Most Expensive CS: GO Skins Ever Purchased

Modern technology has brought everything inside your feast. It may be any crucial data or maybe a game. The concept of video games has changed drastically in the modern century and over the last decade. It has come in front as a game-changer in the market of video games. Some of them have put a very vigorous impact on generation Y. It has opened a wide professional field for game developers where you don’t need to get a regular job. You can earn as much as you can through your expertise and imagination. Not only for the developers, for the players too, but the gaming industry has also provided a very wide scope. There are many tournaments throughout the world where the winners are honored with commendable amounts.

About Counter-Strike

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Counter-Strike is a multiplayer game. It allows you to play if you have a team in your support. It is not a must for your team to stay actually with you and play it. You can be together virtually also if connected online. This game assumes you as a part of the anti-terrorist group, and you are provided with tasks to save the city. The terrorists plan a lot of destruction, like planting bombs and making common people hostages. Your job is to relieve the city from these threats.

Facing the Sunlight

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The game was first released in the market in 1999 to run on windows with the name Counterstrike. Before that, a very popular game named as Half-Life was modified by Minh Gooseman in association with Jess Cliffe. The valve was the company to buy all it’s Intellectual Property Rights’. Soon by the year 2004, both the designers decided to go for a sequel of the game Counter-Strike and fixed the Words ‘Condition Zero’ for this new version. The game was developed in ‘Turtle Rock Studio’. In November of the same year, another version of Counter-Strike was marketed by Valve, and they called it Counter-Strike: Source. For the first time in gaming history, Valve designed a Source Engine, especially for this game. The fourth consecutive sequel of the game was named as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and was released in 2012. This game is capable of running on PlayStation 3, OS X, Linux as well as Xbox 360.

The Counter-Strike Series

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The CS: GO series to be specific has 9 parts for the players in it. In the competitive mode, the players are segregated as two teams and they have to fight against each other. You get 5 players in each team and have 45 minutes for you to win the battle. The casual mode allows the players a bit of relaxation like the deathmatch mode. The players don’t need to register with friendly fire, unlike the other modes only because these modes help you to get some idea about it and let you get accustomed. In the arms race mode, players have to get involved in a competition to upgrade their weapons, which are in their hands to fight against the enemy. The demolition mode gives you the ability to make the bombs dysfunctional, which you will find in different areas.

Another long round in this game is the wingman round, where you have to go through 15 rounds to defuse the bombs. This one is a competitive mode, and the players get companions as per their abilities. A player gets an SSG 08 weapon along with a knife if they can reach the flying Scotsman mode. The name of this stage is such because here, the players have to play in less gravity. As time goes on, the games get more advanced, and here, another stage has been added in the latest version, which is named Danger zone. Here you will get 16 opponents at a time. While you start playing the game, you can only have a knife and a tablet, and the rest of the weapons have to be searched out by the players. Some of these knives are made with very special features and are the most expensive skins of CS: GO series, according to

  • Karambit Case Hardened (Blue Gem)

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It is among the rarest and most precious knives available in this game. This knife is available in various colors and combinations also. It is one of the deadliest weapons if you can use it properly. Due to the fine looks and fantastic color combinations, these knives cost almost $5000 to $10000.

  • M9 Bayonet Gamma Doppler

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It is another knife that comes in with variations of sapphire and ruby pattern. It also has a newer counterpart as the Emerald version, and due to these, it has been considered as one of the most favorite weapons of the game. The price is not very high and is available within $2700 for the players.

  • M9 Bayonet Doppler

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It is a rare variant of the knife, and it comes in with a sapphire pattern. The glossy blue color of this weapon attracts the players very much. It is featured with various latest features and has made it one of the most expensive and prestigious weapons of the game along with the shining and heavy blade.

  • M9 Bayonet Crimson Web

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It comes with different patterns, and due to this, it is one of the most loved skins of this CS: GO series. Since it comes with a very unusual type of structure and looks, it is considered as one of the most incredible knives of the game. The handle of Jet Black color is just next to the pristine. With the blood-red colored blade, it becomes one of the most famous finishers of the game. The cost of this skin is not very less, and it comes in for almost $3500.

  • Karambit Doppler

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It is one of the most loved skins of the game due to the amazing color combination available in it. The knife is also known as Ruby Doppler, which is one of the rarest knives, and it costs almost $1500.