10 Rules Of Mixing And Matching Summer Clothing

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With the arrival of summer, most of us are starting to renew our wardrobes. Women are more into this, and we often hear the eternal line: I can’t fit these clothes with anything! So let’s look at some of the rules of a fitting summer wardrobe.

Matching Summer Wardrobes

Women are big fans of buying new clothes and shoes – but for many, it is a real hobby. Summer is the season when we are especially inclined to buy clothes that are usually more cheerful colors, colorful prints, and more impressive designs – but there are also play-it-safe neutral and classic combinations. Both for the everyday ‘summer’ looks and business clothes – choosing specific colors, prints and designs will make the clothing combination more attractive and get you in a good mood. Most women, however, usually do not fit more than two colors – although, especially in summer, a more lively fit of tones is recommended for a fresher look. You can also combine different fabrics and styles. Therefore, we invite you to dare a little bit – and combine more colors that you will wear with confidence.

Summer Rule Is That There Are No Rules!

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Summer is a season that allows you to play with colors, cuts, and fabrics. Of course, every woman will have in her wardrobe those classic combinations for work or some other formal occasion. However, when we talk about summer wardrobe fitting for casual occasions – the rule is that there are NO RULES! Here are some suggestions on how you can fit the pieces you already have in your closet or decide to wear some of these pieces this summer.

1. White shirt: A universal piece of clothing that combines perfectly

Such a simple piece of clothing and yet ideal for the summer season! The classic white shirt is always in trend, no matter if it’s a model with short or long sleeves. You can wear it on all occasions and combine it perfectly with a summer wardrobe. A white shirt is simply a piece of clothing that can be easily combined into any styling – whether you wear it on formal or casual occasions. For summer, you can make an effective combination of a white shirt and a long discreetly-transparent lace skirt that can be in a brighter color, such as red.

2. Linen pants – The perfect choice for business elegance

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Warm summer days can be quite a challenge when it comes to business styling. It is already clear to you that you can’t wear anything to work. That is why light linen pants, which have wide legs, are one of the fantastic choices. To get a very modern business styling, you can combine them with T-shirts on one shoulder – but still, make sure you don’t choose a model that reveals too much.

3. Dress – Ideal piece for all summer occasions

Every summer brings with it a handful of new trends – among which there are always timeless classics. When it comes to classics, dresses take an honorable place on that list. They are comfortable and very relaxed – and you can check this, and see that there are so many different models on offer, ranging from fluttery to elegant, in a wide range of colors, with or without a pattern, with straps or strapless. Whether they are mini, midi, or maxi – every woman can find a design that will suit her unique style. Since the beginning of summer is the perfect time for shopping – make yourself happy and buy a summer dress (if you haven’t already).

4. Navy style – Summer and elegance mixed

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This is a style that can be achieved in many ways, and the stripes are certainly a distinct representative of the navy style. However, you can also get it by choosing pieces of clothing (whether you opt for skirts or pants), that are decorated with buttons on the sides in the upper part. Then, you can combine them with a blue or navy blue upper part. Yes, it’s that simple. It will bring summer freshness and a breath of elegance into your style.

5. Boho style – Casual and fluttery mixed with the elegance

By definition, a very casual style, Boho also has its versions called Boho Chic and Boho Glam. Of course, the names themselves already tell you what it is about – which means that they are a great option for more formal occasions and they can be combined very well. Boho is one of those styles that are always present and timeless – and a dress or blouse in this style are just some of the pieces of clothing that are ideal for the summer season.

6. Combining Colors

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So often, we can see a rather ordinary piece of clothing, but it somehow stands out and is very impressive. What’s the secret? It is simple! Certain colors can make even the most ordinary piece of clothing very impressive – and that refers to the many colors that come to us from the pastel spectrum. Mild and gentle colors will always raise each combination to a higher level – and that is often our goal. However, for the summer, sometimes you need to dare a little, so try a little bolder colors like these.

7. Yellow

As in the case of red, everyone will notice you when you decide to include yellow in your styling. This beautiful, summer color, which radiates optimism, will always bring you to the fore. Besides, it is so easy to combine – that you can’t make a mistake with it. If you combine it with neutrals – you get a very balanced styling. If you combine it with colors from the opposite spectrum, you get a fantastic color blocking trend – that is, combining contrasting colors. You will leave a striking impression in both cases.

8. Turquoise shades

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Turquoise shades of the sea are ideal for summer. Combine them with white or cream beige – and it will be an impeccable combination for the entire day. Those bolder and more daring ladies can try yellow shades of the same or milder intensity than turquoise.

9. Blue-orange combination

The blue and orange shades of the wardrobe fit in perfectly, thus refreshing the overall look. Pay special attention to the intensity of color tones to keep everything in tune.

10. Fuchsia and navy blue

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A cheerful combination of fuchsia and navy blue on a white background can look great for both summer days and nights. If you like these colors, keep in mind that one-color pieces without a pattern in these tones will look great together, for example, a fuchsia shirt, and navy skirt.

11. Retro shades

Pastel colors go well with each other – and although we usually tie them for spring, they are also perfect for the summer months. Everything from light beige, through green, to warm brown tones will look perfect.

The Bottom Line

As we said, summer is a time when you can afford a little more freedom in combining clothes. We hope we have inspired you.