3 Common Mobile Phone Repairs You Can Do Yourself – 2024 DIY Guide

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Smartphones have made a true revolution in the way we live our lives and how we connect to other people. While the first phones were large and were used only for calling somewhere, the phones of the new generation are helping us handle our lives better, manage the apps, communicate with friends and family, but also stay in touch with our business associates and clients via email. They are so much present in our lives that we simply don’t feel good when we don’t have them near.

What happens when sometimes occurs to it? Well, you can either take it to the phone repair shops or do it yourself if the malfunction can be repaired easily. It will be much shorter and cost significantly less. It couldn’t hurt to do your research before you start. Watch a few videos to make sure that you know how to do it. Here are a few mobile phone repairs that you can do yourself!

1. Replace the battery

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This may be the easiest thing to do. If you have been noticing that your battery can’t last even for a few hours, that maybe your cue to do something about it. A good battery must have enough capacity to handle all your daily activities and don’t let you down when you least expect it. Each phone requires using a specific one, so you must pick the battery that will suit the phone you are using, otherwise, you will be wasting your money for nothing. Check out more information about the batteries at Ultimate Basics.

Once you find the one that is suitable for your phone, you need to open your phone to be able to remove the old battery. The procedure for opening depends on your model. While some are very simple to open, others are a little bit more complicated but it is certainly doable. Once you open the phone, remove the battery, place the new one, close the phone and that is it! You can now turn on the phone and don’t worry about your phone shutting down all the time.

2. Fix the screen

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We have all been there – you try to do a few things at once and simply drop your phone. Even though most phones will endure numerous things, even falling, there comes the time when you simply see a crack. That is certainly not a pleasant thing to see, especially because you know that you probably won’t be able to use your phone. However, you can replace it yourself pretty fast. You will need a screen replacement kit. It needs to match the model of your phone.

Double-check the model before you purchase it because removing your screen and then realizing that the one you need to put is bigger or smaller will only frustrate you. The right kit will have all the necessary items for a successful replacement. The process is pretty simple. You need to slowly remove the old cracked screen. That can be done with a screwdriver, but you need to do it very carefully so you don’t damage the phone even more. After you remove everything, clean the edges, so the new screen can fit in nicely. Once that part is done, you should start attaching the new screen. This is the part that may be challenging, but pace yourself.

Stay focused on what you are doing and do it calmly. Make sure everything is fitted nicely so the dust cannot go anywhere near the inside of your phone. Also, keep in mind that it is better to put also a protective screen over it so even if your phone falls again, it won’t crack. You can pick one of the few types available and simply ensure that your phone will stay in good condition longer.

3. Repair the buttons

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The fact that there are only a few buttons on the newer models of phones doesn’t mean that they cannot get stuck. Well, in order to fix this, you need to check if there is any dirt left there so you can clean it. Take your time and carefully clean the area. You can use a toothpick or a cotton bud. Carefully take out the dust. Make sure not to push it more inside. If the dirt cannot be removed like this, you can try using a cold air of hair dryer to blow the dust off. That usually does the trick. If the problem persists, then you can look for other solutions online or seek help.

As you can see, these are simple repairs that won’t too much of your time but may save you a lot of money. The proper DIY repair will help you use your phone easily without long waiting periods for the repair guys to take it, test it, repair it, and give it to you. However, make sure you don’t experiment with complicated repairs that may just make the problem worse. If you start repairing your phone without any prior knowledge or the right tools, you may make it even worse.

When it comes to maintenance, it is highly recommended to use a protective case. It will protect your phone from any possible damages. There are numerous designs to choose from – from the elegant ones to the ones that can be pretty funny. Choose the one that you like the most and use it all the time to reduce the chance to malfunction. Also, avoid placing it in the places where there is moisture, dirt, or direct sunlight.

In addition, you must keep it clean at all times, so make sure you use the appropriate cleaning agent for that. Using cleaning agents that are too strong may cause damages. Make sure you update all the apps you are using to make sure that your phone will work properly. Always run the latest available version to get the best of them. Considering the price of the newest models, it is truly important to do your best to use your smartphone properly. If you are interested in repairing your smartphone instead of buying a new one, visit The Fixables, a repair specialist who can fix almost every smartphone.