Common Misconceptions People Have About PVC Windows


When doing a home renovation, we often tend to get stuck in a dilemma about which type of window is the best. Usually, people get divided into three categories over the materials used in the window production, and those are PVC, wood, and aluminum.

With a lot of available information on the internet, we can often get confused about the quality of these three materials. It is even worse than with so much information, we still get to read the completely untrue ones.

To end the debate and cover all the PVC windows misconceptions, we made this article. In addition, you will be able to get informed, and ensure yourself about the quality of the PVC, and why should you choose these windows for your home.


They are pricy

The first misconception that people have about PVC materials is that they are pricier than the alternative options.

That is completely untrue because of the availability and easiness of production. With further development of polyvinyl chloride, they become even more affordable and of better quality than before.

If you check out a PVC window production company like Megaplast, you’ll quickly see that the pricing they offer is actually quite affordable.

The price of these windows depends on the number of chambers and the accessories you have chosen. In addition, you can select their opening mechanism just like the other options. The number of chambers serves as a feature that offers a great sound and thermal isolation.

Their installation is messy

Like any other serious installation process that requires drilling walls, there will be a slight mess. In polyvinyl chloride windows, the job is less messy since the windows are being brought already assembled. This means that the case needs to be drilled and screwed on the walls, and the windows can be easily attached.

The mess that is being done because of the drilling is usually small dust particles, and occasionally a larger part of the wall. However, the workers usually clean after their work so you will have nothing to worry about.


They do not last long

The misconception that these windows do not offer longevity is the biggest lie served on us. The point that they are made out of plastic which is generally a more fragile element than aluminum has nothing to do with windows.

For example, the given expectancy of the polyvinyl chloride widows is around thirty-five years. If that is not enough for you, wait until you find out that the first PVC windows were installed fifty years ago, and they are still in great shape. And if you need any tool for this, you can always click on

There is no space for creativity

Although the most common polyvinyl chloride windowing options we see come in the generic form of white rectangles, it does not mean they are the only ones. Depending on your interior design ideas, you can make these windows look the way you want.

For example, if you had an idea to go with the triangular shape of your windows, the PVC can be made in that way. In addition, you can make them in any color you want.

If you want a wooden look on your windows, they can come up not only with the color but with the pattern as well. This shows how the looks can be achieved by still maintaining the great isolation features of the material.


They are hazardous to the environment

Many people think that having a plastic window is related to the release of toxins that can cause harm to our health. However, polyvinyl chloride is a material that has been additionally improved to create a safe product for the environment.

Besides prevention of toxins, various studies show how the PVC is a safer variant when exposed to fire, compared to the wooden windows. In addition, the polyvinyl chloride can be recycled to prevent waste and can be reused for manufacturing new products.

Their color changes

Another misconception is that the new PVC windows turn yellow after being exposed to the sun for a long time. Although this was the case with the first generations of these profiles, the material has been well-improved to prevent such things from happening.

With that being said, you have nothing to worry about when you renew your windows. They will not lose aesthetic value, and you can be satisfied with their functionality for a long time.


Aluminum is superior

Although metal construction is always associated with durability, it does not mean that it is superior to PVC. As a metal, when exposed to heat quickly absorb it, and it quickly cools down. This means they do not offer great thermal isolation, and you will have higher electricity bills.

In addition, with time they tend to corrode which significantly decreases the quality of the profile. That can lead to punctures that indicate a quick window renewal or repair costs.

On the other hand, PVC is a material with enriched edges that offers a tight seal on the opening. That prevents air ventilation and keeps the thermal characteristics of the place the way you want them. In addition, the polyvinyl chloride does not rot or corrode which surely increases the longevity of the profile, as well as your financials.

They require frequent care

Every single item in our household requires maintenance, as well as the PVC windows. Although they do not require frequent care and busy maintenance schedules, you need to ensure their cleanliness. In addition, the hardware and all the accessories need to be observed overtime to keep them in a good condition.

The best cleaning method is wiping the dust off and using regular soap at least once every month. With such easy care, you can say that the PVC windows are low-maintenance products that fit every office and household.



After looking through the misconception we explained, you still might be in a dilemma about whether this is the material you want your windows to be made of.

To learn more, you can surely contact any manufacturers around you. They will happily assist you and explain all the positives of owning polyvinyl chloride profiles, and ensuring your satisfaction.