8 Most Expensive Wedding Dresses in the World

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Every girl dreams about her wedding day from a really young age. They design the dress, the venue, even the groom in their mind, and they choose every single detail. So when they grow up and the time finally comes to organize a wedding, they get pretty exciting.

What’s more, when it comes to choosing a wedding gown, options are nowadays endless. There are so many different styles, materials, and even colors that can make the entire process of finding the right one a bit complicated.

If you are looking for dresses online it probably means that you are about to get married, or that at least you are thinking about it. Nevertheless, there is another thing that ladies have in common. They are interested in seeing the most expensive ravishing ones. Yes, they understand that not in a million years could they afford them, but still, they want to see some of them, and who knows, they might get inspired by some details.

Due to this reason, in this article, we are going to provide you with the list of most expensive dresses. As you can assume, many of these were worn by celebrities and royal which means that they are quite costly and definitely over your budget. Still, we are certain that these will take your breath away.

Furthermore, if you have already found the one that is perfect for you, but it is a designer one meaning that it costs a lot of money, you should consider getting if from another bride. You would be surprised to learn how many women are willing to sell their dresses because they don’t want them to stay in the back of their closets forever. You don’t believe us? Just check out dresscometrue.com and you will see what we are talking about.

1. Grace Kelly – Helen Rose $60,000

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We have to begin with a classic one. Back in 1956, Grace Kelly wore a stunning lace dress when she got married to Prince Rainier III of Monaco. The moment the public laid eyes of the future princess, the high-neck, long-sleeved dress with a full skirt and a long train gown became iconic. Since then, it has remained one of the most beautiful dresses in history.

Interestingly, it was so carefully created that there were thousands of pearls, all hand-sewn, and the lace used was 125 years old at that moment. These tiny details just make us fall in love with it even more.

2. Victoria Beckham – Vera Wang $100,000

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Victoria is yet another fashion queen, so when she was about to marry David, all eyes were on them. People were not only smitten by this lovely couple (who is still going on strong, 20 years later), but they also couldn’t wait to see what wedding gown she would choose.

Well, we can freely say that no one was disappointed. Victoria decided to go with a Vera Wang dress in a unique color and with a 20-foot train. According to some estimates, the worth of it was around $100,000.

3. Princess Diana – David and Elizabeth Emanuel $115,000

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We are going back to the royal weddings, and even one might argue that this one wasn’t that expensive, it is another iconic one and it has to be on every list of wedding gowns. Surely you have seen the footage of Diana on the steps of St. Paul’s Cathedral and were mesmerized by that moment, just like everyone else in the world.

This gorgeous gown consists of 10,000 pearls and a 25-foot train. Made out of silk and taffeta, the estimated price was a little over $100,000. However, in 2019, it was worth over $500,000. In addition, up to this day, it has remained the most guarded fashion secret.

4. Amal Clooney – Oscar de la Renta $380,000

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At the age of 82, a famous designer was more than happy to design a piece of Amal’s 2014 wedding to Hollywood superstar George Clooney in Venice, Italy. This off-the-shoulder lace gown cost $380,000 and sadly, it was the last one de la Renta designed before his death. It made such an impact that it was displayed in an Oscar de la Renta exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts.

5. Kate Middleton – Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen $427,000

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According to official statements, Kate wanted to wear a dress that “combines tradition and modernity”. Not until the public got to see it on the wedding day, was the secret of the designer revealed. The full skirt included some subtle floral details and the corset consisted of the 19th-century style lace.

We are certain that you agree with us – there is no surprise that this simple yet stunning dress has found its way into history books. This gown has made such an impact that nowadays, you can find the exact replica of it, for a significantly lower price, of course.

6. Victoria Swarovski – Michael Cinco $1 million

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The fact that the heiress of the Swarovski empire is on our list isn’t that surprising, right? After all, this custom made-gown, created by Michael Cinco, included over 500,000 crystals, so this explains the cost of it. What’s more, the train was 20 feet long and the vial was even longer – 26 feet. Even though it weighed 100 pounds, we still believe that it was completely worth it since many people described it as “the most beautiful wedding gown in the world”.

7. Angelababy – Unknown

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Although the details of the one still aren’t known to the public, the fact that it five months to create it and that it included 100 Chantilly lace roses, we believe that it should be close to the top of our list. The overall cost of this Chinese superstar’s wedding was $31 million, so it is safe to assume that a large portion of the money was spent on the attire.

8. The Diamond Wedding Dress – $12 million

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Finally, we have reached the top of our most expensive list. This gown is the product of collaboration between Renee Strauss, the designer, and Martin Katz, the jeweler. Interestingly, this one is yet to be worn by some lucky lady even though it was created in 2006. The designers estimate its price to staggering $12 million, but this is to be expected since it includes 150 carats of diamonds.