5 Most Popular Types of Coffee to Try in 2024

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Drinking coffee is considered to be something so common these days, and it came to a point where if you are not a coffee enthusiast, people will look at you strangely.

You cannot judge coffee-lovers whatsoever, simply because this modern-day ambrosia has way too many benefits to pass on, and it helps people with many things, such as gaining extra energy, concentrating on work, and tons of other things.

As we all know already, there isn’t just one sort of coffee that people consume, so when you ask for one and the other person says “which type?”, you should know what to answer.

In this article, we are going to talk about the five most popular types of coffee that you can try in 2024, so if you are pretty new in this world of magical energy-boosting beans, why not stick around until the end? Let’s take a look.

1. Espresso

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This is probably the most famous form of coffee that you can find nowadays, and people love it because of many reasons. Firstly, it’s the purest and most concentrated form that you will ever find, so for those who are a bit on the “addicted” side, this is the best possible solution when the crisis hits.

Jokes aside, it’s a great way to get an energy boost if you ever need to get some work done while you are feeling sleepy, and it has a few nice health benefits.

Consuming one espresso per day is something that doctors say has a positive impact on your blood flow, and your heart, but only if you are staying in the recommended dosages. With great power comes great responsibility though, so be careful how much you are consuming, and it’s not very easy to make a cup of espresso either. Creating the perfect brew requires some skill and practice, so either get someone to make it for you or feel free to try the other types that we’ll list below just for you. You can make awesome espresso coffee at home as well, you just need a good espresso machine. If you want to learn more about this, visit flatwhitecafe.com.

2. Cappuccino

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The connection between coffee and Italy is something that a lot of people find very appealing, and on our number two spot for today’s list, we have Cappuccino, something that is considered to be essential for every Italian breakfast.

Cappuccino is a brew that combines a shot of the previous type, which was espresso, a special type of milk and some foam for décor. The recipe can be quite different depending on who makes it, and the same goes for the strength of the brew.

Cappuccino, in general, is not something that should be stronger than espresso, because espresso is the purest form, but people often consume it when they need an energy boost, although most do it for the taste and the looks. This form of coffee is just way to aesthetic. Feel free to visit JayArrCoffee if you are interested in learning some more about how different brews compare to each other and what the best way to recognize them is.

3. Irish Brew

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If you’ve ever wondered what the most unique type of a coffee brew is, you have your winner right here. There are various coffee-brewing-methods, as it can be seen at coffee-brewing-methods.com but the Irish brew is something that mixes the wonderful black beans with the flavor of whiskey, alcohol that’s considered to be a top-shelf sort compared to others.

Now, this is something that will confuse a lot of newbies, simply because the effects of whiskey are opposite from the effects of caffeine, but hear us out.

Drinking whiskey is something that can make you feel a bit sleepy and “down”, but that’s only if you drink too much of it. The amounts that Irish people put in this brew are not even close enough to give you the relaxing effects, so everything that you’re getting from an Irish Brew is energy, unnecessary amounts of energy.

Depending on the place that you’re visiting, the recipe may include other types of alcohol as well, such as scotch or rum. It depends on the person making it. Did we mention that sugar and cream are also used in the recipe? We all know what happens when you mix sugar and alcohol, yikes.

4. Café au Lait

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Another French masterpiece that is heaven-sent for people who enjoy drinking coffee on the regular. This one is often confused with white coffee, but it shouldn’t, because they are quite different. Café au Lait is made with steamed milk, and the white one is made with cold milk, which is something that cannot be mistaken if you consider yourself to be a lover of this modern-day ambrosia.

This sort is probably the one with most varieties and modifications, and across Europe, you can find people serving it in the weirdest possible ways, and they’re all so freaking amazing. It’s quite impressive how the same type of coffee can be served in so many ways and still preserve the original taste and form.  

5. Long Black

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If you’ve ever wondered what kind of a brew can be done without milk, your answer is Long Black. Do you know what the most interesting thing about this form of coffee is? Its competitor, the Americano.

They are two entirely different sorts, one being made with water while for the other one people tend to use milk, but they are still being mistaken often for being the same kind, even though a real fan would recognize the difference immediately.

These two are considered to be pretty “casual” drinks, and they are not very strong, but they are not week either. Do not let the looks fool you because the Long Black has a layer of sweet foam on top, but this doesn’t mean that it won’t wake you up completely if you don’t have a high caffeine tolerance.


People need a lot of energy to go through tasks and whatever else the world has to throw at them these days, so they tend to find the easiest way to get it, and the answer is always in coffee. This type of drink is something that people cannot start their day with, and if you consume it smartly, it has a few quite amazing health benefits as well. Across the world, you will find a lot of different types being served, in many unique ways, but nothing beats the classics, although it’s good to sometimes try a completely new and different brew.