Why Do You Make The Nile River Cruise?

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Reasons Why Travelers Are Interested In Nile River Cruise

Here we have listed a few reasons why travel enthusiasts want to experience the Nile river cruise.

You can see what you have learned in history classes

Have you read articles or watched historical documentaries about Egypt, then you can now watch it with your eyes and get fascinated. The Nile river trip will take you back to the period of the pharaohs. In addition, you can hire a professional tour manager for the duration of your excursion to enrich your knowledge of your vacation in Egypt.

A pleasant way to travel

Even though there are many monuments to see and plenty of things to do on the Nile river cruise trip, staying onboard a deluxe cruise ship will give you a pleasant, calm, simple, and enjoyable way to experience Egypt. If you do not want to sit in your cabin during the journey, you can come out and feel the pleasant river breeze and get a glimpse of how local farmers plant date palms.

See one of the ancient seven wonders of the world

There are many people who are enthusiastic about traveling to different places. Some want to visit adventurous places, a few prefer foodie tours, while some wish to see seven wonders of the world (both new and old). With this time river cruise trip, you can see the Great Pyramids of Giza, which is one of the ancient seven wonders of the world.

It will be very thrilling to see the three Great Pyramids for the first time, which you have been reading about since you were little. Several Nile cruises starting from Cairo include a visit to Giza, where you may marvel at the spectacular royal mausoleums built 4,500 years ago.

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Budget-friendly Travel

The Nile river cruise is not that expensive, so it is ideal for budget travelers as well. With the cruise trip, you only have to book one ticket. The Nile river cruise is nearly the decent choice if you calculate all the expenses integrated into your land-based Egypt trip. In case if you visit Egypt by road, you have to pay entry fees for seeing the landmark, pay for accommodation, spend on food, and carry your luggage everywhere.

In general, many cruises start from Luxor or Aswan. The voyages beginning from Luxor have a lengthy itinerary than those departing from Aswan because ships have to sail against the water current of the river. As a result, short itinerary trips are less expensive since the journey will be quick. If you want to book your Nile river cruise trip, it is better to check out https://egypttrippers.com/tours/nile-cruises/.

Admire the Tutankhamun’s golden mask

An incredible part of the Nile cruise’s trip is learning more about prominent King Tutankhamun and observing the Pharaoh’s gold mask at Cairo’s Egyptian Museum, which will make you go aww. The king’s spectacular gold inner casket and gold mask are only a few of the museum’s artifacts. In Tutankhamun’s tomb, about 5,398 treasures were uncovered, and historians took around ten years to analyze, photograph, and record them.

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Get a glimpse of imperial rulers

While on a Nile cruise, you can learn more about Egyptian kings and queens, including Ramses II, Nefertari, Queen Hatshepsut (a famous female ruler who ruled for a long time), and others. The glittering colonnaded temples and dominating statues at Abu Simbel are a witness to an ancient society that held its pharaohs in the highest regard. You can also get a glimpse of the main temple of Abu Simbel, which is only lit by the sun two times a year, on Ramses II’s birthday and his coronation day.

Various travel options

The Nile waterways feature a diverse range of watercraft, from low-cost feluccas to high-end cruise ships. Whatever type of tourist you are, there is sure to be a river cruise that is right for you. Regardless of if you choose a short and brief three-day trip or a leisurely and luxurious week-long journey, you are likely to discover cruises that fulfill your every demand when you enjoy the Nile river experience.

The open-top conventional feluccas may be of your type if you are looking for a little excitement and an adventurous trip. You can enjoy the sunset and stay the night on the upper deck, watching the stars and night light while the boat is sailing slowly.

A magnificent dahabiya, which is an imitation of the twin lateen sailing boats used by archaeologists and rich tourists during the 19th century, is a fantastic option if you prefer to experience the Nile river cruise trip with comfort and eat a fine lunch.

A huge yacht with inner pools, a spacious top deck, restaurants, and cafes is decent enough if you wish to experience an outstanding vacation. This type of cruiser will go around the river’s most conventional itineraries, stopping at the most famous preserved landmarks while squeezing in several stops during the day.

If you want to avoid the crowds, take a Lake Nasser cruise for a week to enjoy the uncrowded landscapes, temples, and wilderness without much disturbance.

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Bottom Line

There are plenty of reasons why you people want to experience the Nile river cruise. If you wish to see most of Egypt, like its most famous monuments, temples, an ancient world wonder, and local life, but do not want to spend much or walk much, then the Nile river cruise trip is the best since you can see everything without much effort.

The ideal duration to get on a Nile river cruise trip is anywhere between October to April. During these months, you would not experience too much sun, which is crucial because you will be getting inside the monuments that may increase the heat. In addition, the heat in Luxor and Aswan is extreme, so you should avoid visiting during the summer months of June to August.