5 Most Expensive & Powerful Telescopes in 2024

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If you ever looked through a telescope, you might have realized that nothing can compare to the feeling of seeing something that is located in outer space, thousands of miles from Earth. For a lot of individuals, it made them fall in love with stargazing, and if you are in this situation, you might have started thinking about purchasing the best and most powerful telescope.

However, since there are a lot of options to choose from, you might have started feeling a little bit confused and overwhelmed as to what you should buy, after all, purchasing a telescope is an expensive investment, but it is one that will last you for a lot of years to come.

Hence, if you do not know what you should choose, fear not, this article has got your back. The text below is going to feature a list of the five most robust and valuable telescopes that you can purchase, and some tips to help you determine what you should purchase. Let’s look at the list of potential options:

1. ‘Meade – Lx600-Acf’

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Cost: $30.000

Aperture: 16’’

Weight: 57 kg

You might be looking for something professionals utilize, and if so, this particular model can provide you with a detailed and clear picture of different things in the atmosphere, including planets. It is extremely powerful, especially since it has a Starlock guiding method that will automatically guide you full-time with 1 arc-second accuracy. The set also incorporates a diagonal prism, an additional eyepiece, and a viewfinder.

2. ‘Takahashi – Toa-150b F’

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Cost: $13.000

Aperture: 6’’

Weight: 14.6 kg

This option comes from the manufacturing company Takahashi and it is perfect for creating incredible color altered pictures with a CCD, digital, or any other camera. What does this mean? Well, it means that it won’t create pictures that have that purple glow, which is something often noticed when viewing at the planets or stars. Additionally, it arrives with a focuser, multi-layered ocular surfaces, as well as an improved anti-reflective feature. You can always do some digging and read more on the most expensive telescopes out there.

3. ‘Explore Scientific – Ultra Light’

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Cost: $8.600

Aperture: 20’’

Weight: 53 kg

You might be looking for something that has huge light-collecting power, without needing to permanently mount it. And if so, this model might be quite suitable for you since it is capable of providing you with some mesmerizing views of the Moon and other celestial surfaces. It comes with a fast central mirror and an additional one, both of which are created from HQ quartz, which means that it won’t need a lot of time to cool down.

4. ‘Lunt – 152mm H-Alpha’

Source: firstlightoptics

Cost: $8.500

Aperture: 6’’

Weight: 14 kg

Your goal might be watching the Sun’s surface and if so, this huge solar telescope will allow you to do so and more. No matter how much you choose to zoom in, the system will work to its full extent and it will use high-contrast layers and a tuning system that’ll allow you to create sharp and zoomed in pictures. Since it comes with a backing place and focuser, you’ll actually be able to use it during the night as well.

5. ’Vixen – 25092DS SXP’

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Cost: $6.700

Aperture: 4.5’’

Weight: 39 kg

Although it is Last on our list, it is not less powerful than the other model featured above. It will allow you to have perfectly sharp pictures without any false/free colors, even if you choose to use the wide eyepiece. By choosing this model, you’ll also get an innovative handheld controller and a screen that you can utilize for navigation. All of its features will allow you to precisely follow any object or surface that you are looking at.

Things to Consider Before Making a Purchase

Besides considering your budget, there are other aspects that you’ll need to carefully think about, especially since it will allow you to choose a telescope that will suit your needs, requirements, and budget. So, before actually choosing the first model that you find, consider these things first:

The Size – the first thing you’ll need to think about is the size, especially since the bigger it is, the more you’ll be able to zoom and take clearer pictures. Keep in mind – the bigger it is, the heavier the entire thing will be, which means that it’ll take more space and it will come with a higher price tag as well.

The Zooming Ability – you should never opt for a model just because its magnification abilities are marketed. In fact, the best way to determine which option is better is by the lens or mirrors – aperture. Hence, when looking at the options that suit your budget, think about the aperture it has.

High-Quality is The Most Beneficial – when you type in ‘telescope’ in the search bar, you’ll see that there is a wide range of cheap ones that you could buy. However, that might not be as wise as you think because you’ll want it to be high-quality. Of course, it will be more expensive, but at least you’ll purchase something that’ll last a long time.

Think About Where You’ll Place it – generally speaking, you’ll need to choose between a larger model that you’ll place in your light polluted yard or a small one that you can easily transport to a darker place. So, you’ll also need to consider where you’ll place it, especially since you’ll want it to be dark.

The Mount is Crucial Too – if the mount is not sturdy, durable, and steady, you’ll never be able to properly focus the picture, no matter how much you try to view celestial objects. This means that you’ll also need to ensure that the mount is high-quality, otherwise, you won’t be making a good investment.

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As you were able to learn, there are various telescope models that you can consider getting. And, by following the tips mentioned above, you’ll be able to choose a model that will be perfect for stargazing and the tips will also make the entire choosing process easier, less time-consuming, and less stressful for you.

Hence, now that you are aware of the models you could choose to purchase, you might not want to lose any more of your time. Instead, you should start browsing a wide range of stores in order to find a telescope that will suit your requirements, needs, and of course, the budget you have set.