSense is Google, YouTube’s parent company platform for advertisements. It will place targeted ads and sponsored videos on sites and videos on YouTube in an automatic manner.

Channel Memberships: One can charge for channel memberships to start receiving monthly payments from your channel members. You can even organize a members-only live chat just for them.

Merch Shelf: One is free to allow fans to browse their merch shelf and purchase stuff.

Super Chat and Super Stickers: One can also utilize super chats with super stickers to start charging subscribers to mark messages, then start standing out in discussions.

YouTube Premium Revenue: You’ll start receiving income streams, too, whenever YouTube Premium subscribers view your videos. If one is interested in this method of earning reverse, he will have to ensure that he follows the monetization guidelines of YouTube, then connect his Google AdSense account.


Can I Earn on YouTube Without Making Videos?

One can earn on the YouTube platform through various means, even without creating videos. You can post audio files, share audio, third-party content, etc. One can open a store on Shopify, then start marketing products even for others. Then, if you can acquire a lot of YouTube audience through your high-quality videos, you can join the Partner Program and earn lots of money from ad revenue.

Is YouTube a Great Platform to Earn Income?

If you can use the platform well with your skills, YouTube is a great place to earn huge income. According to the chart monthly estimated revenue, YouTubers make lots of money. You must plan well and know how to execute the right strategy to generate income on this popular platform. You’ll rank high in search results with the correct video descriptions, video thumbnails, etc.