5 Most Popular Gambling Superstitions Among Casino Players

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When talking about gamblers, we are probably talking about the most superstitious people in the world. At the same time, they are looking for everything that will provide them with a positive result. It doesn’t matter how silly it looks, they truly believe that these things will improve their chances. In case you know some of them, you’ve certainly been presented with some silly request, like to move from left to right side, or something similar.

What’s important for you to know is that nobody is playing with you, gamblers seriously hope that your action will improve their final influence over the final result. This is something that can be seen in casinos. But you cannot see it in online casinos. If you are interested in checking one of the best you can find, check casinokokemus. Now, there is one question about these superstitions, where does it come from? From our personal experience, we can see that people who are under pressure and are losing control over their game, need some sense of control.

This is a true source of these superstitions. As we’ve already said, it doesn’t matter how strange they sound, you can be sure that your friend sincerely means that, and there is nothing you can do to help him to feel a little better by providing him with some sense of control. At the same time, you can see that there are some superstitions that are not depending on other people. The internet is filled with many different stories about celebrities like Axl Rose, John Wayne, and Michael Jordan and their gambling superstitions.

For example, the famous actor never put his hat on the bad since he believed that it brings bad luck. Experts state that gamblers have a selective memory where they remember the moment they manage to come out with a positive result and that this is the source of their superstition. Well, after all this talk, let us take a look at some of the most popular gambling superstitions among casino players.

1. Itchy Palms

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Did you experience your palms getting itchy? Well, this is a situation most of the people think about as a perfect sign for you to start gambling. This fantasy originated in Eastern Europe, especially Bulgaria and Serbia. However, in these two countries, itchy palms have a completely different connotation. In Serbia, this is a good sign, and it means that money is pretty close to you.

Therefore, there is nothing wrong with you taking part in gambling. In Bulgaria, it’s completely the opposite. This is the moment when you should give up on gambling that day. However, this superstition managed to spread all over Europe and North America over time.

2. Counting Money on the Table

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One of the most popular superstitions is that you shouldn’t count money while you are playing at a table. What separates this superstition from many other ones is that it sounds pretty reasonable. So, you shouldn’t count the money while you are still playing. There will be a plethora of time for you to actually do it after it.

Not only that it is considered bad luck, many gamblers consider this action to be of pretty bad taste. Plus, we can see that many gamblers think that this is offensive towards other players who are playing alongside the one who counts his money on the table. So, every player needs to wait until he or she is out of the casino and at home. Only when you are out of the table, you can count the money.

3. Lending Money

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Now, we’ve reached probably the most popular superstitions of them all. You should never, and we mean never, lend your money to the person who plays alongside you. In fact, many people believe that this superstition, in fact, has some validity to it. In greater detail, gamblers think that giving money to another player at the table means that you are testing your faith by providing money to another player.

At the same time, since the player asks for a loan, he is on a pretty bad streak. This means that you don’t have almost any potential to win your money back. So, by giving your money to another player, chances are that you will never see it again. Therefore, it has some validity in it, right?

4. $50

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All of us surely have seen at least one of many gangster movies during our lifetime. Moreover, Las Vegas is a city completely built from mafia money. The person responsible for the creation of this city, and its idea, was Bugsy Siegel. Those with a quick eye have seen that gangsters always stick $50 into their victim’s pockets before they bury it.

Since a lot of these liquidations occurred in Nevada Desert, using $50 in playing is considered extremely bad luck. At first, this superstition became a major one in the city of Las Vegas. However, over time, it managed to spread all over the US. This superstition goes so far that many people have a tendency to take smaller notes than $50 when cashing in their chips.

5. Lucky and Unlucky Numbers

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Naturally, the most common superstitions when it comes to gambling is a pure number superstition. So, whatever number you consider lucky, you should play it. In case you have unlucky numbers, you should avoid it. In the Western part of the world, number 13 is considered extremely unlucky. This fear is something so big that some buildings simply skip the 13 floors and from 12 come to 14. Playing this number, especially on roulette is considered a complete misfortune.

At the same time, number 7 is generally seen as a number that will provide you with a plethora of good luck. When it comes to the Eastern hemisphere, there is much more complicated than that. For some reason, number 4 is considered bad luck. At the same time 9, 6, 3, are considered a combination that will provide you with some good luck.