8 Myths, Gamblers With Big Pockets Need to Lay Off Right Away

Gambling is a game of luck, but it has a lot to do with skills and tricks. Gambling tips have been around for the longest time. Even at the time of the first play of chance, the self-styled gambling wizards would give you tips to win big. However, most of this advice seldom does any good for you.

This is often true for the players with too much money. Pick any online casino from the top 10 casinos from OnlineCasinos, you can find players with big money, losing big. Having enough in your pocket gives you the confidence to bet big. But gambling it mindlessly leads you nowhere.

Most of the gambling tips floating online are either obsolete or have no basis whatsoever. These tips often lead players with plenty of money to their doom. For that reason, it is about time to burst myths and air out such crummy tips that flawlessly and quickly empty your big pockets.

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1. The slot machine is easily predictable

You must have come across players who say that they can predict the slot machine. They claim to know precisely when the machine would pay. If any such prediction was possible, they would have won the jackpot with the first spin itself.

Well! That never happens which is why thinking that you can predict a slot machine is preposterous. It results in more losses than any gain.

People who claim to predict it begin with an estimate and then push it farther once they fail. They keep alluring you for the jackpot and run you dry. The quest for the jackpot will only break you.

2. Playing poker is a definite way to make a profit

Nothing is definite when it comes to gambling. If any game guarantees a profit, no one will ever lose. However, there is some truth in the advice that poker is a game of skills and you can always win if you are a better player.

Sharpening your skills can help you win more games, but does not assure winning all of them. Unfortunately, a winning streak in the game only means that you are playing against some lesser-skilled players.

With so many great poker players out there, you can always come across players with better skills. This will make winning money quite a challenge. So, if you are planning to quit your day job or bet huge, make sure you have a big enough sample size that asserts you as a better player.

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3. Don’t quit, your winning streak is just around the corner

The concept that you should never quit during a losing streak is the beginning of your doom. People say that constant losses are the pathway to a big win and often the wait for the big win is endless.

The result of a hand or a spin in a casino is random and has no play in the upcoming results. Just because many games are resulting in losses does not mean that you are due for a massive win.

Your decision to quit should be based on your bankroll. Just get out of the casino the moment your bankroll dwindles or you hit your loss or time limit.

4. Avoid weak players

Most gamblers with too much money believe that they should play only with strong players. This advice is asinine and outrageous at many levels.

First of all, you should not get affected by the way the other player approaches the game. Their decisions have a very meager impact on your win or loss as compared to your decisions.

Also, the entire purpose of gambling is entertainment and not flushing or flashing your money. Playing with weaker players does no good to your bankroll. However, it can break your skills and spirit over time.

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5. The casino stands no chance when you play blackjack

It is a common belief that sticking to blackjack ensures your win and leaves no chance for the casino. While this cannot be discarded, the advice does not hold for over 99% of the players.

You need to perfect the effective card counting to enjoy the long-term positive value and earn profit. Apart from playing an ample number of hands with counts in your favor, you also have to manage the bankroll flawlessly and stay out of the eyes of the casino. Nonetheless, you should still be prepared for some time-to-time losses.

6. Own the poker room by reading your opponent

You would often bump into poker veterans who will tell you that the secret to becoming forever profitable is to read your opponent. As amazing as it sounds, it is one of those gambling tips that hold the least merit.

Not every gambler is a psychologist who can read the rival players accurately. Moreover, it takes much more than reading your opponent to win a game of poker. To truly become profitable, you need to become a sincere student of the game and not the players. Only leaving no aspect of the game aside can help you win big money.

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7. Ditch casino rewards

Many seasoned gamblers will tell you not to sign up for any reward or loyalty program the casinos’ offer. Such deceitful advice roots from their conceited notion that with these rewards and programs, casinos will track each and every move they make.

The only thing casinos track is the time you spend playing and the amount you bet on. They use this information to attach value to you as their customer. Nothing can reveal anything about your personal life and habits. So, go for those players’ cards and earn freebies.

8. Play longer and bigger to earn the best

Earn your comps at your pace. Play as long and as big as your pocket allows. Many gamblers push their sessions longer or elevate their average bet in the quest of earning the biggest comps.

This seldom pays back. You are very unlikely to win back what you are losing merely by extending your game or taking it to the next level. Pacing your chase of a big win mostly only breaks you which is why it is better to let things progress naturally.