New World Review: The Most Fun MMO in Years

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New World is a highly Multiplayer Online (MMO) game that will feel like your most preferred third-person game. The only difference is that it comes with multitudes of people running around. The game does not restrict players into classes. Instead, it confines them to one of the three factions. Moreover, the game does not have a Western fantasy setting; it feels ripped from the pages of a varying 1700s history book.

The game allows you to challenge other players, but it would be best to focus more on clearing the world of Corrupted Breaches. These are red clouds that flutter around you and produce creatures that can quickly destroy your character. Additionally, the game sticks to genre conventions, such as players having to spend hours grinding through levels and resources.

However, it openly disregards some of the more depressing MMO mechanics. For instance, it does not force you to band together with other players for raids or funnel you into random sub-classes or jobs. Instead, New World comes with a large, unique sandbox developed for traveling on foot. This is an excellent feature as there are no mounts. Moreover, it also has a gameplay loop that keeps you coming back for more.

If you don’t count the blighted Crucible, you can consider New World as Amazon’s first major release. Additionally, the game feels like a title from a more knowledgeable studio.

It is comfortable in all the ways a gamer would expect an MMO to be, surpassing some top MMOs in specific ways. However, the game can also be exasperating at times. But, the excitement of leveling up or uncovering a new area clears those frustrations in a moment.

As you play New World, you’ll truly feel like you are exploring an untamed land, from top-bottom even though it retains most of the same kind of content you would encounter on other MMOs. Moreover, MMOs also bear certain similarities to online casino games like multiplayer gaming, live gaming experience, and constant accessibility. Therefore, online casino players can fully enjoy New World. If you are an Australian gamer, check for more details on real money casinos. In the meantime, read on for an unbiased review of New World.

The Storyline

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The game’s setting is based on a paranormal, alternate edition of 18th century North America. It is during the Age of Exploration, meaning you will engage in a lot of exploration as you find yourself washed on the shores of Aeternum, a fictional Island.

Players’ responsibility is to colonize the wild, cursed area and find out what caused the corruption that exists on the island. They also get a chance to make a name for themselves in the uninhabited wilderness as they join others to work and raise new villages and landmarks. It is somewhat MMO fare and lays the foundation for some exciting RPG elements for those interested in diving deep.


You will feel at home playing New World if you love survival games that require players to collect food and gear to live on. Immediately after you create your character, you’re ready to explore. However, the hairstyle options available could be the worst you have ever seen in a game! You will start by gathering wood, flint, and any other goods you will need to survive in the severe environment.

The game is all about players making their own way. For instance, you’ve got to craft your first wobbly wooden sword and hunt torn clothing from enemies on your journey to civilization. You will also battle it out with enemies across various fields, villages, forests, cliffsides, shipwrecks, and many other landscapes you can think of.

What’s more, you will get a reward for everything you do in the New World. You will constantly be leveling up a corresponding stat as you complete specific tasks. This enables you to unlock more superior crafting recipes and abilities.

The game’s combat is responsive, fast, and fluid. Fundamentally, it takes place in real-time, giving you the freedom to choose your path. As you swing your sword, it feels like it is actually connecting with the foe instead of hitting the air. You also develop combos with the abilities you unearth. Players don’t stand by idling waiting for attacks; click on your enemies and swing your weapon or cast a spell.

Character Customization

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The New World does not restrict you to a particular weapon or skill set. The game does not lock you into one identity, and this is a feature that sets it apart from the rest in many ways. Moreover, it allows you to make a second character to experiment with if need be. Besides that, it also allows you to change your main avatar’s stats and specializations effortlessly.

The free-range customization is constant throughout the game, and it does not force you to play with others. But, you can join faction missions and full-blown wars to gain control over parts of the map.

Visuals and Sound

When it comes to visuals, New World is a fantastic game. You can be sure you’ll enjoy stutter-free performances and faster load times. Furthermore, you will hardly run into any bugs, and some of the issues you face can simply be resolved by a reboot.

You will also love the fact that you can outfit your avatar with a wide range of items. Moreover, there are multiple biomes and areas for players to explore. The developers could have done better with the music as it mostly fades into the background. Nevertheless, the occasional voice acting is amusing.

Final Thoughts

Amazon surely outdid itself in New World as it is its first real game outing. The game is not only accessible but also exciting and indisputably fun to play. Furthermore, the MMO gives the players the feeling of an intimate, single-player adventure. You will set out to play for one hour, but you will not realize how it turns into two!

The bottom line is, New World is one of the most fun MMOs you will play for years. It also offers an excellent starting point for newcomers to the genre interested in dipping their toes in and testing the waters.