Marketing Strategies That Sell to Millennials

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With the advent of social media and our digitized age marketing professionals have been afforded an overabundance of methods to reach their key demographics and market directly to their target audience. Whereas before, some time ago, marketing strategies were very limited and did not have a very far reach. Now, with everything electronic and the world wide web, marketing professionals can market to people from the comfort of their own homes, without ever having to leave, and can purchase their favorite products and have them delivered equally without having to even stand up.

There are hundreds of potential avenues to market successfully to millennials. With so much to read and so many potential ways, you should check this to see how your team can too. Marketing has never been easier, and now’s the time to start.

Marketing on Social Media

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It is no surprise at all that social media has taken the world by storm, everybody knows it. Nobody, however, knows it quite like the millennial generation. They saw its rise, its domination, and were the first to make use of the first social media platforms available. As many of them have grown up with the internet and social media, there is no better way to market than directly to them on their home ground. They are experienced and have been using social media longer than anyone else, know every in and out, every intricacy, and every flaw and minor bug. Marketing directly to millennials on social media can be a great way to draw interest to your product or service and is often very effective.

Television Marketing Campaigns

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Very similar to social media, television marketing is the second most effective marketing strategy. Although television appears to be dying out and steaming services taking precedence, you can still get a real interest in your product or service the old-fashioned way: on television. You can even have your product or service advertised on streaming services or platforms for a low cost, to target your demographic effectively and circumvent the lack of interest displayed in the conventional television channels.

Using Celebrities to Market for You

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Effective on both televisions, streaming services, and social media using celebrities or social media personalities to advertise your product has been a proven way to increase interest in your product or service over the last few years. Many social media personalities and celebrities are sponsored by brands that aim to target the demographic of which these particular brands seek to target.

Celebrity marketing is effective because many people who subscribe to that particular celebrity will thereby assume your brand is a favorite of the aforesaid celebrity, and in seeking to emulate them, will wear the clothes believing that is what the celebrity wears, as an example.

Marketing Through Music Videos

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This is a seldom-used strategy anymore but is very effective. Similarly, just as the aforementioned celebrity suggestion convinces fans into believing that their celebrity heroes wear specific brands, music videos can advertise in the same way. A music video can be a great way to advertise clothing brands, most of all. If the entire video features attractive people dancing and singing wearing a specific type of clothing, it is likely that the demographic to which the song is released will equally mimic and purchase, wear, and speak highly of this particular brand. This is a strategy seldom utilized anymore, but still very effective, as many more people have access to music videos on streaming platforms now than they once did a few decades ago when you would rely on the music channel to play it for you.

By Offering Incentives and Being Cheap

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The millennial generation is known for its frugality. By offering incentives your marketing strategy can become hugely successful. Offering free goods and cheap products is a proven sure-fire way to increase your revenue and to bring in interest to your product or service. Two-for-one deals and other tactics similar to that will raise interest in your product. However, it is important that when offering deals such as those that you do not bring down the value of your product or undercut yourself.

By offering incentives people may begin to believe your product is of inferior quality and will be less inclined toward doing business with you or buying your product. Undercutting yourself is a sure-fire way to drive potential clientele away and have people believing your products are subpar and of terrible quality.

However, your marketing should always be honest, otherwise, you risk terrible reviews and people spreading the word that you have received them, which can often be very damaging ad bring a complete end to your business, product, or service, and render you unable to make money.