7 Modern Bathroom Design Ideas You Should Implement

Modernism is a design movement that is vastly popular in our society. Much like any other society through history, there has been a way of styling one’s home.

But, regardless of the style, that means very little to people that aren’t necessarily experts. A style such as this could mean many things to two individual people, but the common denominator is that it doesn’t look old.

Design can be expressed by a multitude of factors. One of the more important ones is color. A prime example of a modern color is the color white. White, when used in a design, often reflects luxury. Shades of white and black are also quite common in modernistic style designs.

But one equally important factor that can distinguish modern from traditional styles is the layout. Layout simply refers to how things are positioned.

In our particular case, we are going to heavily discuss modern bathroom designs, and hopefully, try and shed some light through various examples.

1. Modern Simplicity

Source: Pinterest

Shapes and colors go in accordance with one another when discussing modernism.

This bathroom style can easily be explained through the use of shapes and colors. Simply put, the use of rectangles and squares can greatly make your bathroom look new. Pair those shapes with a nice shade of gray and you’ve got yourself a recipe for success.

A black drawer, a large mirror, marble floor, and a glass shower door can make your bathroom look luxurious.

2. Open Plan

Source: Pinterest

The open plan also uses transparent glass shower doors and shades of gray paired with white to make everything look modern. The open plan works best if you have limited space in your home.

Again, much like the previous one, the open plan uses geometric shapes to further emphasize the style. And, the gray shades paired with white background walls and floor give a further class.

To top it off, a large mirror placed in the usual spot above the sink is a brilliant touch to wrap it up.

3. Warm Modern

Source: Carla Aston

Everyone knows which colors depict warmer feelings. And while white certainly makes everything look cold, a modernistic style doesn’t necessarily mean it has to.

A sub-style of modernism, warm modern is a common design idea that uses warmer colors instead of colder. A contemporary idea can also be modern, but other elements must remain the same.

For example, if we are to add warmer colors to the bathroom, we still need to use geometric shapes for the rest of the layout. A square shape white rug, a rectangle-shaped large sink, a large front mirror, but warmer-colored wooden floors do the job brilliantly.

You can even say that the warm modern is an idea that uses more decorative items to complement its lack of white hues. So, you can always add candles, frames, and paddles to make up for it.

For more information about the elements themselves when paring with modern bathroom designs, you can click here.

4. Ultra-Modern

Source: www.bella-vista.net.au

This style will make space look larger. This idea uses large, wall-sized windows on one side of the bathroom, while the others are painted white.

This idea will not work anywhere, however. Seeing as a large wall-sized window offers very little privacy while showering. So, this design will work if best used if you live outside the big cities.

The large-wall window also works if you have a beautiful landscape to look out to. This greatly makes up for the lack of elements and items in the bathroom.

A styling idea that offers minimal footprint has to make up for it through other means. This is why the large wall-sized window is so important for the ultra-modern. Since everything is transparent, a glass tub with zero visual presence can be an excellent touch of class.

5. Glamorous Simplicity

Source: Pinterest

To be modern is to be simple, some say. The best way to make everything simple is to use marble. Marble is a classy element that a large portion of the bathroom can be used with it.

The floor can certainly be marble, so as the sink and drawers. One way to complement marble is to use contrasting colors. The best way to make up for the lack of color is to paint the hardware of each element golden. You could paint the temperature control handles for the sink, the shower handles, and everything else that stands out from the décor. For more information about these styles visit hollywoodmirrors.co.uk.

6. Dark and Relaxing

Source: Interior Design Ideas

Dark hues also spark style when used properly. The use of color is very interchangeable when debating styles. Dark colors used with its counterpart white can spark endless decorating ideas when discussing bathrooms.

When browsing dark and relaxing ideas, two mainly stand out.

The first one is to have the walls and floors painted in some dark shade. You could also have parts of the walls in one shade, while others in some other shade. The main thing is to have the rest of the elements in a contrasting color, such as white. This means that the bathroom, the sink, the drawers, all need to be white.

The second one is to do the exact opposite. However, since darker colors still need to be the most emphasized ones, this will only work if you have more things to add to your bathroom.

7. Minimalistic White

Source: Contemporist

If you didn’t know by now, minimalism is often associated with modernistic designs. Truthfully speaking, minimalism is a very important feature of this style, and it will come in handy when designing your bathroom.

Minimalism also goes interchangeably with the color white –and this will be the predominant color to use in your bathroom layout design.

White shower/tub, white sink, white drawers, white walls, white curtains, everything needs to be white. Everything but the floor must be white. All the main elements, bar the floor tiles, can all come single-colored. You can even use a shade of gray instead of going all white. However, to add a bit of contrast, make the floor a stronger, warmer color such as orange or light brown.