6 Museums in Sweden That Will Amaze You

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Sweden is definitely one of the most stunning and fulfilling holiday locations a traveler could ask for. Not only is it the perfect example of a gorgeous Scandinavian landscape and entertainment, but it is also one of the richest countries in the world when it comes to culture and history.

Probably the very best way to enjoy what Sweden has in store is by visiting its museums, and there are over two hundred of them. That being said, it might be a bit challenging to pick the very best ones. No worries, though! We are here to help you with a short list of the top museums here that will absolutely amaze you. So, here we go!

1. Vasa Museum

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Usually included in all the best Sweden tour packages, the famous Vasa Museum is one of the most-visited galleries in Scandinavia and ranks at the top of the country’s most stunning establishments. So, let’s see what is in store!

The maritime museum is located on the island of Djurgarden and is toured by almost two million people every year. Its main attraction and the whole base of the museum’s popularity is the display of the almost perfectly preserved 17th-century warship Vasa that sunk on her maiden voyage in 1628.

Great history lies in between these walls. Even when the museum was only half-finished, thousands of people piled on to catch glimpses of this historical legend of a warship. You can learn about its voyages, craftsmanship, and architectural side. Also, authenticity is one of the main reasons the ship is so well-known – you can clearly see the evidence of Vasa being underwater for three centuries.

So, even if you are not the biggest fan of voyage stories or marine heritage, the Vasa Museum will leave you amazed and entranced!

2. ABBA the Museum

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The whole world knows of the Swedish pop music group called ABBA; their songs still hit the top charts, and their tunes are still loved all around the world. If you are a fan – this one is for you!

ABBA the Museum is an interactive exhibition built to commemorate the legacy of one of the best pop groups in the world. Inspired by the Beatles Museum in Liverpool, ABBA’s gallery offers you several activities – each more fun than the other!

You can hang around Benny’s piano, which is linked to the real Benny’s piano at home, so when he plays it, you can hear it at the museum, as well. You can also see the Folkpark, a spit image recreation of the original place where the group members met for the first time. These and several more await you on Djurgarden’s island, so jump on it and create pop music history together!

3. Swedish Air Force Museum

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Located in a real military base called the Malmen Airbase, the Swedish Air Force Museum is undoubtedly the best and most authentic way to get acquainted to Sweden’s army and defense. It is also presented in fascinating ways, so there is more than just looking at pictures and artifacts.

Though, speaking of it, there are plenty of those! At Swedish Air Force Museum, you can see original aircraft, engines, uniforms, weaponry, and more. You can also see the library and archives and learn more about the military plans, photographs, construction ideas, and even attack proposals of all kinds of different time periods.

The museum is perfect for history buffs and anyone interested in a military background. Do not miss your chance to see the most unique collections!

4. Ajtte

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Now, this one will certainly blow your mind! While all of the museums we have mentioned have a very specific theme and unique base, Ajtte is a place that will truly leave you speechless.

The cultural museum in Lapland specializes solely in the culture and nature of Northern Sweden, especially the Sami culture. We are talking about native Laplandians here! Of course, Ajtte also works as a tourist and info center, but its main attraction is the perfect introduction to unknown traditions you might find fascinating.

Explore the Sami cultural heritage displayed in artifacts, legitimate items from their day-to-day life, an intro to the Luli Sami language, and even an alpine botanical garden! This way, you can also learn about rare Northern Scandinavian plants.

5. Malmo Art Museum

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Apart from top-quality pop music, high-end military tech, and Northern culture, Sweden is also very well-versed in art! All kinds of it, really. So, let’s visit the most impressive gallery in the country and see what lies here.

Regarded as one of the leading art museums in Scandinavia, Malmo Art Museum is relatively young, only 85 years of age, but is highly significant. With major collections of Nordic modern and contemporary art, the gallery is the perfect way for you to get to know the genius Swedish mind.

Of course, there are other exhibitions here apart from the contemporary ones. Though, if you would like to see their Renaissance collections or artifacts from Art Noveau, check out their temporary ones as well. They have some stunning stuff always on display, but Malmo Art Museum is also quite flexible in changing their tune and surprising the client!

6. Museum Gustavianum

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The oldest standing building of the Uppsala University, Museum Gustavianum is one of Sweden’s largest university museums, highly educational and informative!

Designed by a famous Swedish architect and eventually constructed in the 17th century, Gustavianum offers you lessons in antiquity, maritime, medicinal history, and even the Viking Age. Undoubtedly one of the most extraordinary museums on our list and in the whole of Scandinavia, Gustavianum has five permanent exhibitions and plenty of recurring ones.

See the famous Augsburg Art Cabinet that hides over a thousand historical artifacts, items from the Viking burial ground of the 6th century, and many more exciting things! Just make sure you have enough time to enjoy everything thoroughly.

Six museums guaranteed to leave you wanting more – what could be better? These amazing galleries and collections are the best way to connect to Sweden and Scandinavia, so we suggest making the most of them. Also, remember to purchase your tickets beforehand and prioritize guided tours to make your journey more informative. Good luck!