How to Prepare Your Premises When You Need a Blocked Drain Repaired


For businesses, maintaining functional drains is essential to prevent costly damage and disruptions. Blocked drain repair services offer efficient solutions to clear clogs and restore proper drainage, ensuring smooth operations and avoiding potential hazards. Prompt action can mitigate risks and minimize financial losses associated with drain blockages.

A clogged drain can cost your business thousands of dollars in damage if it’s not fixed immediately. It can cause flooding and disrupt your company because no one can use the facilities until the drain is unclogged. The best way to fix the problem is to opt for blocked drain repair services.

But how do you prepare your employees for the repair so that it doesn’t slow down production? To assist you we’ve provided information on what causes a blocked drain, signs to look out for, and how to prepare your company for repairs. Keep reading to find out how to keep your employees safe during the process.


What Causes a Blocked Drain?

The cause of a blocked drain will often depend on what industry you’re in. For example, restaurants may experience blocked drains because of fat and grease. On the other hand, a blocked drain at a gym may be caused by hair when people shower. Soap scum, debris, and sanitary items may also cause a clogged drain.

Issues That Blocked Drains Cause

A clogged drain can cause all sorts of problems such as:

  • Flooding
  • Foul odours
  • Burst pipes
  • Damage to countertops and floors
  • Sewage backup

If you have a public business such as a restaurant, shop, or gym, these problems can chase customers away. That’s why it’s imperative to get the drain repaired as soon as these problems arise so you don’t lose money.


How You Can Prepare Your Business for Blocked Drain Repairs?

Your main priority when opting for drain repairs is protecting your employees and your building. Consider the following tips when it’s time to clean or fix your drains.

Send Out a Memo

Some employees may be sensitive to loud noises as well as specific odours. Make sure your team is well prepared for the day by sending out a memo. Every employee should receive an email or newsletter that contains the date and time the drain repairs will take place.

Sending out a memo will ensure that everyone is prepared for any drilling, hammering, or other disruptions during the drain repair process. Your managers can also better prepare their staff for the day by moving them so that they’re not distracted by the activities.

Block Off the Area

There are certain protocols in Australia that business owners have to adhere to when it comes to protecting their employees. To ensure that they’re safe while the repairmen are working, you should block off the entire area.

Provide alternative routes everyone can take to get to the cafeteria for lunch or exits in case of an emergency. Place signs on the walls to warn employees to avoid the area. This is only temporary until the drain repairs have been completed.


Remove Items from the Area

In bathrooms, there may be ornaments, vases on tables, or mirrors hanging on the wall that could get damaged during drain repairs. On the other hand, kitchens have glass plates and cups. You must remove all these loose items from the area to avoid breakage.

Place all items in boxes and put them in a storage room to protect them. Remove food items from the kitchen or put them in airtight containers to prevent contamination.

Protect Your Floors and Walls

During drain repairs, there may be dust, debris, and sewage water that can destroy your walls and floors. To prevent this from happening, consider covering your walls and floors in thick plastic. Make sure the plastic sheets don’t cover the area that the repairmen are working on.

The coverings will protect your floors from floods, scratches, and dirt. Additionally, ensure the plastic is flat on the floor to prevent tripping. What’s more, there should be no wires or uncovered plugs in the area in case there’s flooding during the repairs.

Create an Easy Access Point for the Repairman

Buildings can sometimes be difficult to navigate for new people. That’s why you should create an easy access point for your repairmen so they can come in and out of the building effortlessly. Remove all obstructions leading to the area such as furniture, rugs, and office equipment.

Let the repairmen know which hallways they can use and which sections of your building to avoid using signs or notes on the walls.


How to Prevent a Blocked Drain

To prevent a drain from clogging avoid flushing large debris such as food or sand down the drain. Consider regular drain cleaning to remove debris that sometimes can’t be avoided such as hair. Additionally, you can install drain guards to catch debris. Do regular inspections of your drains to ensure they’re working correctly.

Final Thoughts

A blocked drain can cause all sorts of problems that can cost your company money. As soon as you notice a foul odour coming from your drains or leaking pipes, you should call a plumber immediately to prevent further damage to your business.

Remember to also prepare your employees for the drain repairs so that it doesn’t disrupt their day. Use this post as a guide so your business can continue the workday as normal and ensure the safety of your team.