5 Ways Modern Technology is Improving Vaping Experience

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Tobacco smoking was one of the commonest habits people had for a couple of centuries, alongside alcohol. Still, we can see that it has declined severely because of the awareness of how bad it can be for human health. There is a plethora of different medical studies that have confirmed what are the downsides of smoking tobacco.

The most prominent factor that causes these health problems is tobacco combustion. Thankfully, we can see that the number of people with this habit has declined all over the world. For instance, if you take a look at the predictions about the United States, you will see that this percentage will decline in the years to come. In 2030, less than 20% of the population will have this habit.

One of the major reasons why this percentage will decline is the appearance of better alternatives. If we were to choose the most popular one, we would say vaping. A lot has been said about it in the past couple of years. If you want to check some of the best models out there, you should visit ciliconplus.com.

Now, we would like to introduce you to a couple of modern technologies that shaped this concept. Plus, these techs also improved the experience consumers have. Let’s check them out.

Source: Pixabay.com

1. Voice Activation

The first technology we would like to talk about is voice activation. You will surely agree that this has become some sort of standard for a wide array of different devices. Still, we don’t believe many people were aware of the fact that vapes would have it. It needs to be said that this is not something you will find in the older versions of these devices.

However, the latest generations of vapes do have it. The difference is that the device requires a computer that will register the voice of an owner and react whenever it is heard. There is a wide array of different things you can active with via your voice, not just turning it on and off. Instead, you can raise or get the temperature lower, increase the power, or shut off and turn on the lights.

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2. Enhanced Pod System

Pods weren’t something we would describe as characteristic for the first couple of generations of vapes. The reason being that the initial concept was these devices having the box mod. The situation is widely different these days, because of the obvious improvements made. We can see there are still people who prefer the old approach. Still, the new one has attracted quite an interest from consumers.

One of the reasons many have opted for a new approach is that they can carry these devices around without any problems. In fact, pretty much every consumer will see that this was the primary reason. It’s because you can use these wherever you want, in your car, when you are at work, etc. Plus, the battery life on these is much more durable, which will prevent you from spending money unnecessarily.

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3. Personalization

Now we would like to talk about a feature that has been characteristic only of the latest generation of vapes. We are talking about personalized devices. Sure, this is not something that we would call modern technology. Still, this is not something that was possible just a couple of years ago. Nowadays, we can see that many consumers are interested in only this sort of vape, for a wide array of reasons.

We can see that the appearance of this trend has turned smoking into a habit for many users out there, instead of for it being an addiction. People simply love having something unique. Therefore, having a unique vape has become some sort of standard for many people, no matter if they were addicted to tobacco and wanted an alternative to suppress their addiction.

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4. Battery Longevity and Power

If you have followed this industry from the start, you know that the first devices created were anything but perfect. Most complaints filed by the consumers were addressing the battery life and the power. With the latest devices out there, we can see that these two factors were improved significantly. So, these two complaints are not the commonest ones anymore.

One of the ways this was solved was the increased number of possibilities of the devices. What does this have to do with longevity and power? Well, it is quite simple, with the increased number of possibilities, more power was required to fuel all of them properly. Therefore, the manufacturers have introduced more sources. The result was increased battery life and higher power used for vaping.

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5. Bluetooth

Last but not least, we would like to talk about an introduction of Bluetooth into the concept of vaping. Before it was done, we don’t believe that many people were aware of how beneficial this can be. With Bluetooth, you can monitor the usage of the device much more carefully. Plus, it can be used for locking down the device. So, if you lost it or if it was stolen, no one else can use it but you.

With this feature, you will know how much nicotine you have consumed over a certain period. Without it, the only way the user can be measured is by how many times you have filled the device. We can even say that introducing Bluetooth made the concept much more personal. So, if you are interested in having something that will let you know all of this data, opt for Bluetooth-powered ones.


With all this modern technology introduced into vaping, it is no surprise that the performance of these devices has been improving. At the same time, it was the major reason why so many people have started using them. In this article of ours, you can take a look at some of the modern technologies that have made a significant impact on what we now have in front of us. We do not doubt that this concept has a bright future in front of it. So, don’t hesitate to try some of these out.