Why People Are Choosing to Move From Los Angeles to San Francisco?

These days, many people are choosing to move to San Francisco towards the north side of the country because of numerous reasons. From better job opportunities to tastier tap water, why San Francisco is becoming a big choice for people. Both Los Angeles and San Francisco are the most popular and vibrating cities in the United States but these days, because of the higher job opportunities, people are choosing to move from Los Angeles to San Francisco.

Though the population of Los Angeles is higher than San Francisco it does not mean that San Francisco is less vibrant. Check out the various reasons, as stated by expert movers at pricingvanlines.com, which make san Francisco a good place to move.

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Flourishing economy:

The economy in San Francisco is flourishing to a great extent. Therefore, many young professionals who want to start their companies are tempted to move from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Also, Silicon Valley of its southern Bay Area is popular for having the latest technology and is also known as the technological capital of the entire world.

Due to the presence of many tech companies, such as Google, HP, Intel, Facebook, Oracle, Apple, etc. and many other industries related to different sectors, such as, healthcare, government, education, hospitality, and transportation, etc., the level of employment opportunities are much higher there.

Therefore all the job seeker and the students who want to give a boost to their career and who wants to get a suitable job chooses to move in San Francisco. The city also has the highest average household income in the country.

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Outdoor activities:

Most people love to spend their time indulging in outdoor activities. The warm-summer climate of San Francisco allows one to comfortably enjoy various outdoor activities. San Francisco is gifted with natural environmental beauty and there are many beaches present around where one can enjoy surfing, sailing, swimming, and one can also just simply relax in the sun.

If you are a lover of adventure then this is the best place for you to move. You can undertake various adventurous sports like hiking, mountain climbing, or mountain biking. Also, many ski resorts here allow you to go skiing.

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Milder climate:

Yes, moving from LA seems like you would not able to enjoy the warm beach weather but the milder climate of San Francisco is not less and it offers you to enjoy great weather around the year with no real summer and winter season while the place is also famous for its cold temperature and the rainy season. If you are the kind of person who doesn’t like to stay in extreme hot or cold then SF is just the city where you should move in.

Better transportation facilities: Now you don’t need to own your car to move around in the city because the city provides you the better transportation facilities. You can enjoy the facility of the cable cars that allows you to move around in the city at a lesser cost.

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Happening culture and culinary events:

People usually move to San Francisco from Los Angles to live their lives to the fullest. San Francisco is the origin of gay rights and accepts every person no matter the class, race, sexuality, or nationality. This city, California is filled with world-famous museums, street arts, ballet, art galleries, opera, etc.

Food lovers are also attracted to this city as the best culinary events are organized here which are filled with fresh world-class dining as well as food trucks. Here restaurants are famous for serving dishes from all around the world.

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One of the best things about the SF is that you will just love the simple form of commuting. The architecture of the city is built in a way that the city is highly walkable and you can transit a good distance with your feet. And of course, you can also save your time by walking or biking and can easily cover the distance. Commutation is very easy and simple here and if you are the kind of person who loves to walk and who loves biking then again SF is just an ideal destination for you.

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Enjoy the best culinary scenes:

If you are the kind of person who loves culinary events and love to enjoy the different types of foods from the different restaurants then the city is a perfect choice for you to live in. Every weekend, you can enjoy buying fresh fruits and vegetables from the farmer market and also the city has the latest coffee shops and good bakeries where you can enjoy your time while eating.

Bottom line:

San Francisco doesn’t just have employment opportunities, the place has everything which a person wishes or desires to have in a city. Therefore if you are thinking to move to SF you could enjoy a good living style here in the city along with several positive effects of the city. The two cities are different from each other when it comes down to personal opinion. Both the cities have world-class museums and theatres and apart from this it also offer iconic buildings and sites. Whether you are looking for incredible restaurants or job opportunities both cities are doing extremely well on these aspects. But some people prefer San Francisco as it’s a beautiful city because of the close quarters. Moreover, it is located on the east coast and people enjoy the weather of the city.