Why Are Men So Afraid Of Sexually Related Issues – 2024 Guide

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Sex is not just a physical response. Your mind and emotions should be there too, otherwise, instead of enjoying your tie, you will feel like doing something out of your will. This happens because of mental stress that might be because of your low stamina and libido. Moreover, work-related stress also impacts your sexual performance.

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Men who are worried about their performance are likely to get tensed in such situations. Therefore, they suffer from sexual performance anxiety. But most of them are not sure about their problem. Besides, it is not convenient for them to talk about sex-related problems.

Common sexual problems

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It is not only you who is afraid of sex because of some problems. There are other people who suffer from some issues. Therefore, here we have a list of some of the most common sexual problems.

  • Inability to have an orgasm
  • Orgasm happens too quickly or too slowly
  • Inability to have an erection or keep it
  • Lack of sexual desire

These are some of the common problems that occur because of stress or hormonal disturbance. Furthermore, it is quite easy to treat them. But there are also some problems that seek proper treatment. These include;

  • Penis deformities: It happens because of “Peyronie’s disease”. This disease results in the building of scar tissues and collagen that causes the penis to bend.
  • Retrograde ejaculation: In this disease, semen does not come out of the penis but instead goes back in the bladder. This disease occurs because of some prostate or bladder surgery or because of some nerve damage.

Therefore, do not take your problem lightly. It might be a little problem or might affect your whole life. So, do seek medical help when you encounter any such problem.

Causes of sexual performance anxiety

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Sexual performance anxiety is a common problem that men face during sex. So here are some of the causes that result in causing such problem.

  1. Fear of not performing well and not satisfying your partner
  2. Having no confidence in your physical ability
  3. Relationship problems
  4. Worrying about penis size
  5. The anxiety of ejaculating too early
  6. Poor body image, too much concern that your partner won’t like your body shape

So what are men so afraid of?

Getting judged

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The most important thing for men is their self-esteem and self-confidence. Therefore, the biggest fear for them is to tell someone that they cannot perform well during sex. If their friends know about it, they will surely make fun. Furthermore, he will always think that they will tell others about it and everyone will judge me.

But what if your friends are not like that? What if instead of making fun of you, they help you out? Therefore, it is always better to talk about your problems. And if you do not want your friends to learn about it, you can simply go to a doctor. You don’t have to tell anyone afterward.

Relationship problems

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The thing that revolves in the mind “who would like to hang around with me, if they know the truth”. If a man is married, he will be constantly under the pressure of not satisfying his women. Thus, there will be a fear in his mind that his spouse will get involved with others. If not, their relationship won’t be smooth enough and they will break up.

This is the most common relationship problem seen among men who have a lower performance. Therefore, instead of taking everything all upon yourself, talk to your spouse. If your partner is understanding she will help you out in getting treatment. Furthermore, it will further strengthen your relationship.

What will others think?

This is one of the biggest decision making (decision destroying- to be more accurate) sentence in this world. We always think about others. If we are going to wear something or we are eating something, the one thing that constantly stays in our mind is other people’s opinion. But believe me, it doesn’t matter. Free yourself from such problems.

No one cares about the life of other people. Furthermore, you have to bear it all by yourself. All the stress will be on your mind. At the end of the day, it will be you who will suffer. Therefore, do not worry about what people will say. Instead of that, pay attention to yourself. People forget things quickly. Even if one day they tease you, it will be over after a few days. Nothing is everlasting, not even the behaviors.

It’s difficult to do so

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Most men do not have the courage to face the reality. Therefore, they are shy to talk about it. But if you remain nervous, you won’t be able to get the treatment. For instance, if a person has pain in the abdomen, will he remain silent and bear the pain? No, he will talk to the doctor.

Similarly, doctors won’t look at you with a judging stare, it is their job to treat people. Therefore, you have to open up yourself and that is the basic step of getting help. Your doctor will talk to you about the problems. So if you have lower stamina or you ejaculate quickly or anything else, let him know.

The doctor will be able to prescribe the right medicine after hearing your problem. Furthermore, it might not be a serious issue because most of the time, it’s the stress that affects your body. Besides, sometimes it’s your hormonal disturbance that is disturbing your pleasure time. So do talk about this problem.