Are Online All Casino Games Based on Luck or Skill


Online gambling has never been more available, therefore there have never been more people in the world trying their luck playing casino games. Some do it for fun, but some constantly hope their day will come. According to, an increase in gambling is connected to all the bonuses given by online gambling platforms. Regardless of the reason behind gambling, there comes a point in every gambler’s life when he starts to wonder what is the secret ingredient to success? Is it luck or pure skill?

Those who like to play these games have to come to terms with one fact, and that is that online casino games are always unpredictable. So, right at the start, we can conclude that online gambling can be a mixture of both, skill and luck. Luck is the factor that gets blamed mostly when one loses, and skill is something people like to brag about every time they win. This is the usual pattern going on in every gambler’s head. But the reality is entirely different. Both factors have an important role in winning and losing.

This is why some casino games need skill and luck for players to benefit from game results. These games are usually traditional ones, like blackjack. On the other hand, games like slot machines do not need skills or knowledge and rely entirely on what we have called luck. Therefore, the rest of this article will walk you through the difference between these two game categories and their main characteristics, so you can have a clear view of what’s behind your success or failure.


Skill-based games characteristics

As we mentioned previously, these do not depend solely on luck – the main and basic reason for wining in these is, of course, the already mentioned fact that the player does not depend only on luck. This is achieved in various ways, and some of them are for the player to remember various maps of possible outcomes and what is the smartest thing to do in a certain situation or if you learn the mathematical chances of certain possible outcomes and make a decision on each move based on it. While in some games people like to leave everything to luck, skill players like to tailor their way to success.

The chances of the house winning are reduced – by applying tactics and various skills to games that require it, it is possible to significantly reduce the chances of the “house” or casino winning. One of the best examples of such games is video poker where by playing the right version of the game and applying the right strategy the player can completely shift the chances of earning to his side and profit in countless different ways.

Winnings bring more satisfaction – Although the money won on, e.g. spending slots is the same as winning at the poker table, something particularly satisfying in the fact that the money was won solely by your skill and not by sheer luck. Card counters and poker enthusiasts spend hours and hours studying various tactics and mathematical chances of individual outcomes, and as with any skill and knowledge you master, it is especially satisfying to reap the benefits of your efforts.


Although benefits are many, here are some of their flaws, just to make a balance.

Luck plays a role, too – no matter how much skill is involved in playing traditional card games, luck will still play a role here and be an important factor. Every more experienced player includes this knowledge in their predictions and analyzes and must be aware that luck is important. If you ask them, it would be best if luck does not affect the outcome at all, but unfortunately, this is not and never will be the case.

The player has to work hard – skill and resourcefulness in analysis and mathematical outcomes do not come overnight. It takes hours and hours of learning and practice for a player to master all of this, and to some, this may seem like work. Even with tremendous talent, it is impossible to be successful without hundreds of hours spent at the table and brainstorming in which direction a particular game can go.

The house still has an advantage – yes, we said that by skill and studying games it is possible to reduce the chances of the house winning, but you will never be able to achieve that completely. An individual division or hand can be completely turned to your advantage, but the next house can bring everything back. Because of this realization, many players have come to the conclusion that playing the skill pays off only in the short term and when they reach the desired goal, they withdraw from the table until the next time.


Luck based games

There’s not much to analyze here, really. You decided to play, even though you have zero influence on the outcome. It’s kind of an adrenaline rush, players are hooked on. Wining in these games does give satisfaction, though, since one can’t help to feel special luck is on their side. However, for those who do not know the right time to quit, things can take a turn in a short period of time.


Every player, no matter how much money he carries with him, gambles hoping that he will come out of it with a larger sum of money. But there are different types of players and there are more of them than you think. Some people want to relax with various fun games and do not dream of fairytale winnings, while others, for example, want to do just that and try to integrate their skills and knowledge, as much as possible, into casino games and increase their budget.


Of course, this second type of player will therefore prefer only games that require skill, rather than games that depend solely on luck, such as slots, lotto, bingo, and the various spinning wheel of fortune games. Therefore, to answer the question from the title, one can say that it rather depends on what kind of games you prefer playing while visiting online casinos. It would be best if you view every game as if it requires a little bit of both.